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November 29, 2023

Reflecting style: Accent mirror ideas for every room

Discover accent mirror tips and product ideas that can elevate your space to reflect style, personality, and light in every room.

Discover accent mirror tips and product ideas that can elevate your space to reflect style, personality, and light in every room.

From enhancing lighting to creating the illusion of more space, a decorative accent mirror can transform your home from so-so to oh-so-sophisticated. 

More than just a decoration, mirrors can be a game-changing element of your home decor. These stylish and transformative pieces can add personality to any room as they amplify natural light, enlarge spaces, and create stunning focal points. 

If you’re ready for some tips on how to choose and arrange an accent mirror (along with some options you can buy), prepare to be dazzled — this guide has everything you need to use accent mirrors to upgrade your living space into a reflection of your unique style.

How to choose an accent mirror 

Black and white living room with an accent mirror hanging on the wall

Choosing an accent mirror is something you want to carry out with intention. While it might not require as much (or any) floor space as other pieces of furniture, it’s still an important piece that can change the mood and style of an area. For instance, are you looking for a floor mirror or are you styling a decorative wall mirror?

Whatever the case might be, consider the specific room you’re updating and the personality you want to convey. With that in mind, let’s start with the basics of size, frame style, and shape. 

Remember that size matters 

Accent mirror: Carter Square LED Wall Mirror Silver and Black

Always consider the size of the space for your accent mirrors. For example, modest-sized mirrors are best for smaller spaces while expansive rooms work well with bolder, more substantial mirrors. 

You’ll also want to consider the scale of the other decorative elements and furniture in the room. For instance, if you’re decorating a modern home office with a large-scale desk and sprawling sectional, you don’t want a small floor mirror propped in the corner. In this case, you might want a sizeable wall-mounted mirror to match the existing proportions in the room. 

Consider the frame style

Winslow Standing Mirror Smokey Walnut and Coffee Bean

Next, think about frame style. Accent mirrors come in framed and frameless designs. 

Frameless mirrors are sleek and less imposing, better for reflecting existing style. They’re popular as vanity mirrors in bathrooms but can also be used to add a touch of glam style to any space. 

Most frameless mirrors are wall-mounted for safety. Look for one with a beveled edge if you want something extra eye-catching. 

Framed mirrors work well for adding style to a space. There’s a kaleidoscope of options to choose from, so consider the existing decor of the room and choose accordingly. 

For example, a transitional room might benefit from a matte black metal frame or a sleek chrome frame while a traditional space could showcase an elaborately detailed wood frame

Have fun with shapes

Keiran Letter Shaped Wall Mirror

Mirror shapes extend far beyond classic oval and rectangle designs. Embrace the opportunity to pick a shape that adds visual interest to your space. 

For extra style, you might pick a sunburst wall mirror above the sofa in a mid-century modern living room. Or maybe you’d prefer a river rock-inspired oval wall mirror above the bath in a luxe washroom. 

Don’t limit yourself to traditional shapes, though. As demonstrated by the Keiran Letter Shaped Wall Mirror in the photo above, more artistic shapes can be beautiful and full of character. 

Where and how to position your accent mirrors

Huge accent mirrors hanging on the wall

Where and how you position an accent mirror will determine how well it serves its purpose. It’s not just filling an empty space in the room. The art of mirror placement comes down to these four elements: 

  • Maximize natural light: Strategically place your mirror in a space that amplifies natural light. This is especially helpful in creating the illusion of extra square footage in small rooms. 
  • Reflect views: Use mirrors to capture and reflect the views you love most. This might be an outdoor view, a piece of wall art, or your favorite space in the home. 
  • Create focal points: Place your accent mirror to highlight specific features you prefer, such as an entryway or a gallery wall of art. A well-placed mirror effortlessly becomes a centerpiece while highlighting nearby areas. 
  • Expand visual space: If you’re not reflecting light or a view, consider placing your mirror adjacent to an open space so that it visually makes the room feel larger. 

Room-by-room tips for adding an accent mirror

Big accent mirror hanging on the wall

Accent mirrors serve different purposes depending on the room they’re in. Here are several room-by-room tips to help you nail your placement and style.

  • Living room: Choose a mirror that enhances your social space and brightens your living area. A decorative wall mirror hung above the sofa is a popular and practical choice. 
  • Bedroom: Opt for an accent mirror that’s stylish and functional for the bedroom. Try a mirror above your dresser and a full-length mirror beside (or in) your closet to improve accessibility. 
  • Home office: An accent mirror in the office helps expand and brighten the space while adding a touch of style. Consider using a mirror instead of wall decor directly opposite your desk to make your office feel less confined. Or use a wall accent mirror opposite your window to enhance an outdoor view. 
  • Dining room: Select an accent mirror for your dining room to brighten the space and give it a fresh update. For example, you might hang a round wall mirror opposite globe lighting to create a focal point. Hang your mirror at eye level for best results. 
  • Bathroom: Most bathroom mirrors are placed above the sink — these mirrors are known as vanity mirrors. Pick a vanity mirror that amplifies the style of your bathroom. If you have a makeup vanity, you might use an antique gold mirror frame to give it a glam makeover.
  • Entryway: Hang your entryway mirror in a spot that lets you check your appearance on the way out the door. For practicality, you might pick a rectangular wall mirror to create a waist-up view.

Accent mirrors to update your space 

Want some help finding the perfect accent mirror for your space? Check out some of our most popular options for inspiration.

Zayan Full-Length Floor Mirror With Lighting

Zayan Full Length Floor Mirror With Lighting White High Gloss

The Zayan Full-Length Floor Mirror boasts a frame dotted with LED lights to give the high-gloss frame an elegant glow. It comes with either a white frame, as shown above, or a black frame for added drama. This functional, stylish mirror would work well in the bedroom, closet, or bathroom to help you get ready to take on each day.

Simeon Metal Frame Full-Length Floor Mirror

Simeon Metal Frame Full Length 59″ Floor Mirror Antique Gold

The Simeon Metal Frame Full-Length Floor Mirror has a fashion-forward design for casual bedroom or dressing spaces. You might use the rounded design to dress up a casual setting or tone down a formal space. It comes in a 59-inch size or a more compact 51-inch design for smaller rooms.

Eulaina Round Mirror Gold

Eulaina Round Mirror Gold

The Eulaina Round Mirror is versatile enough for almost any home decor style. This metal wall mirror boasts a gold round frame with a 30-inch width that would work well in an entryway, bathroom, or transitional living room. Use it to add a touch of understated elegance to any space.

Mirror-rific design 

Once you know how to choose the right accent mirror size, frame style, and shape for every room, you’re ready to give your home a makeover that reflects your inner interior designer. Accent mirrors are a great way to instantly update a space without taking much room, so the possibilities are endless.

Check out Coaster Furniture’s selection of mirrors for even more options and be sure to click on the store locator to find a convenient local retailer when you’re ready to buy.

coaster-bedroom-Carter-Square-LED-Wall-Mirror-Silver-and-Black coaster-bedroom-Carter-Square-LED-Wall-Mirror-Silver-and-Black-hover

Carter Square LED Wall Mirror Silver and Black

coaster-floor-leaning-mirrors-mirrors-bedroom-Winslow-Standing-Mirror-Smokey-Walnut-and-Coffee-Bean coaster-floor-leaning-mirrors-mirrors-bedroom-Winslow-Standing-Mirror-Smokey-Walnut-and-Coffee-Bean-hover

Winslow Standing Mirror Smokey Walnut and Coffee Bean

Winslow Collection

coaster-lighting-mirrors-Keiran-Letter-Shaped-Wall-Mirror coaster-lighting-mirrors-Keiran-Letter-Shaped-Wall-Mirror-hover

Keiran Letter Shaped Wall Mirror

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