Easy bachelor pad ideas for every room of your house (or apa

June 9, 2022

Easy bachelor pad ideas for every room of your house (or apartment)

Use these bachelor pad ideas to update your space even if you have zero experience with home design.

Use these bachelor pad ideas to update your space even if you have zero experience with home design.

What comes to mind when you think of a bachelor pad? If it’s an empty apartment for single men with nothing more than a TV on the floor and pizza box furniture, it’s time to think bigger. The quintessential bachelor pad is laid-back and relaxing (and yes, stylish) with accommodations for parties and friends. And with the right bachelor pad ideas to pull from, you don’t need an interior designer to make it happen.

This guide highlights room-by-room ideas to help you create a stylish bachelor pad in any space. We’ve also included some helpful interior decorating tips to help you get it right, even if you have zero experience with home design.

Bachelor pad ideas for every room

Whether you’re alone in a studio apartment or sharing a large house with several roomies, these bachelor pad ideas will help you put your living space together. You don’t have to use every design idea here — just pick your favorite furniture pieces and home decor ideas based on what you want from your pad.

Bachelor pad living room ideas

Bachelor pad ideas: Tess L-shape Sleeper Sectional Grey

A bachelor pad living room should be comfortable enough for lazy days and durable enough for parties or having friends over. So skip the expensive leather sofa (unless you’re certain it’ll be treated with longevity in mind) and consider something like a microvelvet sleeper sectional. Microfiber materials such as microvelvet are durable and easy to clean, and a sleeper sofa gives friends somewhere to crash for the night.

You’ll also want a coffee table where you can put food and drinks for parties and movie nights. If you’d like more of a home theater vibe in your living area, durable throw pillows (indoor/outdoor fabric is usually easy to clean) can make your sectional more comfortable. And don’t forget a TV console to hold your screen, consoles, and DVDs.

If you have room for more seating, add a couple of recliners, which create an extra spot for someone to sleep in a pinch. Plus, they’re always comfy when you want to laze away the day. Chaise lounge chairs can do the same thing if recliners aren’t your thing.

Bachelor pad bedroom ideas

Bachelor pad ideas: Barzini Eastern King Upholstered Bed Black and Grey

Forget about putting a mattress on the floor and calling it good — you want your bachelor pad bedroom to set the mood for sound sleep. If you have the space, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a king-sized bed.

Whatever the case, it’s best to get a bed frame with a headboard instead of just a metal frame to hold up your mattress. Bonus points if you opt for an upholstered bed frame that makes a statement in your space.

From there, you’ll want to add nightstands and maybe a dresser (unless you plan to use your closet exclusively) to store your clothes. Alternately, you can buy a bedroom set that comes with everything you need in a matching style.

Bachelor pad man cave ideas

Bar concept inside an apartment

Your bachelor pad might have enough room for a separate man cave (basements and spare bedrooms work well), or you might choose to use this idea for your living room design. Either way, start with a giant sofa (a sectional sofa with durable upholstery is ideal) and a big screen on a TV stand — this gives you a spot to watch sports, play video games, and have streaming parties.

The man cave is the ideal spot to add a bar cart to have a home bar and somewhere to store your drinks. You might also add a game table, dartboard, some memorabilia, and a few floor lamps to set a chilled-out vibe. To take it to the next level, consider adding an accent wall in a dark color (forest green or navy blue can work well) with movie posters or bar-themed wall art.

You can expand the man cave theme to every room in your bachelor pad, especially if you have a small space. This bachelor pad idea could also work well for a studio apartment, giving the whole place the same theme to keep it simple.

Ideas for the rest of your bachelor pad

Bachelor pad ideas: Ardsley Z-framed Gaming Desk with LED Lighting Black

If you need bachelor pad ideas for other spaces, like your home office, kitchen, or bathrooms, look for simple, practical decor ideas that meet your needs. Here are some basics:

  • Home office: You’ll want a desk with plenty of storage (or maybe a gaming desk) and a comfortable office chair at a minimum. You might also want a filing cabinet and a bookcase if you have room.
  • Kitchen: It’s best to keep your kitchen simple, so it’s easy to clean. You might add bar stools or chairs if you have an island or a big enough counter and some pendant lights for added style. Or you might keep it to the bare minimum with a dish drying rack, cleaning supplies, and stocked cabinets.
  • Bathroom: Like the kitchen, keeping your bathroom simple makes it easier to keep it clean. Consider some organizers for your cabinets so that you can find what you need quickly.

The simple approaches highlighted above can extend to any other space you’re putting together. Most bachelor pad ideas are simple, functional, and low-maintenance, so you can relax and host company. Even if you don’t host friends frequently, low-maintenance furniture will still make it easier to keep your place looking tidy.

Quick and easy bachelor pad decor tips

Man relaxing in his living room

If you’re looking for more bachelor pad ideas to upgrade your space, check out the tips below to get started in the right direction.


Choosing a color scheme for your entire bachelor pad or each room helps create a cohesive look without much effort. Next, you’ll use your color palette to determine what furniture, wall art, and decor you add to your space.

Ideally, a palette should have five or six colors, including neutral colors like white, black, grey, tan, and brown, and one or two accent colors like navy blue, orange, green, or red.


Picking an interior design style also helps make your space look cohesive, and it can guide your color palette choice. For example, you might go with minimalist, mid-century modern, or industrial style for your furniture and decor. 

Minimalism works well for bachelor pads because it focuses only on what’s essential. It’s best to avoid trendy looks and go with classics — design trends come and go, and you could quickly find your space outdated.

Also, add a focal point to each room for a more polished look. This could be your TV, a piece of wall art, a nice coffee table, or something else that stands out. Whatever it is, place it in a visible spot that’s easy to see when you first walk into the room.


You can use these bachelor pad ideas even if you’re on a tight budget. Start by purchasing essential furniture pieces now and saving up for the rest of what you need over time. You might need to buy smaller pieces to start and upgrade to larger pieces later. If there’s anything you can’t afford right now, you can save a bit of money each month until you have enough.

Additionally, DIY projects are a great way to save money — look for different home decor accents you can make yourself. Bonus points if you can find inexpensive (or free) supplies for your project on local sites or apps. 


If you’re designing a small bachelor pad, you’ll need to decide what you can do without. Small spaces can require some sacrifices, but if you focus on what’s essential and skip the rest, you can still have a comfortable pad. Also, try letting in lots of natural light (sheer white curtains can do this while protecting your privacy) to make your space look larger.

Bring your bachelor pad ideas to life

Modern living room apartment

These bachelor pad ideas can help you design a space that you (and your guests) will love. Don’t overthink the process — interior design is relatively simple if you focus on recreating ideas and looks that you like. Over time, you’ll develop a sense of what you do and don’t like so that you can bring more of your personal style to your pad.

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coaster-living-room-Tess-L-shape-Sleeper-Sectional-Grey coaster-living-room-Tess-L-shape-Sleeper-Sectional-Grey-hover

Tess L-shape Sleeper Sectional Grey

Tess Collection

coaster-beds-bedroom-Barzini-Eastern-King-Upholstered-Bed-Black-and-Grey coaster-beds-bedroom-Barzini-Eastern-King-Upholstered-Bed-Black-and-Grey-hover

Barzini Eastern King Upholstered Bed Black and Grey

Barzini Collection

coaster-home-office-Ardsley-Z-framed-Gaming-Desk-with-LED-Lighting-Black coaster-home-office-Ardsley-Z-framed-Gaming-Desk-with-LED-Lighting-Black-hover

Ardsley Z-framed Gaming Desk with LED Lighting Black

Ardsley Collection

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