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April 7, 2021

Boost your boudoir style with these bedroom bench ideas

Update your sleeping space with a bench at the foot of the bed. Bedroom benches are a perfect way to add storage, seating, and style.

Update your sleeping space with a bench at the foot of the bed. Bedroom benches are a perfect way to add storage, seating, and style.

If you want to revamp your bedroom and add some classic charm, a bedroom bench is an excellent way to make it happen. Bedroom benches come with lots of functionality while instantly elevating your sleeping space with high-end appeal. 

Whether you want style, storage, functionality (or all of the above), you’re sure to find the perfect option for the foot of your bed. In this guide, learn how to use a bench seat in your bedroom and discover some of our favorite selections. 

Why you should add a bench at the foot of your bed

bedroom bench: Avenue Upholstered Tufted Bench Weathered Burnished Brown

Many people who keep a bench at the end of the bed use it every day. Like a favorite jacket or pair of shoes, the right bedroom bench adds essential function and style to your space. If you’re on the fence about upgrading your bedroom furniture with extra seating and storage, here are three reasons to go for it: 

  1. Style: Bedroom benches are a great way to tie your decor together and show off your personality. They can add extra detail to a room, giving it that interior designer polish without maxing out the credit card. 
  2. Storage: Many bedroom benches feature extra storage for spare blankets, pillows, shoes, or anything else you need to tuck away. Even if your bench doesn’t have hidden storage, it’s a perfect spot to store decorative throw pillows while you’re sleeping.
  3. Practicality: An accent bench at the end of your bed adds serious functionality that goes beyond storage. You can use it as a seating option for getting dressed, a place to set your stuff at the end of the day, or even to exercise (hello, bench workout!). If the bench has a back and a comfy seat cushion, it’s also an ideal spot to catch up on some reading. 

Picking the right bedroom bench

bedroom bench: Bench With Lower Shelf Beige And Burnished Oak

Even if you have a bench in the dining room, living room, or entryway, deciding on the perfect bedroom bench can be challenging. Below are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Look for features you’ll use

Most benches are made with a purpose in mind. A dining bench, for example, is meant to offer comfortable seating at the dining table. A mudroom bench might feature a spot for shoe storage. A living room bench might serve as a storage ottoman and footrest. Along the same lines, consider what you’d want from a bench at the foot of your bed. 

A wood bench or any bench with a hard seat is generally geared more towards aesthetics and less towards comfort. Meanwhile, an upholstered bench has comfort in mind, especially if it features a back. A storage bench might have a flip-top, baskets, cubbies, or drawers to stash small accessories, shoes, blankets, or extra pillows.

Think about styling

Look for an end-of-bed bench that coordinates well with your other bedroom furniture while offering another function you value, such as storage or a comfy seat. Contrast and texture are also important. Even if you pick similar colors and styles, an eye-catching textile such as faux fur can create some serious dimension. 

Consider what’s practicalbedroom bench: Alderwood Upholstered Bench French Grey

You don’t want a bench that’s too bulky for your bedroom, so consider the height, length, and depth before you buy. A bedroom bench shouldn’t be taller than your bed, so that’s an excellent place to start. 

Next, think about the width of your bed. To avoid stubbing your toe in the morning, find a bench that leaves about a foot of space on either end instead of the length being flush with your bed. The Alderwood upholstered bench and bed setup in the photo above is an example of appropriate sizing. 

Depth is also important. You don’t want a bulky bench that’s inconvenient or hazardous to walk around. Slimmer benches leave more floor space and help you avoid stubbing your toes. 

Other bedroom bench options 

bedroom bench: Heidi Upholstered Bench Metallic Platinum

Benches aren’t the only furniture you can put at the end of your bed. You have a range of possibilities, depending on your space and needs. 

For example, you might add a loveseat or accent chairs to create a peaceful sitting area. Or you could create some character in your space with a chaise lounge or pouf. If you want storage, a chest or trunk can offer more space. 

If you’re still trying to decide how to decorate your bedroom, check out the following guides for more ideas: 

5 stylish bedroom bench options 

When looking for the perfect bench, it helps to have some visual inspiration. Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite bedroom bench options to update your home decor.

1. Lift Top Storage Bench

bedroom bench: Lift Top Storage Bench Charcoal

This Lift Top Storage Bench brings comfort, convenience, and class to any bedroom. With a tufted flip top that conceals roomy storage space, it’s the ideal balance of form and function. The charcoal grey upholstery on the top is comfortably cushioned to offer extra seating, while the elegant button tufting provides chic, classic style. 

The tapered solid wood legs feature a rich black finish to add stylish contrast and reliable support. This bench would also work well as an entryway bench or ottoman bench if you’re looking for placement versatility. 

2. Bench with Metal Base

Bench With Metal Base White And Chrome

The light and airy backless Bench with Metal Base features white leatherette upholstery atop a chrome-finish metal base for sleek, glam appeal. It features a tasteful minimalist profile, creating the perfect blend of substance and style. 

This modern bench is an excellent candidate for those who’d like to add seating and aesthetic appeal all at once. You’ll enjoy the romantic accent of the stainless steel-style metal frame, which creates gentle contours beneath the padded surface. 

3. Upholstered Tufted Bench

Upholstered Tufted Bench Taupe And Natural

Perfect for any bedroom, this Upholstered Tufted Bench features a natural wood frame and a comfortable foam cushion with decorative button tufting. With angled wood legs that add mid-century modern flair, this bench adds a quality look to any living space. The taupe fabric upholstery works well with the natural wood base, creating a pleasing, two-tone look.

4. Barzini Tufted Rectangular Trunk

Barzini Tufted Rectangular Trunk With Nailhead Black

The Barzini Tufted Rectangular Trunk brings an air of modern luxury into any space. With chic button tufting, a silvery nailhead trim, and high-shine metal legs, this luxe trunk can easily double as a bedroom bench. The bold, black frame and roomy storage space will instantly add functionality and a bit of sparkle to any bedroom. 

This high-quality trunk is upholstered with metallic velvet and crocodile-style faux leather and accented with an individually hand-driven chrome nailhead trim. 

5. Rectangular Accent Bench

Rectangular Accent Bench Cinnamon

This Rectangular Accent Bench will bring rustic vibes to any space. Crafted from acacia hardwood for durability with a wide seat to provide plenty of room, you’ll love the rich cinnamon finish and sturdy metal legs and base. You can use this versatile bench anywhere in the home, and it would make a charming accent in a modern bedroom.

It’s time to upgrade the foot of your bed

If you enjoy entryway benches, dining benches, and storage ottomans throughout the rest of your home, you’ll love the difference that a bed bench makes in your living space. Get ready to fall in love with your bedroom all over again. 

With so many possibilities, the most challenging part of finding the perfect bedroom bench is often choosing a design. Be sure to browse Coaster Furniture’s collection of storage benches and accent benches for more attractive options.

coaster-bedroom-Alderwood-Upholstered-Bench-French-Grey coaster-bedroom-Alderwood-Upholstered-Bench-French-Grey-hover

Alderwood Upholstered Bench French Grey

coaster-bedroom-Heidi-Upholstered-Bench-Metallic-Platinum coaster-bedroom-Heidi-Upholstered-Bench-Metallic-Platinum-hover

Heidi Upholstered Bench Metallic Platinum

Heidi Collection

coaster-living-room-Samir-Lift-Top-Storage-Bench-Charcoal coaster-living-room-Samir-Lift-Top-Storage-Bench-Charcoal-hover

Samir Lift Top Storage Bench Charcoal

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