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November 3, 2020

Calm things down with classic neutral tones

Neutral tones don’t mean boring, rather they offer a different way to bring in vibrant hues into each living space.

Neutral tones don’t mean boring, rather they offer a different way to bring in vibrant hues into each living space.

A natural color scheme on walls and at times on furnishings creates a warm and tranquil space that is inviting to the eye, and also provides the setting to draw attention to the bold elements that you want to highlight.

What are neutral colors?

Neutral colors are hues that are considered to be without color, and the four main neutral hues are white, brown, gray and black. Other neutral tones – such as taupe, beige, tan, ivory, and eggshell have added colors to them, but still appear to be without color. These neutral shades don’t compete with other primary or secondary colors, rather they compliment them.

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Why incorporate neutral colors?

There are several reasons to consider using neutral colors in your home. Their versatility can make decorating easier. They are perfect as a background, complementing, not competing with other colors. When paired with brighter colors, these other colors can appear more vibrant, drawing the eye to these accents.

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Neutral is an enduring palette

Neutral colors are timeless and classic, and you won’t grow tired of them. And more importantly, they work with any style, whether you prefer mid-century modern, something more eclectic, or prefer the traditional look. Imagine throwing some colorful pillows on a more neutral sofa.

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How do you use neutral colors?

Use neutral colors to enable accents to make the bold color statement, or to create an overall feeling of calm and tranquility. And if you are one to mix it up, change up the accents to create different moods for different seasons.

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Neutral color schemes are classic and an ideal way to set the tone in any room. They are the perfect foundation for making creative color statements in other ways – with accent furnishings, pillows, and art. They are a tranquil foundation for letting your imagination run wild.

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