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Sofa Type
Sectional Sofa: Sectional SofaA sectional sofa (often just referred to as a "sectional") is formed from multiple sections (typically 2 to4) and usually includes at least two pieces that join at an angle of 90 degrees or slightly greater.
Standard Sofa: SofaA standard sofa seats two to three people and usually has an armrest on either side. Standard sofas DON'T recline or contain pull-out sleepers.
Conversation Sofa: Conversation SofaA partial wrap-around sofa. A small sectional or an angled sofa ideal for intimate settings.
Sofa Sleeper: Sofa SleeperSofa with a pull-out bed or Hide-a-Bed. Sleepers are usually queen or full sized.
Reclining Sofa: Reclining SofaSofa with a flip-out foot rest and/or reclining mechanism. Reclining sofas have a variety of shapes and forms with multiple mechanism options such as exposed handles, hidden pulls or buttons.
Backless Sofa: Backless SofaSofa with no back or an open back.
Theater Seating: Theater SeatingHome Theater seating can be modular or formed from multiple sections. Theater seating is ideal for entertainment rooms and usually have cup holders or storage compartments.
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Fabric: Upholstery covered with fabric. Many pieces are available in multiple fabric options including natural fiber, synthetic, and micro-fiber.
Leather: Leather upholstery can be covered in a range of differnet leather types. Options include Full-Grain, Suede, Partial Match and more.
Other: Includes items not classified above.
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Attached Back: Firmly attached pillows or cushioning that cannot be removed.
Semi-Attached: A Semi-Attached Back has attached pillows that can often be removed. These pillows can be attached in many different ways including clips or velcro, however some attached back pieces have sewn on pillows that cannot be removed.
Camel Back: A camel-back piece has a hump or raised curve at the center of the back.
Loose Pillow: Upholstery with pillows that can be removed. These pillows are not attached in any form and are set in place on the sofa.
Tufted: Often with buttons or nail head, tufted backs use fasteners to attach the the back pillows to the sofa, love seat or chair.
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Rolled Arm: An arm style in which the arms are turned outward, making a half or full circle shape on either side of the piece. Some arms in this style are so curved they create a scroll shape. This style can be seen in both casual and formal pieces.
Pillow Arm: A large padded pillow attached or fastened on top of the arm often found on casual pieces.
Flair Arm: A arm that curves or extends slightly outward from the piece. Often found on modern or contemporary pieces.
Exposed Wood: Often with detailed woodworking, an uncovered or visible wood arm.
Track Arm: A straight, vertical arm with clean lines and defined shape. It is neat, sleek and uncomplicated, and is commonly found on contemporary or casual furniture.
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Exposed Wood: An uncovered or visible wood leg.
Upholstered: No visible leg and the fabric and frame extend to the foor.
Skirt: A fabric or leather flap attached to the bottom of the piece covers the base.
Other: A leg or base style not classified above.
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Traditional: Calm, orderly, and conventional. Traditional style is functional and uncomplicated furniture pieces. However, there are many traditional pieces that adhere to the non-trendy design principle, while still being appropriate for a formal space.
Contemporary: Contemporary style boasts clean lines and unique shapes. You will notice neutral elements accentuated by bold colors and geometric patterns. Contemporary style holds both casual and formal appeal.
Casual: Warm, comfortable and inviting. Casual style is defined by simple details and neutral colors. Textured elements of fabrics, along with softer choices wood finish, creates a comfortable atmosphere. You may notice accent details on there pieces such as ruffles, pleats, and buttons.
Cottage: Cottage Styles are popular for their vintage good looks and romantic feel. Using painted pieces, pale floral fabrics, and pretty accessories, the cottage look can take many forms. The overall effect is charming and comfortable
Mission: Furniture made mostly from oak and marked by simplicity and durability. Design is usually rectangular.
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