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January 9, 2024

Designing your perfect bar table and stool ensemble

Choose the perfect bar table and stool set with these helpful tips and tricks. It’s time to elevate your space with a stylish, functional set you love.

Choose the perfect bar table and stool set with these helpful tips and tricks. It’s time to elevate your space with a stylish, functional set you love.

Love the look of a bar table and stools in your dining room? You’re not the only one. 

A bar-height dining table set creates a casual, conversational atmosphere perfect for hosting, accessibility, and hanging out. 

Bar table sets are great for small spaces and work well beyond home bars, lounges, and dining rooms. You might add bar stools to your kitchen island or a counter-height dining table that can double as a place to knead dough or cool off cookies when you’re low on counter space. 

Whatever the case, we have all the tips and tricks you need to make your interior design dreams come true. Get ready to elevate your space with a bar table and stool set.

Is your space right for a bar table and stools?

Wooden bar table and stools

If you have the square footage for a dining table, you have room for a bar table and stools. But before you pick out your set, here are a few things to consider:

  • Ceiling height: Use taller tables when you have higher ceilings. A tall table with low ceilings can make a room feel smaller.
  • Diner height: Bar-height tables work well for taller people since they offer extra leg room and convenient footrests. Shorter people and children might feel less comfortable at a bar table.
  • Formality: Taller tables are generally used in casual settings, while lower dining tables are used for more traditional spaces.

Once you’re sure it’s a good fit, it’s time to measure your room. Ideally, you’ll want at least 30 inches on all sides of your dining table so you have enough space for people to sit in the chairs and easily walk around the table.

Record and use your room size to help you pick the right size table for your room.

How to choose the right bar table and stools

Bar table and stools: Gabriel Square Counter Height Dining Table Cappuccino

You know you want a bar table and stools. Now you just have to find the right set! The best dining furniture depends on several factors, including:

  • Room: The size of your room will help determine the size of your table. For example, a bistro table might be a good fit for a small apartment or studio. 
  • Interior decor style: Your dining table and chair set should match or complement your interior decor, including textures, colors, and themes. For example, if your space is dark and moody, try bar furniture made with metal legs and faux leather seats.
  • Existing furniture: You’ll want your bar table and stools to match any furniture you already have in the room. For instance, if you have a solid wood wine rack or home bar unit, you might want a wood table with the same hue.
  • Future furniture: Consider your plans for future furniture when choosing the size and style of your bar-height stools and table. Plan to add a pair of pub tables? Make sure your dining set is small enough to leave room for them.
  • Intended purpose: Pick furniture that matches how you’ll use it. The best furniture for a kitchen counter breakfast bar will differ from what you want in your home bar.

Make a note of anything that stands out to you and use these as parameters when choosing your bar table and stools. For example, if your room has a somewhat low ceiling, a counter-height table set might be a better option than a bar-height table. Counter-height is usually between 34 and 36 inches while bar-height is often as tall as 40 to 42 inches. 

Our picks: Top bar table and stool sets

It’s tough to pick the best dining table set if you love the bar table look as much as we do, but someone has to do it! We’ve highlighted some of our favorite bar tables, bar stools, and bar table sets to help you fall in love with your next piece of furniture.

Tolbert 5-Piece Bar Set

Bar table and stools: Tolbert 5-piece Bar Set with Acrylic Chairs Clear and Chrome

With a clear glass top, metal base, and chrome legs, the Tolbert set adds undeniable contemporary style to any room. The clear acrylic seats perched on metal frames with built-in footrests create an unconventional mix of materials for a chic, urban aesthetic.

Freda Double X-Shaped Base Square Bar Table

Bar table and stools: Freda Double X-shaped Base Square Bar Table Cappuccino

The Freda bar table features an espresso finish with an eye-catching X-shaped base. It’s perfect for small spaces and ultra-stylish when paired with coordinating bar stools that match your space. Try creating a modern look with upholstered gray bar stools or black swivel bar stools to add a touch of contrast.

Durant Wooden Counter Height Stools

Durant Wooden Counter Height Stools Chestnut

These dark brown Durant counter-height stools are a fantastic option to use at a kitchen counter. If you entertain regularly, they’re also nice to have on hand for when you’re hosting more guests than expected.

Santana 5-Piece Pub Table Set

Santana 5-piece Pub Height Bar Table Set Weathered Chestnut and Black

Smooth legs and a rustic brown finish give the Santana pub table set a sleek look that can fit with any modern or transitional space. The exposed wood grain top sits on a black metal frame with small risers that make it look like it’s floating, perfect for creating a focal point in a living room-dining room combo.

What about styling, placement, and lighting?

White table and stools

Kitchen tables featured in the pages of home decor magazines stand out because they’re styled, positioned, and lit for their space. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a professional interior designer to do the same. It’s all about working with the space you have.

Here are some key points to get you started:

  • Be intentional with placement: The positioning of your table is key. Pick a spot with enough room to sit and walk around the table, ideally in a well-lit, convenient spot to eat and hang out.
  • Try kitchen counter stools: Counter-height stools are excellent for kitchen islands and counters, making it more comfortable for guests to gather in the kitchen while food is prepared.
  • Test size first: Outline the dimensions of your bar table in masking tape on the floor in your room to see how it’ll fit before you buy.
  • Save space where you can: You can tuck backless bar stools and stools with low backrests underneath a bar-height table in most cases. Look for a set that lets you do this if you’re short on square footage.
  • Consider your lighting: Taller tables don’t work well with low-hanging lights. Look for lights that won’t be a nuisance for tall people sitting at your table.
  • Accessorize: Complete your aesthetic with tabletop accessories. For example, add a floral centerpiece for a traditional look or an interesting coffee table book for guests to peruse.

Pro tip: If you need ideas on how to put all these tips together, look at photos of professionally decorated dining rooms with an aesthetic you love.

Sit, sip, repeat

Bairn Counter Height Stools Black Sand with Low Back

The right bar table and stools can transform a dining area into a fun hangout spot in which you’ll look forward to spending time. You can also create a stylish home bar setting, a comfy breakfast nook to enjoy with family members, or something else entirely.

Whatever you prefer, Coaster Furniture is here to help. Check out our complete kitchen and dining catalog for designer looks at affordable prices. Then, use our store locator to find a convenient local retailer with the item in stock to inquire about available for same-day delivery or in-store pickup when you’re ready to buy.

coaster-bar-stools-chairs-kitchen-dining-Santana-5-piece-Pub-Height-Bar-Table-Set-Weathered-Chestnut coaster-bar-stools-chairs-kitchen-dining-Santana-5-piece-Pub-Height-Bar-Table-Set-Weathered-Chestnut-hover

Santana 5-piece Pub Height Bar Table Set Weathered Chestnut

coaster-bar-tables-kitchen-dining-Freda-Double-X-shaped-Base-Square-Bar-Table-Cappuccino coaster-bar-tables-kitchen-dining-Freda-Double-X-shaped-Base-Square-Bar-Table-Cappuccino-hover

Freda Double X-shaped Base Square Bar Table Cappuccino

coaster-uncategorized-Tolbert-5-piece-Bar-Set-with-Acrylic-Chairs-Clear-and-Chrome coaster-uncategorized-Tolbert-5-piece-Bar-Set-with-Acrylic-Chairs-Clear-and-Chrome-hover

Tolbert 5-piece Bar Set with Acrylic Chairs Clear and Chrome

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