Daybed daydreams: 5 options to make the most of small spaces

November 10, 2021

Daybed daydreams: 5 options to make the most of small spaces

Daybeds are the perfect combination of a sofa, bed, and chaise lounge. Learn how to use a daybed to save space while keeping guests comfy.

Daybeds are the perfect combination of a sofa, bed, and chaise lounge. Learn how to use a daybed to save space while keeping guests comfy.

Daybeds have been popular for centuries as a spot to sit, sleep, and relax. A cross between a bed, a couch, and a chaise lounge, a daybed is perfect for creating dual-purpose spaces. Whether you’re furnishing a guest room, a living room, or an under-used small space, a daybed will help you make it versatile and inviting. 

In this guide, we’ll explore different ways you can use a daybed as a multifunctional piece of furniture throughout your home, plus you’ll discover our favorite options that could be the perfect fit for your place. 

How to use a daybed 

Kepner Tufted Upholstered Daybed Grey with Trundle

A daybed can serve as a bed, a sofa, an extra seat, or a napping spot anywhere in the home. But if you’ve never owned one before, using one might seem intimidating. After all, you need to decide where to put the daybed, what type of daybed you’ll want, and how to style it. 

Today, most daybeds offer a way to merge your guest room with another space to get the most of your square footage. They allow you to host guests with plenty of sleeping space and still enjoy every room in your home when you don’t have guests. A daybed also lets you furnish a studio apartment without cluttering it up with bedroom furniture

Here are some of the many ways you can use a daybed to make your home more versatile: 

  • Living room: Setting up a daybed in the living room lets you sneak in a sleeping space without getting in the way of your seating arrangements. If you opt for a daybed with a pull-out trundle, you can add the same sleeping options you’d get from a bunk bed and the same sitting space as a loveseat
  • Guest room: A dedicated guest room can be a waste of space if you don’t host often. But if you make it multipurpose, you can keep a full-size bed option ready for guests at any moment and still use the room when you don’t have company. For example, you might use the room as a home office, art studio, or media lounge or convert one of these rooms into a potential guest room by replacing a sofa or loveseat with a guest bed
  • Studio apartment: Living in a studio apartment isn’t always ideal, but a daybed can make it much more enjoyable. When you only have one open space to work with, you’ll want to make good use of every square inch. And who wants to add a bulky bed frame to clutter up a living space when you could opt for a daybed frame that doubles as a sofa instead? 
  • Kids rooms: Kids need a lot of room, and sometimes it’s not practical to add a sofa when you’re working with a small space. But a daybed can give your little ones a spot to sleep that doubles as a place to sit and read, play video games, or hang out with friends. And if you opt for a trundle daybed, you’ll have an extra mattress ready for sleepovers.

The beauty of daybeds is that they can be used anywhere you’d like a combination of seating, lounging, sleeping, and napping options. They’re an excellent solution for small spaces as well as families who want to get more use out of an existing guest room

​How to style your daybed 

Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle Ivory

Depending on where you plan to put your daybed, you can style it in different ways. For example, if you’re using it as a bed each night, you’ll probably want to style it as such with a throw blanket and pillows. If it’ll only be used as a bed on occasion, you might keep bedding in storage drawers underneath and style the daybed  much like a loveseat or sofa. 

The style of the daybed frame also plays a role. You’ll want it to match the rest of the room. For a transitional space, you might opt for one with modern button-tufted upholstery; for an industrial-style space, you might want a basic metal frame; and for more traditional appeal, a solid wood daybed with nailhead accents and faux leather would look fantastic.

Look for a daybed that fits nicely with your existing decor while bringing something new and exciting to the space. 

5 daybeds to transform your home 

Daybeds come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so there’s something for every home. Take a look at some of our favorite options that might work for your space. 

1. Wrangle Hill Twin Storage Daybed in Gun Smoke

Wrangle Hill Twin Storage Daybed Gun Smoke

The Wrangle Hill Twin Storage Daybed is a mix of form and function, with a rustic gun smoke finish and space-saving storage options. The bookcase headboard is a convenient and stylish area to display decor and books while the solid wood frame ensures you’ll get years of enjoyment from this beauty. 

Use this daybed to update a teen’s bedroom (it has a twin-size mattress) or create a welcoming guest bed for company. The wealth of compartments should provide all the storage you’ll need for spare linens, clothes, blankets, and pillows. The bed also includes a slat kit for comfortable sleeping.

2. Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle in Pearlescent Grey 

Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle Pearlescent Grey

The Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle adds romantic character to any living space or bedroom. With a traditional aesthetic and chic accents, this trundle daybed would work well in stylish small spaces. This upholstered bed features pearlescent faux leather with crystal tufting to add a hint of glam and a charming curved headboard to create an elegant silhouette reminiscent of wingback furniture.

With individually-applied chrome nailhead trim accents, you can’t miss the contours of the design. Plus, the built-in trundle and twin bed mattress come with their own slat kits for easy assembly.

3. Twin Daybed in Rustic Honey

Twin Daybed Rustic Honey

This Twin Daybed with a rustic honey finish features a traditional look with solid rubberwood construction to highlight the metal trim pieces. The bed comes with an optional roll-out trundle to add extra sleeping space, but it would provide a perfect seating option in any living room or sitting area. 

The black metal accents add warmth and rustic styling that would fit in with a range of modern styles. The bed includes a slat kit for comfortable sleeping, and the optional trundle comes with one as well. Both are mattress-ready upon assembly.

4. Joelle Upholstered Daybed with Trundle in Grey and Black 

Joelle Upholstered Daybed Grey and Black with Trundle

The Joelle Upholstered Daybed with Trundle comes in grey and black, ideal for modern and transitional spaces. This metal daybed features a black frame for a clean, minimalist-inspired look with an elongated silhouette and open frame. The metal frame is black with light grey upholstery features, perfect for a home office or modern living room with neutral tones and geometric shapes. 

This metal daybed set includes one twin-size daybed with a trundle, as well as slat kits for both. 

5. Twin Captain’s Daybed with Storage Trundle

Twin Captain’s Bed with Storage Trundle White

The white Twin Captain’s Daybed with Storage Trundle would be an excellent fit for a kids’ room or home office. With a striking and stylish silhouette, this solid-wood daybed could also work well in a relaxed sitting area or formal guest room. The frame is reminiscent of a sleigh bed, and the ample storage beneath the trundle offers room to keep spare linens, clothes, or blankets. 

Complete with a trundle bed underneath, this white daybed provides sleeping accommodations for up to two people. Both the daybed and trundle come with slat kits and are mattress-ready after assembly. 

Cozy up with a versatile daybed 

Whether you’re looking for a new nap spot or you want to keep your guests cozy, it’s hard to go wrong with a daybed. They’re as versatile as they are comfortable, and they’re great for small spaces

If you’re still looking for the perfect fit, look at Coaster Furniture’s full selection of daybeds for more options. And when you’re ready to check out, use our store locator to find a convenient shipping or pick-up location near you.

coaster-living-room-Oakdale-Twin-Daybed-Rustic-Honey coaster-living-room-Oakdale-Twin-Daybed-Rustic-Honey-hover

Oakdale Twin Daybed Rustic Honey

coaster-living-room-Rochford-Twin-Captain's-Bed-with-Storage-Trundle-White coaster-living-room-Rochford-Twin-Captain's-Bed-with-Storage-Trundle-White-hover

Rochford Twin Captain's Bed with Storage Trundle White

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