wow-worthy bathroom decor ideas and tips your wallet will lo

February 21, 2023

wow-worthy bathroom decor ideas and tips your wallet will love

Sprucing up your bathroom decor is easy and affordable — and makes a big impact. Beat the bathroom blues with these 9 tips to freshen up your space.

Sprucing up your bathroom decor is easy and affordable — and makes a big impact. Beat the bathroom blues with these 9 tips to freshen up your space.

Is your bathroom cluttered, dull, or desperate for a makeover? Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on a renovation or just doing a bit of spring cleaning, we have you covered.

This guide features our favorite bathroom decor ideas for every home and budget, complete with DIY and customization options! Keep reading to get inspired.

9 bathroom decor ideas and tips for every space

The bathroom is the first place we go when we get out of bed and the last place we visit before going to sleep, so it should be a space you love. But you don’t need to invest in complicated, expensive interior design ideas (unless you want to) — even a few simple changes can create an inviting and refreshing look.

These bathroom decorating ideas are versatile enough to work everywhere, from your guest bath and powder room to your primary bedroom.

1. Contain the clutter

Bathroom decor: bathroom with organized drawers

Countertop clutter makes cleaning more challenging, and it’s never relaxing, especially in small bathrooms. But the right bathroom organization can make even the smallest powder rooms feel spacious. Look for bathroom storage solutions like under-sink storage canisters and drawer organizers to contain the clutter.

Check out these ideas to make it your own:

2. Choose a theme

Bathroom decor: wooden themed bathroom

Picking a theme for your bathroom decor helps unify your bath accessories. And if you match it to your home decor in surrounding rooms, it creates cohesion. For example, if your guest bath is beside a cozy boho-style living room, you might include fun colors, greenery, and other boho-themed accents.

Here are some ways to customize your bathroom design:

3. Think spa-like bathroom decor

Bathroom decor: bathroom with candles

Whether you’re decorating your primary bathroom or a guest bathroom, consider a spa-inspired design. Spa-style bathrooms are bright, airy, harmonious, and luxurious, surrounding you with fluffy white towels, plush robes, candles, and greenery. 

Here are some ways to customize a spa-style bathroom:

  • Display a spa day kit with things like bath bombs, lotion, candles, and face mask on a bamboo tray; this also makes an excellent welcome gift for guests
  • Place a wooden step stool with hidden storage by the tub to use as a table, seat, or accessibility aid, and keep slippers or candles in the secret compartment
  • Add mood lighting with things like candles, sconces, LED-lit mirrors, and floor lamps

4. Match your bedroom and bathroom decor

Bathroom decor: Mays 5-piece Upholstered Eastern King Bedroom Set Walnut Brown and Grey

Coordinated home decor is a nice touch for bathrooms with a connected bedroom. Try coordinating the color or pattern on your shower curtains with the bed’s comforter or choosing a bathroom set that complements the aesthetic of the connected bedroom. 

For example, you might decorate the bathroom attached to this bedroom with a bright, striped shower curtain, a dark wood cabinet, and some botanical prints on the wall. 

Check out these ways to make this matching look your own:

  • Buy an extra nightstand that matches your bedroom set to use as storage in the bathroom
  • Place smaller versions of your bedroom decor in the bathroom — for example, this glam wall mirror in the bedroom with this matching table mirror in the bathroom
  • Use the same varieties of greenery in both rooms for a cohesive look

5. Create a mini gallery wall

Frames hanging on the wall

A mini gallery wall above the toilet or on the opposite wall can give your bathroom a fun, on-trend look while allowing extra creative freedom. Before you hang everything, make sure you play around with different arrangements on the floor to find a configuration you’ll love.

Here are a few ways you can customize your gallery wall:

  • Treat yourself to a spa day and take artistic pictures of their decor (with permission, of course), then frame prints of your favorite shots to make soothing wall art
  • Use woven baskets, hats, and other pieces of wall decor instead of photos and paintings to create texture
  • Add small mirrors to your arrangement to brighten the space
  • Create a green gallery wall with moss or vine plants that’ll love the humidity

6. Decorate with toilet paper

4 rolls of toilet paper

Yes, toilet paper can double as bathroom decor if you do it right. Instead of stacking toilet paper in your cabinets, make it fun and stylish! Every bathroom needs extra toilet paper, but yours will stand out by using this necessity as a decor opportunity.

Here are a few custom ideas to get you rolling:

  • Place your toilet paper in a caddy or basket behind the toilet and hang a funny sign on the front (for example, “Please seat yourself,” “Get naked,” or “Hello, sweet cheeks”)
  • Use a wall mirror with shelving or a floating shelf to hold a few rolls alongside some potted greenery or fun bathroom decor
  • If you’re not into seeing your toilet paper, keep an accent cabinet within reach of the toilet and fill it with toilet paper and magazines 

7. Display your bath towels

Rolled towels in a bathroom shelf

Displaying your bath towels creates a spa-like appeal and ensures guests never have to shout for a clean towel post-shower. This look works best with color-coordinated sets or matching towels — all-white creates a lovely aesthetic that’s easy to keep clean.

Check out these ideas to customize this look:

  • Use a display cabinet with glass doors to keep your towels dust-free
  • Keep your bath towels in a wine cabinet beside the towel rack (place a fresh towel, hand towel, and washcloth on top for a spa-inspired look)
  • Pick a minimalist bookcase with separate sections to keep towels, books, and candles
  • Roll your towels neatly and tuck them into baskets on a shelving unit 

8. Keep it bright

Bathroom with a bathtub

A bright bathroom feels clean and inviting and can make small spaces feel larger. Of course, you’re in luck if you have windows to let in natural light, but you can still pull this look off even if you don’t. 

White bathroom walls and mirrors are a good start, as they’ll work together to make the room look bigger along with gentle accent colors or wood finishes. 

Here are a few ways to personalize a bright bathroom aesthetic:

9. Match surface materials and colors 

Interior of a modern bathroom

Matching surface materials and colors in the bathroom can effortlessly transform a space. You might use brushed brass for the metal fixtures with a warm wood tone for the cabinets to recreate this bathroom’s clean and cozy look.

Check out these ideas to make this look your own:

  • Pick matching stone materials for your countertop and bathtub if you’re renovating
  • Use cabinets and furniture made from woven rattan or cane for a natural look — for example, a square rattan end table or rattan tray-top end table
  • Choose stainless steel faucets, cabinet pulls, and wall decor for a clean, bright look
  • Expand this look by picking matching accessories like the soap dish or toothbrush holder for every bathroom in your home

Bonus tip: Choose hygienic bath mats

This one will keep your bathroom clean, both aesthetically and literally. It’s best to choose bath rugs and mats that you can regularly machine wash in hot water or bleach in cool water. And try to wash them at least twice a month (or weekly).

Sound excessive? Don’t pooh-pooh this idea! Research shows that flushing with the toilet lid up creates a “toilet plume” that propels fecal matter and other pathogens into the air and onto bathroom surfaces like your bath mats. And even if you’re good about shutting the lid, you can’t guarantee your guests will be as diligent — over 50% of adults forget to close the lid. 

Just roll with it! 

Your options are nearly limitless when you’re redoing your bathroom decor. From displaying your bath towels to adding toilet paper caddies with cheeky jokes, these ideas are sure to breathe new life into your bathroom. If you like a few of these ideas or tips, roll with it!

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