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April 11, 2022

Couches that come apart: 7 reasons to buy a modular sofa

Having a couch that comes apart is a stylish and convenient way to achieve a put-together look for your living space. Here’s what you need to know.

Having a couch that comes apart is a stylish and convenient way to achieve a put-together look for your living space. Here’s what you need to know.

Modular sofas are couches that come apart into multiple chair-sized pieces so you can configure them however you’d like. They’re versatile enough for small spaces and awkward floor plans, and perfect if you like to regularly move or rearrange your living area.

Most couches that come apart can be arranged into L-shape and U-shape configurations. They’re typically made of multiple chair-sized sections, sometimes combined with one or more chaise attachments. Also, you can usually buy additional modular units as needed.

Explore the top benefits of modular sectionals and discover some of our top picks for bringing form and function to your space.

Top 7 benefits of couches that come apart

It’s hard to argue with the benefits of couches that come apart, especially when you compare them to traditional sofas. These modular sofas come in various styles, from mid-century modern to boho, often with features like cupholder armrests and charging ports.

If you think you’d enjoy one of these beauties in your space, here are the top seven reasons why a modular sofa is an ideal choice.

1. You can customize it to fit in any space

Couches that come apart: Darie Cushion Back Tufted Sectional Sofa Black

Houses and apartments are getting smaller in the United States, and this change creates an increased demand for small-space furniture. Modular sofas — like the Darie Cushion Back Tufted Sectional Sofa — are an excellent solution, as you can customize the configuration and size for any space. And when you move to a new home, your sofa can transform to perfectly fit the new living room layout.

2. Makes moving easier

Couches that come apart: Schwartzman Removable Cushion Corner Charcoal

Have you ever moved to a new home with a full-sized traditional sofa? It can be a headache to rent a moving truck long enough to fit your couch, especially if you have to maneuver it up several flights of stairs. 

Couches that come apart solve this issue, allowing you to move individual pieces that are lighter and smaller (like the Schwartzman Removable Cushion Corner). And if your new living room doesn’t have room for your entire sectional, you don’t have to put the whole thing in there.

3. Environmentally friendly

More than 12 million tons of furniture end up in landfills every year in the United States, and it’s not good for the environment. Modular sofas make it easy to replace a single section if it gets ruined instead of needing to replace the whole thing. And many are available with machine-washable covers so that you can keep your purchase beautiful for years to come.

4. Flexible seating for entertaining

Zane 6-piece Dual Power Sectional Black

Modular sofas are great for families that entertain regularly. They offer flexible seating that you can change on the fly based on your entertaining needs. For example, if you have a couple’s night, you might break your sectional into separate smaller sofas for each couple. 

If your guests need a place to crash for the night, some modular sectionals come with a built-in mattress that turns your living room into a guest room.

5. Saves you money

Modular sofas are usually the same price or slightly more expensive than traditional options, but they can save you money in the long run. For example, you can replace individual sections for much less than the whole sofa. Plus, you can add (or remove) sections depending on your changing needs.

6. Less commitment

Stonenesse Tufted Sectional Grey

It can sometimes be challenging to commit to furniture and home decor, especially if you have broad tastes and like to try new things. A modular sofa like the Stonenesse Tufted Sectional allows you to change the configuration any time you’re itching for a different look in your living room. 

Did you see an idea in your social media feed that you have to recreate? No problem! You can change your existing sofa or add a few pieces to get the look without breaking the bank.

7. Endless furniture options

Couches that come apart: Nicolette Upholstered Tufted Sectional Dark Grey

When you buy a modular sofa, you’re getting more than just a couch that comes apart. Many modular sectionals can divide into armchairs, loveseats, sofas, L-shaped sectionals, chaise sectionals, and U-shaped sectionals. You can even separate these parts among multiple rooms. 

For example, if your guest bedroom or teen’s game room needs an armchair or loveseat, you could use sections from your modular sofa to fill the need.

3 stylish modular sectionals

Like all large furniture purchases, couches that come apart are a big investment, and you want to find a perfect fit. With this in mind, don’t just head to Amazon and pick the first thing you see. Instead, think about what you need from your sofa and find one you love. Check out these three modular sectionals to get started.

1. Cambria Upholstered Modular Sectional

Cambria Corner Grey

The Cambria Upholstered Modular Sectional Sofa boasts a simple silhouette with a contemporary design. The light gray fabric upholstery complements most color palettes and the comfy cushioning is perfect for lounging. The Cambria features clean, elongated lines with an updated aesthetic, and the ottoman comes with built-in storage.

This modular sectional is sold in separate parts, including the Cambria Corner, the Cambria Armless Chair, and the Cambria Square Storage Ottoman. You can buy these modular parts to customize the sofa however you’d like. You might start with a two-seater and an ottoman, a three-seater and an armless chair, or a large U-shaped sectional couch with room for the whole family.

The Cambria Sofa features a fully reversible seat and back cushions wrapped in feather down on both sides. In addition, it has gray linen-like fabric and a black leg finish.

2. Belize 6-Piece Pillow Top Power Sectional

Belize 6-piece Pillow Top Arm Power Sectional Grey

The Belize 6-Piece Pillow Top Power Sectional is an extra-large modular performance fabric sofa. It offers up to six seats with performance fabric for a durable, stain-resistant surface. What’s more, it has modern features, including power reclining seats, two USB charging ports, one AC outlet, a switch panel, a dropdown table, and two stainless steel cup holders.

This corner sectional features wall-hugger mechanisms on every piece besides the chaise lounge, making it easier to fit tight corners and space. The 6-piece set includes:

  • One power recliner
  • One console
  • One armless chair
  • One wedge piece
  • One armless power recliner
  • One power chaise recliner

You can mix and match the pieces however you’d like for the perfect fit. The Belize also comes in brown performance fabric.

3. Mallory Upholstered Sectional

Couches that come apart: Mallory Upholstered Sectional Tan and Dark Brown

The Mallory Upholstered Sectional features microfiber and faux leather in a two-tone palette of tan and dark brown. Linear edges and clean lines create contemporary appeal, while the ultra-plush padded microfiber cushions cater to endless lounging and napping. And thanks to the modular parts, the reversible chaise is easy to switch from side to side.

The Mallory features a solid wood frame and a deep black leg finish. It comes with two matching accent pillows and loose back and seat cushions. If you’d like an add-on, the matching tufted ottoman completes the look while adding extra seating.

Fall in love with your living room

Couches that come apart are some of the most versatile living room furniture pieces available. They’ll bring out your inner interior designer by giving you the option to rearrange your living room whenever you’d like.

For more options, check out our selection of sectional sofas, reclining sectionals, home theater seating, and sleeper sofas to find what you need. All sofas come with a one-year warranty to ensure you’re happy with your purchase. And when you’re ready to buy, the Coaster Furniture store locator to find convenient retailers and showrooms near you.

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Schwartzman Removable Cushion Corner Charcoal

Schwartzman Collection

coaster-living-room-Mallory-Upholstered-Sectional-Tan-and-Dark-Brown coaster-living-room-Mallory-Upholstered-Sectional-Tan-and-Dark-Brown-hover

Mallory Upholstered Sectional Tan and Dark Brown

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