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August 9, 2022

8 bonus room ideas to maximize your extra space

From gaming and reading to movie-watching, cocktail-making, and beyond, these bonus room ideas will bring your extra space to life.

From gaming and reading to movie-watching, cocktail-making, and beyond, these bonus room ideas will bring your extra space to life.

A bonus room (aka flex space) is an extra room in your home that doesn’t have a defined purpose. It’s not a living room, dining room, or kitchen — instead, it’s whatever you want it to be. But what do you want it to be? This guide filled with bonus room ideas offers some fantastic possibilities for your extra space. From gaming and reading to movie-watching, cocktail-making, and beyond, you’ll find plenty of ways to bring your bonus space to life. 

8 bonus room ideas for your extra space

Whether you just moved into a new home or are finally ready to give your spare room a makeover, deciding how to arrange your bonus room is all about priorities. You have an extra room to work with, and you can turn it into anything. But it all starts with what you want and need in your own home.

Think about your hobbies, lifestyle, and household as you go through these bonus room ideas. What’s missing from your home right now? Look for design ideas that you and your household will enjoy or that will improve your quality of life.

1. Classic game room

Bonus room ideas: Marietta Round Wooden Game Table Tobacco

Is game night at your home a bit underwhelming? If you wish you had somewhere to play board games, cards, or billiards, consider turning your bonus room into a classic game room. This is one of the most fun bonus room ideas for families, and most spare rooms will offer enough square footage to make it happen.

Think about the games you enjoy with your family and friends, and choose your bonus room design accordingly. For example, some might prefer a dart board, arcade cabinet, or foosball table, while others might enjoy a poker table and board game table.

Try these furniture pieces:

2. Media room

Bonus room ideas: Avoca Tempered Glass Top Gaming Desk Black

A media room is another great bonus room idea for families, especially if a classic game room isn’t for you. Depending on the types of games and media your family enjoys, this may include a gaming PC, video game console(s), 4K (or 8K) TV for movies, surround-sound speakers, or a VR system to fill out your high-tech game room. If you don’t have time for games very often, a 4K television and a comfy loveseat might be all you need.

Consider these options:

3. Home office

Bonus room ideas: Lawtey 5-drawer Credenza with Adjustable Shelf Cappuccino

If you work from the kitchen table or sofa, a bonus room practically begs you to add an office into your home design. Without an ergonomically-designed computer desk and chair, you may be jeopardizing the health of your body and spine. But if you can find room for even a small home office, you’ll be able to sit up straight, keep things organized, and have your own space while you work.

Our recommendations:

4. Home theater

Bonus room ideas: Toohey Upholstered Tufted Recliner Living Room Set Black

Movie lovers everywhere dream of having a home theater to enjoy their favorite flicks, but you can bring this dream to life easier than you might imagine. With a little makeover, you can turn even a modest bonus room into a DIY movie theater.

A large TV, quality surround-sound speakers, and comfy seating are must-haves. You can also bring this bonus room idea to the next level by hanging curtains around the room for that classic movie theater feel.

Try these furnishings:

5. Home library

3-tier Geometric Bookcase Salvaged Cabin

If you’ve ever dreamed of a home library, it might be time to make it happen. You’ll have a quiet place to escape from the world and read in the comfort of your own home. Use bookshelves along the walls and, for more storage, consider placing a few more bookshelves in the room to separate a reading nook or two. (Bonus points if you have a room with built-in shelving or nooks to work with!)

Our recommendations:

6. Home bar

2-tier Bar Unit Black and Chrome

Have you ever dreamed of having a home bar for entertaining? It’s more practical than you think, even in small spaces. A home bar unit can be as small as a simple bar cart or as large as a built-in wet bar with running water. All you need is somewhere to store bottles and glasses, an option for quick cleanup (a towel on a hook will do), and some lounge-style seating.

Consider these home bar furnishings:

7. Playroom

Bonus room ideas: Camouflage Tent Loft Bed with Ladder Army Green

A playroom might be a good fit if your little ones are too young to get excited about a media room. You might opt for a Montessori playroom to help your kiddo learn in their earliest years or a room with age-appropriate toys and activity stations. This bonus room idea can even come to life in your child’s bedroom if you don’t have a ton of extra space around your home.

Our recommendations:

8. Guest bedroom

4-piece Twin Platform Bedroom Set Glossy White

No list of bonus room ideas would be complete without mentioning a guest room. Homeowners can increase property value with a guest room, and having an extra bedroom for guests or visiting family members can be invaluable.

If you don’t think you’ll use the guest room often, you might look for bedroom ideas that allow you to use the space for other purposes, like a home office. Or you can also add a futon, sofa bed, or daybed to one of the above ideas, creating a customized multifunctional bonus room idea with almost no extra effort.

Our recommendations:

Bring your bonus room ideas to life

We hope you’ve found the perfect decorating ideas to transform your bonus room into a space you’ll enjoy for years to come. And if you didn’t find the right fit, here are a few other bonus room ideas to consider:

  • Home gym to stay fit from home
  • Music room for playing and listening to music
  • Craft room for DIY projects
  • Storage space for seasonal home decor
  • Workspace for homework, artwork, etc.
  • Hangout or lounge space for talking with friends and family
  • Secondary living area or family room for when the main living space is busy or full
  • Reading nook to get lost in a book

Regardless of your favorite bonus room ideas, check out the Coaster Furniture catalog to find the right pieces for your space. And when you’re ready to buy, use our store locator to find a convenient retailer near you.

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Reid 3-tier Geometric Bookcase Salvaged Cabin

coaster-dressers-cabinets-chests-living-room-living-room-Lawtey-5-drawer-Credenza-with-Adjustable-Shelf-Cappuccino coaster-dressers-cabinets-chests-living-room-living-room-Lawtey-5-drawer-Credenza-with-Adjustable-Shelf-Cappuccino-hover

Lawtey 5-drawer Credenza with Adjustable Shelf Cappuccino

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