December 17, 2019

7 Pet-Friendly Furniture Ideas

Living with furry family members doesn’t mean sacrificing style—discover seven simple ways to create a pet-friendly home where everyone feels comfortable.

Living with furry family members doesn’t mean sacrificing style—discover seven simple ways to create a pet-friendly home where everyone feels comfortable.

We adore our pets because they love us unconditionally. Your cat doesn’t care if you have a bad hair day. Your dog never gets annoyed when you monopolize the conversation or leave dirty dishes in the sink. And your bunny won’t give you the side eye for eating cookies for dinner.

After a long day, there’s nothing like curling up on the sofa with a fuzzy friend or playing fetch in the backyard. But the joy pets bring to our lives can be tempered by the pain of cleaning muddy paw prints off your favorite chair. Again.

Looking for ways for pets and furniture to peacefully coexist? Check out these seven tips:

1. Deep, Dark Secret

Sure, that white couch looks great on Pinterest, but after two seconds with your boxer it will never be the same again. When it comes to choosing upholstery colors, go to the dark side. Dirt and stains stand out against lighter fabrics, so opt for neutrals like black, brown, dark gray, or navy blue.

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2. Shed Light on the Subject

Persian to Pomeranian, Dalmatian to Doberman—if your pet has fur, you’ve most likely invested in a good lint brush or 12. Choosing colors that match your pet’s fur help hide hair between cleanings. Let’s face it—nobody vacuums every day.

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3. Hide and Conquer

Patterned or printed fabrics make stains harder to spot—and a strategically placed throw blanket can camouflage anything.

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4. Come Clean

Woven fabrics and microfiber upholstery let you easily wipe away dirt, fur, and other pet detritus with a damp cloth or lint roller. You can also opt to use outdoor fabrics for indoor furniture—they’re built to withstand more wear and tear. For the ultimate in hassle-free maintenance, leather or leatherette stands the test of time—and even looks better with age. As an added bonus, it won’t hold on to odors the way fabric can.

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5. Cure Cat Scratch Fever

When the claws come out, you’ll want a tight weave that repels paws. Avoid any fabric that easily unravels, whether on upholstery, rugs, or window coverings. Satisfy your cat’s natural instinct to claw with a stylish scratching post.

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6. Chair Legs are Not a Chew Toy

Give the dog a bone—or something else to gnaw on. Choose metal legs for everything from couches to coffee tables to keep your furniture free of teeth marks.

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7. Share Your Space

Other than policing your pets 24/7, there’s no way to keep them off furniture. So if you can’t beat them, join them. Consider adding a sectional or trading up to a king-size bed so there’s room for everyone to spread out.

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Pets without Peeves

Live happily ever after with pets—these seven tips make it easy to preserve your furniture and maintain your style, while keeping your sanity.

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