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October 16, 2022

Fall in love with these 8 cozy autumn room decor ideas

Ready to pumpkin spice things up at home? These cozy autumn room decor ideas will give you all the sweater weather vibes you can handle.

Ready to pumpkin spice things up at home? These cozy autumn room decor ideas will give you all the sweater weather vibes you can handle.

It’s fall, y’all! Time to break out the pumpkin spice candles, plaid throw blankets, and those riding boots that look just as good as doorside decor as they do on your feet. Once the sweater weather kicks in, we want our homes to feel just as cozy as our favorite fleece. That’s why we’re dropping home decor ideas like fall foliage.

From easy seasonal swaps (we’re looking at you throw pillows!) to comfy year-round essentials, we’re sharing our top ideas for cozy autumn room decor. Add these seasonal staples to your home, and get ready to curl up with some warm apple cider. These ideas will have you feeling festive for fall.

8 Cozy autumn room decor ideas

The air is feeling crisp, so let’s cozy up to some fall decorating ideas. Pretty soon the cool weather will have you spending more time indoors, and these eight ideas for cozy autumn room decor will make you want to curl up on your couch with a pumpkin spice latte and watch the leaves change through your window.

1. Incorporate fall colors

Cozy autumn room decor: Barrel Back Upholstered Accent Chair Multi-color

Fall colors are basically the color of cozy. Think rich, chocolatey brown, harvest orange, dark red, and deep golden yellow. A few pops of dark forest green — like an evergreen tree — can work too.

If your home has a neutral color palette, you have the perfect background to incorporate seasonal decor throughout the year. Swap out a few pieces of wall decor and some pillow covers, and you can add instant autumn vibes to your home. For year-round coziness, you can add an orange accent chair.

If your larger home furniture items aren’t in neutral colors, simply incorporate fall colors that pair well with your current color scheme. For instance, a little orange can make your blue furniture pop for fall.

2. Add autumn patterns

Living room with autumn patterns

Add plaid! Plaid is one of the coziest prints of all. It makes us imagine curling up by a fire in a cozy Scottish pub on a rainy afternoon. Incorporate a few plaid throw pillows or blankets, or hang a plaid raincoat by the door. (Hey, who said clothes don’t count as home decor?)

But plaid isn’t the only seasonal pattern we love. Houndstooth — the favorite print of Sherlock Holmes — also has unmistakable fall vibes. Consider it as an alternative or in addition to plaid. You could add a houndstooth ottoman or accent chair, or you could incorporate the pattern as a throw blanket.

And let’s not forget about fall foliage. Prints that incorporate autumn leaves help add to the season. Again, look at your fabrics and consider adding a fall foliage pattern with pillows, blankets, or curtains. You could even incorporate an accent chair with a fall leaves print to hold onto that cozy fall feeling all year round.

3. Embrace organic textures

Cozy autumn room decor: Leaton Upholstered Recessed Arms Sofa Brown Sugar

We have colors. We have patterns. Now, let’s add some texture. Fall is all about nature, so look to Mother Nature to find the perfect fall textures.

Leather is soft and cozy for fall, and often comes in one of our favorite fall colors — a rich brown. Your leather sofa or accent chair will look its best during this cozy season, so call attention to any leather furniture you own by adding an accent pillow or throw.

A faux fur throw pairs beautifully with leather furniture and adds another layer of warm fall texture. Meanwhile, tree bark — in the form of cut logs by the fireplace, a carved log candle holder, or a dramatic wood-grain side table — can complete your fall living room decor.

4. Add natural accessories

Fall-themed decor

A little secret for fall decorating on a budget: Some of the best fall decor accents are sitting right outside your door. Take a walk through nature and collect a few pinecones and acorns. They make beautiful additions to centerpieces, or you can use them to fill a clear vase or a decorative bowl.

For more autumn decor on a budget, head to your grocery store to stock up on gourds and cinnamon sticks. You can use the cinnamon sticks to make a fragrant fall potpourri or wrap them around the outside of pillar candles for a little DIY fall decor.

Gourds — from white pumpkins to butternut squash to daisy gourds — look pretty anywhere you put them. Style them atop your coffee table or place them on your front porch for some cozy fall porch decor. While jack-o-lanterns may be reserved for Halloween decor (and typically only stay fresh for about five days), uncarved gourds look good long after spooky season is over, and they can last 2-3 months before they start to go bad.

5. Create a cozy entryway

Cozy autumn room decor: Upholstered Bench with Hairpin Legs Black

Your entryway will make the first impression when you play host this season. It will be the first stop on your fall home tour, so go ham with the seasonal decor. While most people remember to add a fall wreath to the outside of their front door, including one on the inside of the door can bring the fall season inside.

If you have an entryway bench, top it with a few cozy fall throw pillows. If your entryway includes a console table, create a fall tablescape with pumpkins, a scattering of pinecones, or a few scented candles.

6. Add tablescapes everywhere

gather together wooden artwork

The entryway isn’t the only place to add a tablescape. As far as we’re concerned, every table in the house could use a cozy autumn update.

Clear off your coffee table and dining table, and get ready to add some seasonal table decor. Add an autumnal table runner in a fall color or print, then top it with some natural decor.

Fall flowers — like mums, sunflowers, and dahlias — make a beautiful centerpiece for the dining room. Add them to a vase for a quick and easy home accent, or scatter dried flowers and pinecones across the tabletop to create a festive design. Add candlesticks, pillar candles, and a few small gourds to complete the look.

7. Don’t forget the fall mantel decor

hello fall inside a wooden frame

Fall is the perfect time to cozy up by the fire. If you have a fireplace, adorn the mantel with some fall home decor. An autumn leaf garland draped across the mantelpiece and accented with a few scented candles is all you need.

You can also create a simple design by adding your natural accessories. Place a few of your pumpkins on one side of the mantel, and add some dramatic red, orange, and gold candlesticks on the other side. Or simply add a scattering of pinecones, acorns, and cinnamon sticks around your current mantle decor.

8. End with a warm beverage

Cozy autumn room decor: Accent Storage Cart with Casters Natural and Black

For your final fall touch, create a cozy beverage station. Autumn is the season of many of our favorite warm beverages from pumpkin spice lattes to warm apple cider to hot toddies and hot chocolate. By adding a beverage tray or a bar cart to your living or dining room, you can make cozy beverages a core part of your fall festivities.

Top your tray or cart with your favorite mugs, plus some hot chocolate packets, pumpkin spice flavor syrup, jars of marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, or dried apples, and even an electric kettle. You’ll be ready to mix up a seasonal sipper at a moment’s notice.

Fall in love with your home decor

hello FALL written on a blackboard

A seasonal refresh can be simple, and it can be just the thing you need to see your home with fresh eyes this fall. By adding cozy autumn room decor, you can create a look that warms your heart and your home just in time for sweater weather.

Start by swapping out your home accessories — like throw pillows, blankets, and wall decor — for things that fit your new fall motif. Then play up the items you already own.

Your furniture can help complete your fall look. Pair a leather sofa with a plaid or faux fur throw for instant cozy fall vibes. Call attention to your rustic furniture, like that reclaimed wood dining table by adding natural accessories, with pumpkins and pinecones. Get creative, get cozy, and get your hands on some fun fall home decor this season.

And if you want to add fall vibes all year-round, try playing with modern farmhouse decor or French country style. A few updates will have you falling in love with your space all over again.


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