5 bedroom sitting area ideas that blend comfort and style -

June 27, 2023

5 bedroom sitting area ideas that blend comfort and style

Discover bedroom sitting area ideas for spaces of all sizes whether you want a separate relaxation zone or a nook for reading your books.

Discover bedroom sitting area ideas for spaces of all sizes whether you want a separate relaxation zone or a nook for reading your books.

Do you dream of having a peaceful, relaxing retreat to help you unwind after a long day? If you have a bit of extra square footage, a bedroom sitting area will certainly do the trick.

Here, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite bedroom sitting area ideas to bring a sense of calm and tranquility to your most private room. Whether you want to create a spot for working on your creative projects or a nook just for your books, we have you covered.

So sit back, take a deep breath, and get ready to transform your bedroom into a haven just for you.

Relax and unwind with these 5 bedroom sitting area ideas

A sitting area in your bedroom might sound extravagant, but you don’t need a large bedroom to make this work. Even if your bedroom space is limited or you’re revamping a guest room that’s much smaller than your primary bedroom, you can probably find space for a small seating area.

You don’t need to create an entire living room or even a dedicated sitting room — all you need is a small space to read a good book, enjoy a cup of tea, and unwind after a long day. Whether it’s a modest chair and a footstool or a loveseat with a coffee table, we’ll show you how to make it happen.

Below you’ll find bedroom sitting area ideas for spaces of all sizes, complete with tips and furniture that’ll bring it to life.

1. Comfy conversation area

Bedroom sitting area ideas: interior of a bedroom

You don’t need much more than a pair of accent chairs and a small table to create a relaxing bedroom sitting area for two. All you have to do is choose the style of the table and chairs based on your interior design preferences. For example, you could opt for rattan furniture if you have a boho-inspired aesthetic.

Here’s how to make this bedroom sitting area work in your space:

  • Capitalize on corners: If you have a small bedroom, try a square-shaped bar table tucked in a spare corner. This leaves two edges to pull up chairs or bar stools while making the most of your square footage.
  • Stay minimalist: You don’t need much for this idea to work, so look for minimalist decorating ideas to prevent a cluttered look. For example, a simple side table and two comfy pouf-style stools might do the trick.

2. Quiet desk 

Bedroom sitting area ideas: earthy themed bedroom

Would you like a quiet desk to retreat to when creativity strikes? Or maybe you want to create a small home office so you can stop working in the living room? Whatever the case, a quiet desk area can fit in most bedroom designs.

This trendy room idea makes the most of a small space, forgoing a nightstand in favor of a simple writing desk and a single comfy accent chair. Add a table lamp for practicality and some artwork to make the room feel elegant, and you’re good to go!

Here’s how to make it work in your space:

  • Keep it small: A one-drawer writing desk will be ideal for most contemporary bedrooms. Pair it with a smaller swivel accent chair or a modest armchair for practicality’s sake, and you can likely fit this setup in almost any room design.
  • Consider your color scheme: The trick to bringing design ideas to life is color cohesion — in other words, you want your desk and chair to work with the colors in your bedroom. For example, a glass and chrome desk might be a perfect fit if you have a modern glam bedroom.

3. Private hangout

Bedroom with a couch

Have a bit more space to work with, or a balcony attached to your bedroom? Try creating a private hangout spot with a loveseat, coffee table, and end table. If you have a wood floor like this bedroom, don’t forget a stylish area rug to make everything cozier.

Creating a hangout spot in your bedroom is the perfect opportunity to give the whole space a makeover too. Maybe you take this chance to style the earthy bedroom you’ve always dreamed of with rustic home decor and some thematic throw pillows alongside your new furniture.

Here’s how to make this bedroom sitting area idea work in your space:

  • Think bright: Pick a spot with natural light for a more inviting and spacious look. If that’s not an option, a well-placed floor lamp or pendant light will do the trick. The goal is to brighten the area a bit to give it the illusion of extra space.
  • Choose what you love: Furniture for the bedroom should fit your style so you can feel happy and at peace when you walk into your retreat. Choose furniture you adore, even if that means saving up for an extra month or two. For example, a driftwood coffee table could make quite a statement in a rustic space.

4. Lounge for one

White themed bedroom

If you need a lounge for one, it’s hard to beat a chaise lounge. These beautiful, comfortable seating options create the perfect spot to kick back, read a book, or enjoy a glass of wine.

Chaise lounges have a long history that dates back to ancient Egypt and they still carry plenty of appeal that can elevate almost any bedroom decor. And if you eventually need a lounge for two, a pair of chaises is surprisingly space-efficient.

Here’s how to make this idea work in your room:

  • Pick your placement: The position of your chaise makes all the difference. Most bedrooms will work well with a modern-style chaise positioned at an angle toward the foot of the bed, as we see in the photo.
  • Consider convenience: If you plan to laze away some hours in your new lounge for one (and you totally should), consider a convenient table option. For example, a marble accent table can fit the look and pull up over your lap to make reading, snacking, and relaxing much easier.

5. Cozy reading nook

Couch, stacked books, and candles on the floor

Ever dream of having a little home library all to yourself? You can create one with a cozy reading nook in your bedroom. Sure, it might not have shelves lining the walls from floor to ceiling, but this space proves that a comfy seat with a stack of books is all you need.

Start by picking a chair made for relaxing and adding your favorite blanket and a throw pillow. Then, all you need to do is grab a stack of books you’ve been meaning to read, and you’re set for relaxing evenings in your bedroom whenever you have the time.

Here’s how to make this bedroom sitting area idea shine:

  • Think comfort: Look for ways to make your nook extra comfortable and extra “you.” For example, if you really want a bookshelf, look for a corner with enough room for a small bookcase and make it happen. Or if you’ve always wanted a rocking chair, treat yourself to one!
  • Don’t forget the light: Reading isn’t easy without light. Even if your nook is in a window seat, the sun will go down eventually. Add a stylish floor lamp or maybe a chic chandelier if you’re feeling fancy.

Sweet dreams

We hope these bedroom sitting area ideas have given you loads of inspiration to create a space where you can cozy up with a good book, enjoy your favorite show, or simply unwind. 

Regardless of your square footage, it’s possible to create a relaxing oasis in your bedroom with the right furniture and decor — and a bit of creativity. So grab a blanket, pour yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy your new favorite spot in the house!

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