March 17, 2021

Kick up your feet: 10 best recliners for a relaxing, stylish space

Looking for the best recliners so you can lounge in luxury? Discover 10 comfy yet stylish pieces that can work in a variety of rooms and suit any style and budget.

Looking for the best recliners so you can lounge in luxury? Discover 10 comfy yet stylish pieces that can work in a variety of rooms and suit any style and budget.

If only you had a recliner, you could read this article while leaning back in luxury. But alas, you have no recliner, you’re currently sitting upright, and you shouldn’t have to live like that. You need a place to lounge — a place that’s made of soft cushions and supportive leg rests. You need one of the best recliners you can find. 

Today’s recliners are not your grandfather’s recliners. Modern chairs have advanced features like power control buttons for easy operation, USB ports to charge your electronics, power lift to help you out of your seat, and even heating and massaging features for total relaxation.

You can even find stylish recliners — two words that don’t often appear in the same sentence. But in some modern designs, the foot rest blends seamlessly into the chair, making your recliner look like a stylish accent piece (rather than a cumbersome focal point) when it’s not in use.

To find these features and more, check out our choices for the 10 best recliners — all designed to fit a variety of styles and budgets. 

10 best recliners for cozy nights and comfy days

Here they are — our top recliners. As you search for the best recliner chair for your home, think about your design aesthetic and comfort requirements.

1. Destino Cushion Back Power Recliner in Midnight Blue 

best recliners: Destino Cushion Back Power Recliner in Midnight Blue

This modern recliner has a stealth design — when the footrest is down, it looks like a contemporary accent chair. But when you’re ready to recline, the footrest pops out to provide extra comfort. 

The Destino cushion back recliner is wrapped in water-resistant, midnight blue upholstery. It features flippable, feather-down cushions with a cool memory gel topper. You won’t have to worry about a permanent butt imprint on these cushions — they keep their shape by puffing back up after you stand up.

This chair comes with two lumbar support side pillows, and the extra wide seat means there will be plenty of room for the family dog to curl up next to you. 

2. Upholstered Glider with Ottoman in Beige and Espresso

best recliners: Upholstered Glider with Ottoman in Beige and Espresso

Anyone who loves a gentle rocking motion will love this glider recliner. With its subtle sway, this chair can help you unwind in the evenings. Plus, this is one of the best recliners for a child’s bedroom. Gliders are a great alternative to rocking chairs because the motion is smoother and the base of the chair is stationary, which means tiny toes won’t get pinched underneath. 

This glider is made with microfiber upholstery (one of the most pet-friendly fabrics), and it comes with a matching glider ottoman. The cushioned headrest and armrests will keep you comfy when you settle in with a good book.

3. Sir Rawlinson Swivel Rocker Recliner in Buckskin Brown

best recliners: Sir Rawlinson Swivel Rocker Recliner in Buckskin Brown

For a traditional recliner, look no further than the Sir Rawlinson rocking recliner. This chair is as classic as they come. From the overstuffed back cushions to the nailhead trim and faux suede upholstery, it’s brimming with rustic style that will make your home feel like a cozy country lodge. 

Once you sit in this comfortable recliner, you may never want to get up again. But, when you inevitably have to, you’ll enjoy easy movement. This chair swivels from side to side and rocks back and forth, so you’ll always be able to reach the popcorn and remote control. Just pull the side lever on this manual recliner to go from reclining to sitting upright. 

4. Upholstered Push-Back Recliner in Cream

best recliners: Upholstered Push-Back Recliner in Cream

While most traditional recliners are as far from mid-century modern as you can get, this stylish recliner chair features all the signatures of mid-mod design. With its clean lines, hardwood frame, and tapered legs, it will match all your mid century modern living room decor, making it one of the best recliners for design-forward homes. 

The seat and back cushions are made with supportive pocket coils and eco-friendly, Certi-Pur certified foam. When you’re ready to settle in and get comfy, just use your body weight to push back on the chair and recline

5. Bismark Power^2 Loveseat with Console in Black

best recliners: Bismark Power^2 Loveseat with Console in Black

The challenge with recliners is that they’re built for one — and we can already hear the arguments over who gets the chair tonight. Avoid the relationship strife with this reclining loveseat

This tech-forward electric recliner features voice activated controls and power headrests. Plus, that genuine top-grain leather upholstery wraps around massaging heated seats, so you can say buh-bye to back pain

Better still, you can enjoy the massage function while also enjoying a drink. This recliner for two features cupholders and storage compartments on each armrest so you can store your remote control or TV snacks. We’re seeing a lot of movie nights in your future.

6. Power Lift Recliner with Storage Pocket in Beige

Power Lift Recliner with Storage Pocket in Beige

Another massage recliner, this power lift option not only helps you relax with luxurious massage features, it also helps you get back on your feet. The power lift function props you up into a standing position, which makes this one of the best recliners for older individuals and people with physical limitations. It can even give an assist to anyone who just really doesn’t want to get out of their massage chair and back to the real world. 

This chair comes with a remote control that allows you to operate the massage, heating, recline, and power lift functions. The control also has a USB port so you can charge smaller electronics while you relax. Plus, the two side pockets give you space to store your TV remote, magazines, or favorite mystery novels. 

7. Beryl 4-Piece Power^2 Sectional in Light Grey

Beryl 4-Piece Power^2 Sectional in Light Grey

Stylish, modern, and plush, this Beryl reclining sectional features a chaise, two power recliners, and a center console with cupholders and storage compartments. The power headrests pop up to prop up your head after a long day, and the extra-long leg rests emerge from below the couch.

This sectional’s faux leather exterior is made from a breathable polyurethane (PU leather). The seats feature supportive pocket coils and a cool gel memory foam while the tapered, stainless steel legs make an elegant contrast to the modern, boxy frame.

8. Princeton Rolled Arm Push Back Recliner in Burgundy 

Princeton Rolled Arm Push Back Recliner in Burgundy

Let’s leave modernity behind us and travel back in time with this Princeton leather recliner that looks like it came straight out of Charles Darwin’s study. With brass nailhead trim on plush rolled arms, this piece would look cozy in front of the fireplace. Style it next to a dramatic wingback chair to achieve a traditional style that would be the envy of any interior designer.

With a fully encased hardwood frame and genuine leather upholstery, this high-quality recliner offers durability and style. The high backrest will help support your neck and shoulders while you read your favorite magazine or discover the origin of the species.

9. Swivel Recliner with Flared Arm in Black 

Swivel Recliner with Flared Arm in Black

With futuristic design and an ergonomic backrest, this swivel reclining chair will look striking in any contemporary home. The leg rest folds up under the seat, creating a slim profile when it’s not in use. 

When it’s time to recline, pull the manual lever to stretch out your legs. Once you get comfy, you can lock the seat in any position like and settle in for the long haul.

10. Saybrook Tufted Cushion Recliner in Chocolate and Dark Brown 

Saybrook Tufted Cushion Recliner in Chocolate and Dark Brown

The overstuffed, tufted cushions on the Saybrook recliner practically beckon you to put on a pair of slippers, grab a fleece blanket, and get comfortable. You’ll feel enveloped by the plush, padded cushioning and oversized arm rests as this chair surrounds you in softness — in fact, the hardest thing about it will be resisting the urge to nod off after you sit down. 

This manual recliner has a subtle side lever that sits flush with the chair’s design. It features supportive pocket-coil seating that holds its shape over time. And, the performance microfiber upholstery means you won’t have to worry when you find Fido sleeping in your chair. 

Recline and unwind 

We could all use a little more relaxation in our lives. By adding one of these recliners to your home, you can create a living room that invites you to kick up your feet and forget about the stress of your day. 

If you have a whole family that loves to lounge, don’t leave anyone out (the kids have enough to argue about!). Browse our recliners — plus reclining sofas, sectionals, and love seats — to create a space where everyone can relax.

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