Home bar units: Top ideas for creating a great entertaining

January 13, 2022

Home bar units: Top ideas for creating a great entertaining space

A home bar unit makes it easy to mix drinks, entertain friends, and enjoy an occasional nightcap.

A home bar unit makes it easy to mix drinks, entertain friends, and enjoy an occasional nightcap.

Do you love the thought of enjoying your favorite drink from the comfort of a home bar? Bar units make it easy to create a gathering place for friends and family to enjoy some sips and relax. Not only is it fun to have a hangout spot in your home, but you’ll also save money on drinks and eliminate the need to pay for a ride home. 

One of the best parts about bar units for home use is purchasing a cabinet that requires zero construction. This instantly makes your home bar project more affordable, and it’s ideal for renters who can’t modify their space. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of setting up a bar unit in your place no matter your style.

How to set up your bar unit 

Setting up your bar unit doesn’t need to be complicated. The first step is finding the right spot in your home. After that, it’s all about choosing the best bar unit and bar stools for your space. Once you have it in place, you can fill it with your favorite wines, spirits, beer, and cocktail (or mocktail) ingredients. 

Finding the right location 

Marble Top 3-drawer Bar Unit Warm Brown

As in real estate, bar units are all about location, location, location. Think of a place where you’d like to place a simple, functional home bar — somewhere that you’ll enjoy relaxing with friends and family. 

Now’s the time to capitalize on unused space in your home, from the living room to the home office. For example, you could use: 

  • A small closet that you don’t need or actively use 
  • An empty wall that you’re not using
  • A nook or corner that you don’t need or actively use 
  • A wall with shelves that you can easily repurpose 
  • A corner of your dining room that isn’t in use or can be cleared 

Whether you opt for a corner bar, a small bar cart, or a larger bar table will depend on the space you have available. Any unused space in your home offers the opportunity to set up a bar cabinet, bar stools, shelves, a wine rack, and anything else you’d like to include. 

If you’re working with a small space, you’ll probably use every square inch for things like shelving, cabinets, creative displays, or a console table. 

Measure your space 

Once you’ve picked a spot, it’s time to measure the space. Make a note of how much space you have, and pay attention to your measurements when selecting your bar unit. You’ll want room for your bar unit as well as any bar stools, cabinets, or accessories you plan to add. 

Before you buy, outline the measurements of the bar unit you’ve selected on the floor with masking tape. This will help you visualize it and ensure it fits. Do the same with bar stools and other furniture. 

7 best bar units to update your space 

Finding the right bar unit means picking something with features you’ll actually use. Consider how much storage you’ll need for bottles, stemware, and accessories before you start hunting for a good match. 

The right home decor for your space isn’t something you can look up on Wikipedia, but don’t worry, we’ll make it easier for you! Below are some of our bestselling and most stylish pieces to help you find the ideal match. 

1. 1-Drawer Bar Unit 

Bar units: 1-drawer Bar Unit Rustic Oak

The 1-Drawer Bar Unit in warm, chocolatey rustic oak exudes elegance and versatility. It features a three-tiered wine rack that can hold up to 18 wine bottles, with storage spaces featuring three shelves each to either side. This bar unit also features a drawer with multiple dividers and full-extension gliders. 

Topping the wine bar cabinet is an open surface for setting up wine glasses, wine bottles, spirits, and other bar accessories. This wooden bar would be an excellent complement to high-end home decor, adding charm and functionality to any space. 

2. 4-Drawer Bar Unit 

Bar units: 4-drawer Bar Unit Merlot and Brushed Brass

If you’d like a traditional home bar, the 4-Drawer Bar Unit in merlot and brushed brass will do the trick. It goes with the Wall Unit with Wine Rack (sold separately), creating a vintage-style wood bar worthy of any night in. 

The home bar unit features a mini hutch, four drawers, two pull-out trays, two cabinets with an adjustable shelf, a 10-bottle wine rack, a towel rack, and a stainless steel basin. The look is complete with a metal bar foot rail finished in antique brass for a high-end bourbon bar appeal. 

The Wall Unit with Wine Rack features wine bottle storage for up to 30 bottles, stemware racks, two tiers of shelving, a pullout tray, and a single drawer. Paired with the 4-Drawer Bar Unit, this wine cabinet will effortlessly become the central focus of any traditional style living space. 

3. Kitchen Cart with Granite Top

Kitchen Cart with Granite Top Black

This chic, black kitchen cart with granite countertop makes a great bar cart for those wanting to jump on the black furniture trend. This mobile kitchen island features built-in casters, a wine glass rack, 5-bottle wine rack, towel rack, and spice rack. The casters lock to offer security, ensuring your home bar cabinet won’t go anywhere until you’re ready.

This bar cart also boasts two drawers and a storage cabinet, plus open shelving for more storage. It’s the perfect portable mini bar unit for small spaces and an ideal beginner’s bar set. For many, a small cart is all the home bar furniture you’ll ever need. 

4. Rectangular 2-Shelf Bar Unit 

Rectangular 2-shelf Bar Unit Glossy White

The Rectangular 2-Shelf Bar Unit comes in a range of colors to fit in with any home decor. You can purchase it in glossy white, glossy black, glossy cappuccino, or grey. Each color has a contemporary appeal, complete with two glass shelves and a wine glass rack. 

This bar unit features a small footprint and is an excellent way to keep all of your bartending accessories in one spot. With sleek lines, chrome accents, and a chic profile, it’s unexpectedly glamorous and versatile enough for any modern or transitional space. 

5. Glass Top Bar Unit 

Bar units: Glass Top Bar Unit Black

This Glass Top Bar Unit is perfect for entertaining and making a statement. With two separate glass tops, you’ll have plenty of space to mix and serve your favorite cocktails in style. The pleasingly-curved silhouette can fit in with any room, from an elegant parlor to a low-key lounge.

With space for eight wine bottles, a glassware rack, and a glass storage shelf behind the unit, it’s the perfect bar table for entertaining guests. This bar unit boasts a sturdy metal frame with a metal foot rail for comfort. It also features striking black and white acrylic construction and frosted tempered glass tops.

6. Wine Cabinet with 2 Sliding Doors

Wine Cabinet with 2 Sliding Doors Walnut and Black

This Wine Cabinet with 2 Sliding Doors is a stylish mid-century modern piece with a rich espresso finish and bold black accents. With a built-in six-bottle wine rack, two sliding doors, six shelves, and a spacious wood top, it’s a perfect cocktail party station. 

This wine cabinet oozes classic character and charm with eye-catching angled legs and a solid-wood appearance. This bar unit would fit in nicely by the dining table or nestled beside a bookcase in the living room. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who’d like that vintage appeal without the antique price tag. 

7. 2-Door Bar Unit 

Bar units: 2-door Bar Unit Black and Clear

This 2-Door Bar Unit will be the center of attention in any space. It features a sleek, contemporary silhouette with clear tempered glass panels, a bold black finish, and brushed nickel hardware. And you’ll have plenty of room to show off your favorite mixology skills behind the spacious beveled top. 

This elegant, curved bar unit is pleasingly modern, making it a stylish addition to any home. It features a two-tier top with a drop-down storage compartment, two tiers of shelving with stemware racks on either side, one sliding drawer, and a two-door cabinet with a storage shelf and nine-bottle wine rack. The glass doors on the lower cabinet feature brushed nickel handles and sturdy tempered glass.

Finishing touches

Bar units: 29″ Adjustable Height Bar Stool Black and Chrome

Once you have your bar unit, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Here are some simple ways to put the final polish on your home bar setup. 


Bar units aren’t required to have bar stools, but if you have the space, why not? You can also add a counter-height table if your bar unit doesn’t have room for guests to sit and enjoy their drinks. 

Beer on tap 

Bar units aren’t just for cocktails. If you have room and would like beer on tap, consider a keg refrigerator (also known as a kegerator). You can place your kegerator beside the bar unit or on a shelf if there’s room. Many kegerators feature one or multiple taps, giving your home bar an authentic appeal and making refills more convenient. 

You’d be surprised at how simple it is to set up a beer tap behind your home bar. There’s no need to worry about adjusting units of pressure. Most keg tap attachments come with a simple bar gauge measured in metric units, complete with instructions on how to gauge pressure remaining. And that’s all you need! 

Lounge furniture 

If you’re going for something larger, you might be able to add a lounge area around your home bar. A small sectional that pulls out into a sleeper sofa might be a nice touch so you can offer a place to sleep for anyone who needs a good night’s sleep after a nightcap.

Ready to set up your home bar?

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of setting up a bar unit in your home. It’s as simple as clearing a space, finding the right home bar furniture, and stocking your shelves. From there, you’ll have a designated area to enjoy drinks with friends and entertain for years to come. 

When you’re ready to buy, be sure to browse Coaster Furniture’s full selection of bar units and bar sets for even more options. Then, use the store locator to find a nearby retail outlet for convenient pickup or delivery.

coaster-accent-cabinets-dressers-bedroom-bedroom-Ezekiel-Wine-Cabinet-with-2-Sliding-Doors-Walnut-and-Black coaster-accent-cabinets-dressers-bedroom-bedroom-Ezekiel-Wine-Cabinet-with-2-Sliding-Doors-Walnut-and-Black-hover

Ezekiel Wine Cabinet with 2 Sliding Doors Walnut and Black

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