11 craft room ideas to organize and decorate your creative s

January 11, 2023

11 craft room ideas to organize and decorate your creative space

Get organized, get creative, and get ready to redecorate. These 11 craft room ideas will help you organize your space.

Get organized, get creative, and get ready to redecorate. These 11 craft room ideas will help you organize your space.

Welcome, crafters. Are you ready for a makeover? A beautiful craft room can inspire all your future creations — and a few clever craft room organization ideas will ensure your supplies are always within reach.

But there’s no sense in waiting for inspiration to strike. That inspiration would be better saved for your next painting project or couture creation. You need a fun and functional space, and you need it faster than your Cricut can cut out a greeting card.

Well, hold onto your hot glue gun because we’ve got 11 craft room ideas that will help you dive into your interior design project. From organization ideas to decorating ideas, add these items to your to-do list, and get ready to reveal your craft room design with a big ta-da!

11 craft room ideas to organize and decorate your space

Get organized, get creative, and get ready to redecorate. These 11 craft room ideas will guide you through your room remodel and help you choose the perfect pieces of furniture and home decor to organize your space.

1. A craft supply cabinet

2-door Accent Cabinet Rustic Oak and Gunmetal

If there’s one thing a craft room needs, it’s plenty of storage space. A tall accent cabinet, like this 2-Door Accent Cabinet in Rustic Oak and Gunmetal, gives you a place to hide all your storage bins full of art supplies. After a day of crafting, you can simply close the cabinet doors and the mess is gone.

For a multi-purpose craft room cabinet, choose a display cabinet, like this Rectangular 4-Door Cabinet. With solid cabinet doors on bottom, you still have somewhere to hide your less-cute craft materials. And with glass doors on top, you can display your artwork — behind glass, like the masterpiece that it is.

2. A tall chest

Craft room ideas: Kendall 5-drawer Chest White

Not just for the bedroom, a classic multi-drawer chest — like this Kendall 5-Drawer Chest — is one of our favorite storage ideas for any craft space.

Chests typically have wide drawers — around 30 inches wide or more. This width is perfect for storing wrapping paper for a gift wrap station or bolts of fabric for a sewing room.

If you have leftover drawer space after you store your longer and more awkwardly shaped craft store finds, you can add drawer dividers to make room for smaller bits and bobs.

3. A file cabinet

Estrella 3-drawer File Cabinet Antique Nutmeg and Gunmetal

This quintessential piece of home office furniture is the perfect paper storage solution for your creative space. You can use a filing cabinet, like the Estrella 3-Drawer File Cabinet, to organize your scrapbook paper, card stock, stickers, or vinyl sheets — you can even add file folders to separate different colors and prints for easy access to whatever you need for your current project.

4. A drafting table

Craft room ideas: Pantano Glass Top Drafting Desk Dark Gunmetal and Chestnut

For crafters who like to draw and paint, a drafting table — like this Pantano Glass Top Drafting Desk — is the ideal workspace. Drafting tables are made with an adjustable pitch, so you can easily convert them from a flat work table to an upright, angled surface. Essentially, you’re getting a desk and an easel all-in-one.

Look for a drafting table with built-in storage so you can keep your paintbrushes and pencils nearby.

5. A fold-out desk

Craft room ideas: Riley Foldable Wall Desk with Stool Rustic Oak and Sandy Black

If you’re squeezing your craft area into a small space, like a corner of your living room, then a fold-out desk like this Riley Foldable Wall Desk is a creative solution. You can pull the table down when you’re ready to work on your latest project and fold it back up when you’re done for the day.

A fold-out desk also makes a good addition to a small craft room, especially if you sometimes need your floor space to finish a project. And in a larger craft room, it can give you a second workspace when your primary work table is taken up by your latest decoupage project or clay sculpture that can’t be moved until it’s dry.

6. An L-shaped desk

Keizer 3-piece L-shape Office Desk Set Black and Silver

An L-shaped office desk, like this Keizer 3-Piece L-Shaped Desk, can help crafters with multiple hobbies create better craft room organization. You can dedicate one side of the L to one hobby and the other side to another hobby.

For instance, you might keep your sewing machine on one side of the desk and put your knitting and crochet projects on the other side. Or you might use one side for drawing and painting, while the other side houses your Cricut and cutting mat. More space means you can take on more projects.

7. A desk hutch

Craft room ideas: Selena Hutch Buttermilk

For more craft room storage, install a hutch above your desk. A hutch, like this Selena Hutch, has built-in cubbies to help you organize all your art supplies. You can fill the shelves with jars of pencils, paintbrushes, or hot glue gun cartridges. Then add baskets to store larger items like craft paints or candle-making supplies.

8. A dining table

Florence Round Pedestal Dining Table Rustic Smoke

If you like to share your love of crafting, then a large dining table should be the centerpiece of your craft room decor. You can be the host with the most when it comes to craft parties — and not just because you have the most well-organized craft room.

A dining table will give you space for four to eight friends to join you in your favorite hobby. If you have a smaller craft room, look for a classic round dining table, like this Florence Round Pedestal Table, and you’ll still be able to seat four for your creative gatherings.

9. A DIY bookcase craft table

Woman glueing some flowers

Your craft room will be the start of many DIY projects, so start things off right by DIYing your work table. You can create a sturdy table with ample storage space by installing an inexpensive butcher block countertop on top of a couple of short bookcases that will serve as your table legs.

Look for a bookcase that’s about 30-40 inches tall, like this Santos 3-Tier Bookcase, which will allow you to sit or stand as you work. Once your DIY table is done, you can stock the bookshelves with baskets and bins full of your most-used art supplies for a well organized shelving unit.

10. A wine rack organizer

Craft room ideas: Parkins Server with Lower Shelf Rustic Espresso

For a creative storage idea, use a wine rack — or a cabinet with a built-in wine rack, like this Parkins Server — to organize long and thin items. A wine rack makes a great divider for yarn, large bottles of craft paint, or rolls of vinyl for your Cricut. Plus, it’s a fun alternative to baskets and storage bins.

11. A pegboard

Sewing threads arranged on a wall

A pegboard is an essential wall organizer for any craft room. You can hang items, like scissors and washi tape, from individual pegs. Plus, you can add more storage options by hanging shelves, wire baskets, metal buckets, or Mason jars to give you a place for smaller items, like thread, jewelry making supplies, paint brushes, or pens and pencils.

It’s time to create

Now that you have all the craft room ideas you need for your room remodel, it’s time to turn inspiration into action. Measure your space, decide which of these craft room essentials are must-haves for your house, then head out to find the furniture and decor you need.

Your local Coaster Furniture store is the perfect place to start. When you shop local, you can make sure the look and size of each piece is right for your room. It’s the best way to choose a piece of furniture that will help you create your next masterpiece.

coaster-living-room-Carolyn-2-door-Accent-Cabinet-Rustic-Oak-and-Gunmetal coaster-living-room-Carolyn-2-door-Accent-Cabinet-Rustic-Oak-and-Gunmetal-hover

Carolyn 2-door Accent Cabinet Rustic Oak and Gunmetal

coaster-chests-bedroom-Kendall-5-drawer-Chest-White coaster-chests-bedroom-Kendall-5-drawer-Chest-White-hover

Kendall 5-drawer Chest White

Kendall Collection

coaster-kids-bedroom-Selena-Desk-Hutch-with-Shelves-Cream-White coaster-kids-bedroom-Selena-Desk-Hutch-with-Shelves-Cream-White-hover

Selena Desk Hutch with Shelves Cream White

Selena Collection

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