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June 16, 2022

Bring the outside in with these 30 earthy bedroom ideas

Natural elements are essential to any home decor style. Here are 30 earthy bedroom ideas to transform your sleep space into a natural oasis.

Natural elements are essential to any home decor style. Here are 30 earthy bedroom ideas to transform your sleep space into a natural oasis.

This design guide goes out to the tree huggers, bird watchers, hikers, gardeners, campers, beach goers, star gazers, and nature lovers of all kinds. Basically, it goes out to everyone — because earth tones are for everyone.

There’s a reason earthy interior design has stood the test of time. People have always been part of the earth, and the earth has always been part of us. Bringing earthy elements into our home decor helps us get back to nature, creating an interior environment that’s reflective of the actual environment.

Our need for nature has inspired many of the best design movements (and moments) of all time — from the floral prints of French Country style to the wood tones of mid-century decor to the neutral colors of Scandi design to literally everything about organic modern decor.

It seems that even if we can’t all agree on an interior design style, we can at least agree that natural elements are essential to any style. So let’s bring a little nature into our design — starting with the bedroom. These 30 earthy bedroom ideas will transform your sleep space into a natural oasis.

30 earthy bedroom ideas for everyone

From natural wood furniture to earthy color schemes to organic textiles, we’ve got ideas for every element of your bedroom design. Find what inspires your inner earth child below.

5 pieces of earthy furniture

Earthy bedroom ideas: Winslow Eastern King Bed Smokey Walnut and Coffee Bean

Even if your master bedroom is a small space where the most exciting architectural feature is four white walls, you can create inspiring interior design with the right earthy bedroom furniture. Make these statement pieces the center of your bedroom.

  1. A bed frame with a live edge: This Winslow Bed with its dramatic wood grain and live edge on the headboard is like inviting the forest into your bedroom. It’s perfect for an organic modern bedroom.
  2. A rustic pine side table: The Sidney 2-Drawer Nightstand offers storage and style. The reclaimed pine wood offers rich gradation in multiple natural wood tones.
  3. A salvaged wood bookcase: Not just for the living room, a bookcase in the bedroom adds storage and captures the inviting feeling of a library. This 3-Tier Geometric Bookcases has a modern silhouette with a naturally worn wood finish.
  4. A woven banana leaf bench: Place the Laughton Hand-Woven Storage Trunk at the foot of your bed to store seasonal clothes. The woven banana leaf material is even more richly textured than rattan.
  5. A rough sawn dresser: Ideal for a lighter, brighter interpretation of earthy design, the Marlow 6-Drawer Dresser features three wood tones with a rough sawn texture that creates a natural cross hatch pattern.

5 earth tone color palettes

Seashells, pencils and color swatches

Not that there’s anything wrong with beige, but we think earthy tones can be so much more. We’ve put together five unique and inspiring color schemes that will pull together your earthy bedroom decor.

Each of our color palettes features three colors and is based on the 60-30-10 rule. Use one color for 60% of your room decor, one for 30%, and the final color for 10%. But this rule isn’t the only way to choose color palettes for your home design. You could also start with a favorite pattern from a particular fabric, area rug, or piece of wall art you love, and base your design off that.

  1. Cream, terracotta, and forest green: The delicate cream will break up the rich terracotta and forest green tones.
  2. Oat, blush, and olive green: These colors are brought together by their earthy brown undertones.
  3. Sage green, pearl grey, and white: A minimalist color palette, these tones are visually soothing.
  4. Apricot, camel brown, and chocolate: Finally, a tone-on-tone palette that isn’t white. These rich brown shades are the perfect way to root yourself.
  5. Taupe, misty blue, and eggshell: A hint of blue will add sky and water tones to your earthy palette.

5 organic textiles to add to your space

Wooden tray with flowers, a candle and cup of coffee on a bed

Every earthy bedroom needs natural tones, but let’s not forget about natural textures. Texture can add visual depth to your space, and help you pull off a minimalist color palette. Use multiple contrasting textiles — like gossamer linen curtains paired with a dense jute rug — for the most interesting design. Here are some beautifully textured textiles to add to your earthy bedroom design.

  1. A linen bedding set: Linen manages to look natural no matter what color its dyed. It will keep you cool in the summer and makes a beautiful duvet cover over a warm wool insert in places with cold winters.
  2. Woven throw pillows with tassels: This boho accessory adds texture in any color you choose.
  3. Sheer linen curtains: A way to let natural light shine into your room, pair the curtains with blackout blinds for perfect bedroom lighting at any time of day or night.
  4. A jute rug: Jute is a densely woven natural fiber that creates a bold contrast with linen.
  5. A faux fur throw: Pairing a high-pile fabric like faux fur or sheepskin with no-pile fabrics like linen adds visual interest with texture.

5 nature-inspired wall decor ideas

Earthy bedroom ideas: Winslow Standing Mirror Smokey Walnut and Coffee Bean

An earthy art print can fill out your space and make it feel like home. But traditional framed wall art isn’t the only way to add wall decor to your space. Three-dimensional objects can give your walls an even more earthy feel because everything that greets your eyes in the wild is a three-dimensional work of art made by Mother Nature herself.

  1. Dried fan palm leaves: With an earthy beige color and an organic shape, dried fan palms take palm-themed wall art to the next level.
  2. A macrame wall hanging: Typically in minimalist white and beige tones, boho macrame wall hangings add texture to your space and can create a beautiful tone-on-tone look on white walls.
  3. Carved wood panels: For a more structured 3D element, carved wood panels fill your space with warm wood tones in geographic designs.
  4. A live edge mirror: A mirror will reflect more natural light around your room, and the live edge on the Winslow Standing Mirror is another opportunity to show off a beautiful wood grain.
  5. Hanging plant baskets: Add a little greenery to your earthy space by hanging hooks on your wall for plant baskets. It will create a piece of living art.

5 earthy accessories

Scandinavian-Boho styled bedroom

Beyond your comfy bedding set and well-curated wall decor, your collection of smaller items, like vases, light fixtures, and photo frames, will make your house feel like home. Here are our favorite earthy home decor items to infuse your space with style.

  1. Dried seagrass in a stoneware vase: Not just for the dining room, adding stoneware accessories in the bedroom creates another layer of texture.
  2. A piece of driftwood: Driftwood artwork looks like a found object and adds a sculptural element to your home.
  3. Woven baskets: These decorative accents add texture, earth tones, and storage space all with one simple accessory.
  4. Woven pendant lights: Swap out your table lamp for a hanging pendant light on either side of the bed to make a dramatic statement and add a boho accent to your space.
  5. Natural geodes: To introduce a completely new texture to your room, choose stone accents like sliced geodes or a Himalayan salt lamp.

5 architectural features for an earthy bedroom

Floating bed design

So far, the items on this list are those that you can curate one at a time and change when you’re ready. Even painting your bedroom in a new color scheme is an easy weekend DIY. But if you’re ready to invest in a serious redesign, adding these architectural features will make a major impact.

  1. A wood plank ceiling: This show-stopping architectural feature can add depth to a mostly white room design and is a great way to cover popcorn ceilings.
  2. Wood beams: You don’t need to plank your whole ceiling. For a more subtle infusion of natural wood, install some wood beams across your ceiling.
  3. An earthy accent wall: You can create this feature with natural textures, like more wood planks or a seagrass wall covering, or you can use botanical print wallpaper or a bold paint color.
  4. A stone alcove: While large pieces of natural stone can be expensive for a whole wall, they’re a beautiful addition to a small nook, alcove, or wall recess.
  5. A plaster wall: With a look that’s reminiscent of cement or wind-swept sand, plaster will make your home look like it’s an older piece of architecture that’s worn naturally over time.

Peace on earth in the bedroom

Earthy bedroom ideas: Marlow California King Platform Bed Rough Sawn Multi

Of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom should feel the most like heaven on earth. This is the room we retire to after a long day. It’s the place we go to relax, to escape, and to dream. It should be an oasis of calm, and earthy bedroom decor is the key to creating that natural oasis.

Start your bedroom redesign with a few new pieces of bedroom furniture. Then add in layers of organic textures, three-dimensional wall decor, and earthy accessories. And don’t worry, you won’t have to scour the earth to find the perfect items.

To transform these earthy bedroom ideas into a reality, head to your local Coaster Furniture store. Not only is shopping local better for Mother Earth, it’s also better for your inner interior designer. When you can see, feel, and experience furniture and other home decor items in person, you’ll know when they’re a natural fit for your bedroom design.

coaster-beds-bedroom-Winslow-Wood-Eastern-King-Panel-Bed-Smokey-Walnut coaster-beds-bedroom-Winslow-Wood-Eastern-King-Panel-Bed-Smokey-Walnut-hover

Winslow Wood Eastern King Panel Bed Smokey Walnut

Winslow Collection

coaster-floor-leaning-mirrors-mirrors-bedroom-Winslow-31-x-76-Inch-Standing-Floor-Mirror-Smokey-Walnut coaster-floor-leaning-mirrors-mirrors-bedroom-Winslow-31-x-76-Inch-Standing-Floor-Mirror-Smokey-Walnut-hover

Winslow 31 x 76 Inch Standing Floor Mirror Smokey Walnut

Winslow Collection

coaster-beds-bedroom-Marlow-California-King-Platform-Bed-Rough-Sawn-Multi coaster-beds-bedroom-Marlow-California-King-Platform-Bed-Rough-Sawn-Multi-hover

Marlow California King Platform Bed Rough Sawn Multi

Marlow Collection

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