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December 15, 2021

How to create a chic and cozy boho living room

A boho living room is eclectic and inviting, making you feel at home. Learn top tips to master this warm, chic, and personal style for your space.

A boho living room is eclectic and inviting, making you feel at home. Learn top tips to master this warm, chic, and personal style for your space.

If you love boho decor, we’re guessing that you dream of a boho living room brimming with an eclectic mix of colors, textures, and exciting accents. Bohemian-style rooms tend to fly in the face of modern sensibilities to embrace the unconventional, creative, and carefree. You’ve probably noticed one other thing: boho interior design never goes out of style it’s always trending. What better way to decorate your living room?

Boho living room decor is as unique as the person who’s decorating, so no two spaces are exactly alike. Two rooms might share an eclectic vibe with relaxed features, but the free-spirited nature of the boho look brings out personal touches. A boho living room will mirror your life, allowing you to express your personality and truly make the style your own. 

In this guide, we’ll outline essential design ideas for capturing the bohemian look in your living space so you can create a look and feel that’s uniquely you. Whatever you decide, you’ll have fun combining colors, patterns, and objects that embrace this eye-catching aesthetic. 

What is bohemian decor?

Boho style is the free spirit of interior design styles. It breaks the rules and invites you to get cozy by combining global, minimalist, Scandinavian, and modern decor influences. And it all started in 19th century France. 

The original bohemians — poets, novelists, writers, sculptors, engravers, painters, and others who valued creativity above all else — inspired bohemian interior design. In addition, a general refusal to conform and a love of converging cultures inspired a design style that embraces all things unconventional. 

Boho home decor is intended to please those who live in the space and no one else. It’s about expressing your personality and keeping things relaxed. A personal and laid-back atmosphere is at the core of this interior design — and it’s essential if you’d like to capture the bohemian vibe

When creating your boho living room space, you don’t need to follow any rules or guidelines. In fact, there’s nothing you can’t do! Most boho spaces are defined by a lack of structure and many layers of textures, patterns, and colors. And yet, modern bohemian interior design styles — like modern boho, boho chic, and boho minimalist — still vary widely in appearance. 

Bohemian living room essentials 

Boho living room designs are highly personal, but even a beginner can pull it off by focusing on the essentials. It’s not about recreating a specific boho living room idea. Rather, it’s choosing the decor tips and ideas you like the most.

If you combine the right accents, lighting, colors, materials, and furniture, your eclectic living room will come to life in no time.

Lighting and accents 

Lighting and accessories can make or break your boho living room, and you have plenty of wiggle room. Ambient lighting helps unify the design of a living room, making it look calm and welcoming. Try combining different types of lighting to create a mix-and-match look. Some examples might include: 

Warm lights (including colored lights) can help create a swoon-worthy romantic atmosphere. If you like modern boho, which mixes mid-century modern design with a boho aesthetic, try something like this tripod floor lamp to make your living room feel more fun. 

And don’t forget the accents. Family heirlooms, handmade crafts, and keepsakes from around the world are all excellent options. The key is to choose things you love. For example, you might create a gallery wall with photos you’ve taken from your travels. Or you could decorate with your favorite eclectic wall art or make a DIY macrame wall hanging

Colors and textiles 

Boho living room: Macrame wall hanging

A variety of layered colors and materials can bring your boho living room to life. Textiles with fun patterns, bright colors, and organic textures help create an authentic boho look

Area rugs and tapestries 

Layering area rugs is an excellent way to add color and texture to your boho living room. For example, you might use a large jute rug underneath two or three brightly-colored patterned rugs to define your seating area. Or you might prefer a large Persian rug with intricate detailing and vibrant colors. Regardless of how many area rugs you use, take time to determine what size you need for your living room to ensure a good fit. 

Tapestries also allow you to create a textured or layered appeal while adding color. A large tapestry hung behind the sofa or even on the ceiling can transform your space. And it’s a great alternative to wall art or painting an accent wall if you’re on a budget or living in an apartment where you can’t change the walls. Just stick to one or two to avoid a college dorm room look. 

Throw pillows and throw blankets 

Throw pillows and throw blankets are another popular choice for bohemian decorating. Arrange them on your sofa, chairs, and even on the floor — place them by the fireplace or in a reading nook. Feel free to mix textures and patterns and experiment with combining styles that don’t conventionally go together. You can never have too many throw pillows and blankets in a boho living room

Color palette 

For the color palette, anything goes. White walls are popular in boho chic living rooms, but understated colors are also popular. If you like fun and moody looks, you might try an accent wall in black, blue, green, red, or another jewel tone behind your seating area. Colored walls with wall mirrors and artwork look beautiful in boho living rooms

Warm earthy tones, metallics, and jewel tones are always good choices in a boho living room. You might use gray, green, and dark brown for your base colors and bring the space to life with a sapphire blue, amethyst purple, and citrine yellow. Different combinations of colors and materials are the secret to personalized boho style


Boho living room: indoor garden

Add some greenery with plants, plants, and more plants! Indoor plants are a must for a boho living room, and you’ll earn bonus points if you use macrame hangers to display a few of them. Embracing all things natural is a key component of boho decor

Ferns, hanging plants, and anything green will bring your room to life while improving your mood and air quality. If you don’t have a green thumb, snake plants and spider plants are pretty forgiving, plus they’re pet-safe. Succulents are another easy-care option, and you could even opt for artificial plants to create a lush look with no maintenance. 


When it comes to boho furniture, you might immediately think of rattan furniture. It does look lovely in a boho living room, but a mix-and-match style often looks best. Combine furniture styles and spice them up with finds from yard sales or flea markets when you can. 

For example, you might surround a modern or traditional sectional with a variety of poufs (flexible seating!) with a Scandi coffee table in the center of it all. The options are limited only by your imagination, so have fun with your furniture. If you love glam, mix it in. If minimalism is more your thing, go for it. Here are a few of our favorite options to get you started.

Ikat Pattern Round Accent Stool

Boho living room: Ikat Pattern Round Accent Stool Multi-color

This Ikat Pattern Round Accent Stool is bursting with boho flair. With light pastel colors, an ikat-style fabric, and tapered wooden legs, it’s the perfect accent for stylish eclectic living rooms. Use it as a footrest, a spare seat, or even an impromptu end table. 

Upholstered Accent Chair 

Upholstered Accent Chair with Wooden Leg Black and White

This Upholstered Accent Chair has some serious global vibes and would look excellent with the Ikat Pattern Round Accent Stool. It features a chic motif with a black and white palette and a comfy, curved backrest. With turned wooden legs, it’s an ideal upgrade for boho living rooms everywhere. 

Rectangular 3-Door Accent Cabinet 

Rectangular 3-door Accent Cabinet Natural

This Rectangular 3-Door Accent Cabinet boasts stunning Moroccan-inspired carvings on the door with round gold-colored knobs. With a natural finish and slanted legs, this alluring cabinet is perfect for adding warmth to any boho living room. You’ll also enjoy storage space with two interior shelves behind each door in addition to the spacious tabletop.

Wooden Square Top End Table 

Wooden Square Top End Table Natural and Matte Black

This Wooden Square Top End Table is made from solid mango wood with a natural exposed woodgrain. Iron legs with a rustic hairpin-style design and a matte black finish create a modern look and eye-catching contrast. It would look fantastic beside an accent chair or as a pair flanking a sofa. 

Fall in love with your boho living room

Are you ready to fall in love with your home? A boho living room is a great place to start. It’ll make your living space feel warm, welcoming, and personal. Remember, boho decor isn’t about decorating for other people or to match conventional styles. It’s all about expressing your unique tastes and style. 

Add accents, colors, lighting, plants, and furniture that spark joy and leave out anything that doesn’t. If you need some fresh furniture to bring the bohemian vibe to life, check out our full selection of living room furniture. Then, when you’re ready to buy, the Coaster Furniture store locator makes it easy to find a retailer near you.

Once you’re done with the living room, why stop there? If you love the look, try decorating a boho bedroom next.

coaster-living-room-Naomi-Pattern-Round-Accent-Stool-Multi-color coaster-living-room-Naomi-Pattern-Round-Accent-Stool-Multi-color-hover

Naomi Pattern Round Accent Stool Multi-color

coaster-bedroom-Lantana-Rectangular-3-door-Accent-Cabinet-Natural coaster-bedroom-Lantana-Rectangular-3-door-Accent-Cabinet-Natural-hover

Lantana Rectangular 3-door Accent Cabinet Natural

coaster-bedroom-Winston-Wooden-Square-Top-End-Table-Natural-and-Matte-Black coaster-bedroom-Winston-Wooden-Square-Top-End-Table-Natural-and-Matte-Black-hover

Winston Wooden Square Top End Table Natural and Matte Black

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