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April 11, 2024

Contemporary bedroom furniture: 5 best bedroom sets

Discover modern elegance with our top five contemporary bedroom furniture sets for every space. Get ready for stylish comfort and sophistication.

Discover modern elegance with our top five contemporary bedroom furniture sets for every space. Get ready for stylish comfort and sophistication.

Contemporary bedroom furniture has become increasingly popular for its sleek designs and versatile functionality. This modern aesthetic can transform any bedroom into a cozy, stylish sanctuary. From minimalist platform beds to chic storage solutions, the best bedroom sets embody the essence of modern living, offering a blend of form and function to elevate any sleeping space.

Whether you prefer neutral tones and clean lines or eye-catching accents and innovative design choices, our curated selection has something for everyone.

5 key elements of contemporary decor

Contemporary bedroom furniture: Felicity 4-piece Queen Bedroom Set with LED Headboard Glossy White

Focusing on the key elements of a decor style helps you capture the look in any space, whether you’re decorating your living room, bedroom, or guest room. Here are five essentials that’ll help you capture the contemporary look you want:

  • Clean lines: Contemporary styling favors sleek, straight lines over ornate designs, helping create a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic.
  • Neutral palettes: Neutral colors like white, beige, gray, and black are popular in contemporary decor because they create a sense of serene sophistication. You can still mix it up with pops of bold color for contrast.
  • Minimalism: Contemporary decor embraces the minimalist philosophy that “less is more.” It prioritizes uncluttered spaces and simple design choices, creating openness and tranquility.
  • Functional furniture: Contemporary furniture often serves multiple purposes, combining form and function to maximize space efficiency.
  • Innovative materials: Contemporary decor often incorporates materials like glass, metal, concrete, and even LEDs alongside traditional wood and upholstery. This lends an industrial-inspired edge to interiors while prioritizing durability and sustainability.

Combine these elements with your style to make your bedroom decor your own. For example, add a rustic Italian bedframe to your contemporary design, combining two things you love in one space.

Remember, the interior design in your bedroom is there to make you happy, not to check all the boxes on what is and isn’t considered contemporary styling.

Contemporary bedroom furniture: Top 5 bedroom sets for every space

You deserve to start every day in a bedroom you love, and we’re here to help you find the perfect bedroom set to make it happen. Here are five of our best-selling contemporary bedroom furniture sets and most fashionable new arrivals.

1. The Brookmead collection

Contemporary bedroom furniture: Brookmead Queen Bed Black

The Brookmead collection is modern, dramatic, and timeless. It boasts a bold, deep black finish and fluted texturing to add dimensionality to your space. The dressers feature wire-brushed drawer pulls to add a subtle hint of glam style, helping the set stand out.

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The Brookmead collection has a variety of beautiful pieces perfect for creating the contemporary bedroom of your dreams. Choose from the following pieces:

The Brookmead collection goes beyond contemporary bedroom furniture. It also has everything you need to outfit your dining room with the same striking aesthetic with these pieces:

2. The Arini collection

Contemporary bedroom furniture: Arini Queen Bed with Upholstered Headboard Black and Grey

The Arini collection is stylish, contemporary, and inviting, with understated silhouettes and modern accents. The upholstered platform bed frame and dressers feature gold-finish legs that complement mid-century modern bedroom furniture if you want to mix up your style.

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The Arini collection epitomizes contemporary bedroom furniture and is versatile enough to fit with almost any other home decor style. This modern bedroom set includes the following pieces:

For those who love contemporary fusion and textured accents, there’s also a stunning rattan edition in the Arini collection. Rattan furniture has the wonderful ability to add an extra touch of coziness and warmth to any space. 

3. The Marceline collection

Marceline Queen Bed with LED Headboard Black

The Marceline collection explores innovative design possibilities and unexpected contemporary accents. It boasts energy-efficient LEDs in the tall headboard for an ethereal glow and eye-catching brushed gold drawer pulls that create a bold line down the front of each dresser to make a statement.

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The Marceline collection has everything you need for a complete set of contemporary bedroom furniture, whether you’re decorating a kid’s bedroom, guest room, or your main suite. It comes with the following pieces:

If your space calls for something brighter, the Marceline collection also comes in an eye-catching white and gold.

4. The Caraway collection

Caraway Queen Bed with LED Headboard White and Grey

The Caraway collection can infuse any space with a clean look, sleek elegance, clean lines, and a matte two-tone finish. It stands out with an LED headboard and straight legs, giving the design a dimensional appeal for sleep and serenity.

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The Caraway bedroom collection stands out with a full set of chic contemporary bedroom furniture that’ll update any space. It comes with the following pieces:

Are you more of a fan of black furniture? The Caraway collection also comes in black and gold for a bit of extra sophistication and drama. 

5. The Kendall collection

Kendall Upholstered Tufted Queen Panel Bed Black

The Kendall collection is steeped in modern glamor, boasting a lush black fabric bed and gold-finish accents on the dressers and nightstand. Use it to add a touch of refined elegance to any space so you can feel like royalty when you wake up and go to sleep. 

There’s also the Kendall Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle if you’d like to bring this glamorous collection to your living room. It could replace your sofa to ensure you have space for overnight guests or improve your home’s accessibility.

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The Kendall collection epitomizes glam and luxury in contemporary bedroom furniture. It comes with the following pieces:

If you adore the Kendall collection’s aesthetic but want a lighter touch for your contemporary dreams, it also comes in white with a tufted headboard. And if the wingback headboard feels a bit too glam for your taste, there’s an option for a black tufted headboard. 

Tips for completing your bedroom decor

Jessica Bedroom Set with Bookcase Headboard Cappuccino

Buying a bedroom set is a big part of creating a contemporary design you’ll love for years. But you can take it from good to great with a few finishing touches. Here are some tips for completing your bedroom decor:

  • Add lighting: Layers of light allow you to adjust the lighting in your bedroom for any mood or activity, from watching shows on your laptop to lounging with a glass of wine. Add floor lamps, table lamps, LED strip lighting, and other layers to create a polished design.
  • Use underbed space: If your platform bedframe has space underneath, you have a storage platform bed. All you need is some storage bins that fit under your bed so you can tuck your extra things out of sight.
  • Add furniture you need: Adding bookcases, ottomans, storage benches, and even TV stands to your bedroom can customize your sanctuary to better meet your needs.
  • Introduce artwork: Hanging artwork that matches your color scheme and style can make your design feel polished and professional. You can also use artwork to introduce pops of color to a neutral palette.
  • Make a wishlist: If the bedroom set you want doesn’t fit your budget, add each piece to your wishlist and buy it over time.

Sleep in style

These contemporary bedroom furniture sets can bring any space to life — all you have to do is pick the design that resonates with your unique personality and style.

If you’re still looking for the perfect set, check out Coaster Furniture’s complete bedroom furniture collection for hundreds of additional options. When you’re ready to buy, our store locator can help you find a convenient retailer near you for quick pickup or delivery. Happy decorating!

coaster-bedroom-Marceline-Queen-Bed-with-LED-Headboard-Black coaster-bedroom-Marceline-Queen-Bed-with-LED-Headboard-Black-hover

Marceline Queen Bed with LED Headboard Black

coaster-bedroom-Caraway-Queen-Bed-with-LED-Headboard-White-and-Grey coaster-bedroom-Caraway-Queen-Bed-with-LED-Headboard-White-and-Grey-hover

Caraway Queen Bed with LED Headboard White and Grey


Jessica 4-piece Eastern King Bedroom Set Cappuccino

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