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July 14, 2021

Snuggle up to these 11 cozy bedroom ideas

Whether you're redecorating your master bedroom, kid's room, or guest room, these tips will help you create an irresistibly cozy bedroom.

Whether you're redecorating your master bedroom, kid's room, or guest room, these tips will help you create an irresistibly cozy bedroom.

It’s time to get comfy under the covers. While we can’t bring you a cup of hot cocoa or tuck you in, we are bringing you 11 cozy bedroom design ideas to add cozy vibes to any space. 

Whether you’re redecorating your master bedroom, kid’s room, or guest room, these interior design tips will help you increase the coziness quotient. Bonus: You can also use these ideas to create a more inviting living room.

11 cozy bedroom ideas that will have you feeling warm and fuzzy 

Use these decorating ideas to inspire your bedroom makeover. Mix and match any of these ideas to create your own cozy space

1. Look for natural materials 

cozy bedroom: Avenue 3-drawer Nightstand from Coaster

Natural materials like wood, stone, leather, wool, and faux fur will create cozier vibes than industrial materials like metal and glass. If your room gets good natural light, incorporate greenery as a form of living art. Use natural terracotta clay pots or put your plants in woven baskets. 

To make your bedroom feel more intimate, add a dark wood side table or nightstand, like this Avenue 3-Drawer Nightstand. Or opt for a lighter natural wood finish, like on this Marlow 2-Drawer Nightstand. It’s perfect if you already have a small bedroom (or as we like to call it, a cozy bedroom) or if you want to create a more minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic

You can choose a matching bed frame to go with your nightstands, or opt for something a little different in a similar wood tone to create an eclectic yet cohesive look.

2. Choose texture

There are a lot of ways to use texture in your bedroom decor. But to create the coziest space, look for textures that have a lot of depth to them (think rough, not smooth). 

For hard surfaces, you can choose a dimpled vase, a woven basket, or an unpolished stone lamp. For softer surfaces, look for ruffles, chunky knits, buttery leather, faux fur, sheepskin, and high-pile (read: fluffy) area rugs

Combine a variety of textures to create a layering effect and add depth to your room. Picture a faux sheepskin throw draped over the back of a brown leather chair, or a stone sculpture next to a woven basket lamp. 

If you layer enough textures on top of each other, you can stick to a completely neutral palette without sacrificing any coziness. This look is ideal when you want to create a modern bedroom that still feels warm and inviting.

3. Pay attention to fabric 

Fabric is one way to add texture, but it’s also the coziest item in any space. Add fabrics wherever they fit. Picture chunky cable knit throw pillows, a faux fur throw blanket, velvet window treatments, a plush area rug, flannel bed linens, and a tufted duvet cover

Heavy fabrics, like velvet and wool, will create a cozier room feel than lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen. But if you live in a hot climate, you can stick with cotton and bring in accents made from heavier materials. Avoid fabrics like silk and satin as these will create a cool, sleek feel instead of a warm, cozy feel. 

Layer multiple fabric items on top of each other (like placing a throw blanket on top of a duvet cover) to create the coziest cocoon. Once you get your fabrics in order, you’ll be ready for hibernation.

4. Add extra pillows 

There’s nothing quite as inviting as a pillow pile. It makes us want to dive in and lounge around in its cloud-like magic. Typical styling for a queen-size bed includes at least four pillows — with two on each side of the bed. 

To make your room feel warmer and cozier, opt for six to nine pillows. You can include your four traditional pillows, plus two Euro pillows, and up to three throw pillows.

5. Add some upholstery 

cozy bedroom: Tamarac Upholstered Nailhead Full Bed from Coaster

Adding more fabric is the fastest way to cozy up a space. Once all your windows have curtains and you’ve run out of room for additional throw pillows, you can add more fabric with upholstered furniture. 

The headboard is typically the focal point of the bedroom, so start there. Look for a bed with an upholstered headboard, like the Tamarac Upholstered Nailhead Bed

If you still want more fabric, you can add an upholstered bedroom set, like this Deanna Bedroom Set, to your master or guest bedroom.

6. Go overstuffed 

Cozy and plush go hand in hand. Opt for an overstuffed mattress, pillows, and accent chair to round out (pun intended) your bedroom decorating style. 

To make the overstuffed look more apparent, choose furniture with curved lines instead of straight angles. An accent chair with a rounded back and rolled arms, like this Wing Back Accent Chair, will look cozier than one with a square silhouette. 

7. Think about scale

Camille Eastern Kind Button Tufted Bed from Coaster

While most people love a little extra space, especially in the master bedroom, too much empty space can make things feel more open and less cozy. Combat this with larger furniture, like a wider dresser, an extra tall headboard, and a bedroom bench at the foot of the bed.

Of course, this rule doesn’t always apply to small bedroom designs where you’ll need smaller pieces to fit the space. But even then, choosing furniture on the larger side of what will fit can help create a cozy space

8. Choose a comfy color scheme 

Going cozy gives you a chance to play with darker wall colors. Create a moody space with a deep purple, black, burgundy, or navy. Or opt for a warmer color palette with browns, yellows, reds, and oranges. 

Try to avoid cool colors like pastels and light blues or greens. If you want to incorporate these colors, look for blues and greens with grey undertones to keep your room feeling warm and earthy. 

Some of our favorite warm colors for a cozy bedroom include terracotta, sage green, and dandelion yellow.

9. Take advantage of cozy corners 

3-tier Bookcase from Coaster

If you have an extra corner in your bedroom, turn it into a reading nook. Place bookshelves along both walls, with them meeting in the corner. 

Stock the shelves with your favorite bedtime reading materials, add a comfy armchair, and start a nighttime routine of curling up with a good book. 

10. Frame your wall art 

Wall art helps you fill the walls, which makes the space feel more comfortable and cozy. But wall art that includes a lot of white space in the design can feel colder. 

Use your frames as an opportunity to add more natural wood to your space and break up plain backgrounds. Choose oversized frames to create a cozier feel. They’ll have a larger scale in proportion to your walls and bring in more of these natural wood tones. 

11. Light candles 

Put the finishing touches on your cozy space by including candles. Candles play a big role in the Danish philosophy of hygge, which is all about adding more comfycoziness to your life. 

Candles let off a warm light and fill your space with a soft glow. But they’re also made of fire, so put safety first: make sure there’s nothing flammable above your candles and never leave them unattended. Or you could simply opt for flameless candles!

Let’s get cozy 

Creating a cozy space is all about comfort, so start by finding the most comfortable furniture that suits your taste and your space. Ideally, you’ll want to head to your local furniture store to see and feel each piece in person before you buy it. That way, you’ll know that everything looks just as good in real life as it does online.

coaster-beds-bedroom-Tamarac-Upholstered-Nailhead-Eastern-King-Bed-Grey coaster-beds-bedroom-Tamarac-Upholstered-Nailhead-Eastern-King-Bed-Grey-hover

Tamarac Upholstered Nailhead Eastern King Bed Grey

Tamarac Collection

coaster-bedroom-Avenue-3-drawer-Nightstand-Weathered-Burnished-Brown coaster-bedroom-Avenue-3-drawer-Nightstand-Weathered-Burnished-Brown-hover

Avenue 3-drawer Nightstand Weathered Burnished Brown

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