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May 26, 2022

Tired of your office? 5 desk decor ideas to change it up

Whether you’re redesigning your home office or leveling up your gaming station, we’ve got desk decor ideas to help you create the perfect space.

Whether you’re redesigning your home office or leveling up your gaming station, we’ve got desk decor ideas to help you create the perfect space.

Does your home office need a revamp? Your desk should be more than a spot to keep your computer. You owe it to yourself to create a desk where you can enjoy spending time, even on rainy days. So whether you’re a part-time blogger, a work-from-home accountant, or a gamer, these desk decor ideas will help you create a space you love.

Setting up your desk is all about picking a blend of functionality and personalization that will make you smile every time you sit in your office chair.

This guide highlights our top five favorite desk decor ideas to inspire you to give your space a makeover. Ready to reinvigorate your workspace?

5 desk decor ideas you’ll love

Whether you found the perfect vintage piece or ordered the first one you saw on Amazon, the desk is just the beginning. Without the right decor, it’s easy to allow clutter to slowly overtake your work surface. Instead, you want to find home office decor ideas that bring you joy and office furniture that meets your needs.

Your workspace should be organized and peaceful so you can relax and focus on what you need to do. Here are some of our favorite ideas for improving your office desk decor.

1. Minimalist

Desk decor ideas: Computer Desk

Some people work best with nothing in their office space to distract them — anything from unsorted files to a few paper clips can derail their trains of thought. If this sounds like you, skip the desk accessories and go with a minimalist look that will allow your mind to focus on the task at hand.

The right desk can help you organize what you need while still maintaining a minimalist style. The Weaving 2-Drawer Computer Desk is sparsely ornamented, perfect for keeping your work surface decluttered. The keyboard rests on the built-in keyboard tray, and everything else is tucked away in the drawers. With your office supplies, from staples and pencils to washi tape, out of the way in the ample storage space, all you need is a simple desk lamp to share desk space with your monitor and mouse. 

A minimalist setup works well in small offices and shared spaces with plenty of natural light. For example, if your office desk is in the living room, this desk decor idea gives you everything you need for your workday without distracting from the surrounding interior design. For more storage, consider adding a filing cabinet.

2. Green garden

Writing Desk

Are you the kind of person who spends all day longing to be outside enjoying nature? If so, bring the outdoors to you with this plant-powered desk decor idea. Add houseplants wherever you can — on surrounding shelving, in large floor vases, even in planter boxes on available spaces on your desk. If you plant grass or something leafy near your eye level, it’ll feel like you’re lounging in the grass with your laptop (minus the bugs).

This Alamosa Glass Top Writing Desk features chrome and dark oak accents, with a modern look that gently contrasts the houseplants. Add a picture frame or small decorative accents to create a work environment that feels peaceful, natural, and personal.

If you don’t have a green thumb, try an easy-care variety of plants, like succulents or spider plants. However, even fake plants have been shown to help lower stress and improve our moods, similar to how natural greenery affects the mind. Opt for high-quality artificials that will look super lifelike and fit right in with modern office design

3. Gamer setup

Gaming Desk

If your desk space is a gaming station rather than a work area but a gaming station, focus is probably a crucial concern. Since most gaming setups are in small spaces, we recommend keeping it simple. Keep the desk surface clear so you have plenty of room for your monitor, keyboard, and celebratory dance moves. Instead of desk accessories, go for wall art and shelving or a vertical stand to hold game cases, controllers, and other accessories.

The Avoca Tempered Glass Gaming Desk boasts over 200 customizable LED lights that react to music and USB outlets to keep your devices charged up while you play. It also includes space to store some gaming essentials: a hook to hand your headset and a cupholder for your beverage of choice. Once you have those, all you need is a high-quality gaming rig and a solid WiFi connection.

Check out the Ardsley Z-Framed Gaming Desk with LED Lighting for another fun gaming desk. And if you still need a desk chair, our Upholstered Office Chair in black and red is a cool and comfy option.

4. Executive style

Desk decor ideas: Executive Desk

A traditional, executive-style office desk setup may inspire you with its stately atmosphere. Complement an impressive dark wood desk with a classic desk lamp and a single picture frame for a family photo or inspirational art. Keep the computer on a side table and leave the polished wood surface mostly clear to invoke the feeling of a bygone era. 

Using a rich color scheme and eye-catching wall hangings will carry the theme throughout the room and bring the space to life. A simple desk organizer can hold your pens and pencils, and some traditional desk decor like antique books, a clock, or some simple greenery can complete the look.

The Tucker 5-Drawer Executive Desk offers plenty of room to spread out and conquer your to-do list like a high-powered executive. If you don’t have an entire office to create your executive-style workspace, consider setting up in front of an accent wall painted to add a pop of color and character. Bookshelves, antiques, and other traditional accents will put the finishing touches on your workspace.

Add a low-pile traditional area rug beneath your desk for the finishing touch. If you have an office chair on casters, a chair mat will help protect the rug and floor.

5. Bookcase desk

Desk decor ideas: 3 Pc Ladder Bookcase Set

If you’re trying to make the most of a small space, or if you always want to have the right book within reach, you might want a bookcase desk for your workspace. Your office desk can be surrounded on both sides by shelves of books and eye-catching accents, like artwork or stylish bookends. You might even keep a vase of fresh flowers on one of the shelves, although it’s best to pick a low one to keep your computer setup safe.

This Bower 3-Piece 1-Drawer Ladder Desk set has two ladder bookcases and a small desk in the center. The desk itself has a drawer and two overhead shelves, and each bookcase has five tiers of shelving so that you have room for all your favorite reading materials and accessories. Try pairing it with a stylish office chair or a even a comfy accent chair.

The Bower series also offers a modular setup, so you can add a 3-Piece Storage Ladder Bookcase set when you’re ready to expand. You can also purchase an individual 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase if you need more storage but are low on space.

Love your desk decor

We hope these desk decor ideas have inspired you to reimagine your home office. Remember, it’s all about finding a balance between personalization and functionality, plus creating the space to focus on what you’re doing. So choose one of these ideas or combine your favorite elements from all of them to design a space where you can think and work in peace.

We recommend browsing Coaster Furniture’s selection of desks for beautifully-styled photos if you need more desk decor ideas. And if you come across the perfect desk for your home office, our store locator will help you find a convenient retailer near you.


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