June 22, 2022

Eclectic interior design: Here’s how to get the look

Say goodbye to boring decor. These eclectic interior design ideas will help you design your space with an eye-catching, colorful appeal.

Say goodbye to boring decor. These eclectic interior design ideas will help you design your space with an eye-catching, colorful appeal.

Eclectic interior design is an eye-catching look that combines a wide range of decor styles into something that’s uniquely you. Eclectic-style spaces often have a sense of “controlled chaos,” making the home feel welcoming, genuine, and lived-in with no shortage of conversation-starting focal points and design elements.

With the right home decor tips, you can experiment with eclectic interior design and enjoy the mismatched freedom that this style allows. An eclectic space is all about using contrasting colors, styles, and textures to create a beautiful, cohesive look that is as comforting as it is photogenic.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about eclectic interior design and how to get started designing your space.

What is eclectic interior design?

Eclectic interior design: 2-drawer Accent Cabinet Black Walnut and Gold

Eclectic interior design encompasses different styles and eras, allowing you to include the things you love most without worrying about sticking to one interior design style. Anything goes, from classic looks to new styles, as long as it’s full of character and suits your unique preferences.

Eclectic home decor is an excellent fit if you’re struggling to choose between different design styles and prefer to incorporate more than one. Many eclectic looks are created by combining two, three, or even four styles in one space. Eclectic style is also great if you find manicured looks with pristine, perfectly matched decor to be cold, uninviting, or just plain dull.

Eclectic home decor: How to get it right

While eclectic interior design doesn’t involve strict rules, there are a few guidelines that will help you bring the look together in a cohesive (not messy) way. Ultimately, anything goes, but these tips will help you create an Insta-worthy look from the get-go.

Pick a color palette

Choose five to six colors for your color palette, including two to four neutrals to ground and balance the overall look. From there, you can choose two to four brighter accent colors per room, like red, gold, sapphire, and any others you like. It helps to use the same neutrals in each room to tie your home together while changing up some of your accent colors.

Vary your textiles

Eclectic interior design uses a wide range of patterned and textured fabrics to create an eye-catching aesthetic. Stick to your color palette when choosing textiles, and don’t be afraid to select elements with trims, tassels, and fringes on throw pillows, rugs, and blankets. It’s also fun to combine solid and patterned fabrics in different colors from your palette (including your neutrals), especially when choosing upholstery for large pieces of furniture.

Have fun with furniture and finishes

Choose a theme that ties together each piece of furniture, whether it’s lines, finishes, materials, or decor style. You can use the same theme throughout your home or vary your theme room-by-room based on your tastes. For example, you might opt for mid-century modern furniture in your living room, Victorian furniture in your bedroom, and furniture with an aged finish in your dining room.

Combine finishes

Experiment with different finishes for your home decor and furniture. For example, you might use black metal open shade lamps to contrast rustic-style boho furniture in an eclectic living room. Or you could place a glam table lamp with a crystal and polished silver base on top of a vintage accent cabinet with a rustic blue finish. Consider picking two or three main finishes per room to keep things interesting yet cohesive.

With these guidelines in mind, you’ll be ready to bring your eclectic interior design vision to life. It can also help to make a list of the colors, finishes, furniture themes, and textiles you plan to use in each room or throughout your home as a guide when putting your room ideas together.

Eclectic decor inspiration

Eclectic interior design: Square Upholstered Floor Pouf Cream and Black

The goal is to create a space that’s uniquely you, but there’s nothing wrong with finding decor inspiration for your eclectic interior design journey. Some of today’s best spaces are designed with inspiration from social media, travel, and even nature.

You might collect a range of images from various interior design styles you like to inspire each room you’re styling. Or choose one image per room, and add your own touch as you recreate it. Whatever your preference, here are some ideas to get you started.

Gallery wall

Vintage-styled living room

A gallery wall full of your favorite wall art and photographs is an excellent way to breathe life into your eclectic living room. Consider situating the gallery wall above a statement piece, like a teal velvet sectional, to guide the eye in that direction when someone enters the room. To mix it up, try including a heart-shaped wall mirror or DIY wall baskets for contrast and texture.

Curtains and room dividers

Eclectic living room

Using curtains instead of doors to divide your home creates a laid-back appeal that’s perfect for eclectic spaces. Depending on your household and whether you can modify your room, you might use them in place of all the doors in your home or just a few select spots.

Another option is to use room dividers, which you can fold to keep the area open or extend for privacy and separation. Room dividers work well at points other than doorways, too — for example, you could use one to create a secluded reading nook or home library by your bookshelf.

Mix and match your dining furniture

Dining room with different dining chairs

Mix and match dining furniture creates a distinct eclectic appeal that can combine beautiful styles into an inviting dining room. All styles of chairs can be mixed — from Art Deco to bohemian and everything in between — and centered around a unique dining table. If you go with this look, placing a large area rug underneath your dining arrangement will tie the space together despite the different styles.

Embrace colorful walls and furniture

Eclectic interior design: colorful bedroom

You don’t have to limit bright colors to your home decor accents — eclectic interior design works well with colorful walls and furniture throughout your space. Try picking a bright color from your room’s palette for the walls before choosing a colorful piece of furniture like a blue upholstered bed to go with it.

From there, choose your finishes, textiles, and remaining furniture to bring the colors together, create contrast, or both. For example, you might use sage green walls in your kitchen with Scandinavian furniture or sapphire blue walls in a maximalism-inspired bedroom with a black minimalist-style bed frame and boho accents.

Find a look that’s uniquely yours

Use the freedom of eclectic design to find a look for your home that truly represents you. Your tastes, decor preferences, and personality can all shine brightly through an eclectic home, whether you’re combining Scandinavian decor with boho aesthetics or minimalist decor with French country styling. Remember to choose your colors, textures, and themes beforehand so you can create the look you want. 

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Zara 2-drawer Accent Cabinet Black Walnut and Gold

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