How to choose (and style) entryway furniture for your space

January 4, 2021

How to choose (and style) entryway furniture for your space

Whether you have a makeshift entryway or a larger area that could use some sprucing up, learn how to create something fabulous with entryway furniture.

Whether you have a makeshift entryway or a larger area that could use some sprucing up, learn how to create something fabulous with entryway furniture.

Entryway furniture is one of the most versatile and diverse categories in home decor. It includes everything from umbrella stands and storage benches to writing desks and bookshelves . You can even repurpose a larger entryway into its own little room with small sofas or dining tables.

Choosing the best entryway furniture for your home will depend on the functionality and size of the space. Whether you have a makeshift entryway that needs an update or a larger area that could use some sprucing up, you can create something fabulous with the right pieces.

3 questions to ask before buying entryway furniture

Finding the right entryway furniture starts by answering a few questions to assess your space. Here’s how to get started.

1. How is the space used and by whom?

Three-Drawer Storage Bench as an entryway furniture

For many families, the formal entryway isn’t where they typically enter and exit the home. For instance, the front door could be where you welcome guests, whereas a mudroom or side door might be where your household members come in and out. Is your entryway a drop zone for your family, or is it more of a showcase for guests?

If it’s more of a family space, you’ll want durable and accessible entryway furniture. Storage benches like this stylish 3-drawer option give everyone a place to sit to take their shoes off while keeping some necessities hidden. From there, you’ll want an option for shoe storage.

Another great entryway storage choice is simple shelving for things like mail, keys, and other on-the-go necessities. If your family is active and tracks mud into the house often, opt for outdoor decor like teak side tables or water-repellant outdoor rugs for their durability.

If your entryway is more of a formal entrance, you can keep it more design-focused. Style the entryway with a storage cabinet, accent table, or even a set of accent chairs with striking upholstery like the barrel back upholstered accent chair as a focal point. A less-used entryway can also be a showplace for your favorite wall decor.

2. Do you need your entryway to multitask?

Charcoal Lift-Top Bench as an entryway furniture

When considering entryway furniture for small spaces, consider multifunctional pieces. For example, you may find that you need to utilize a corner of your entryway as a home office or closet extension. Whichever pieces of entryway furniture you choose, accessibility will be top of mind if you need the space to function as more than just an entryway.

You may not be able to fit an entire storage cabinet in smaller spaces, but a storage bench like this chic charcoal lift-top bench offers similar functionality while adding seating. If needed, combine this with a small accent table like the 1-shelf table for an agile desk setup.

If you need to store clothing in your entryway, consider opting for a coat rack like this 11-hook coat rack or wall hooks rather than a full-on garment rack.

Even if your entryway is pulling double-duty, you can still show off your favorite home decor and wall art to bring the design together with the rest of your home.

3. How much space can you realistically use?

Churchill Semicircle Table as an entryway furniture

Not all entryway furniture is meant for all spaces. If you have an open concept or a studio apartment, there may not be much distinction between your entryway and the rest of your home. It will be up to you to measure the floor space accurately to determine how much space your entryway furniture can actually take up.

You can still create a separate drop zone area with a long console table like the 2-drawer console table or a sofa table like the Churchill semicircle table. Still, be mindful of the floor space the piece will take up.

You also want to get to know how much space you need for the most accessible walking path in your entryway. Even if it isn’t your everyday in-and-out zone, you need to keep it accessible for people who do enter there. You may have to opt for a smaller accent table to accommodate the best use of floor space.

Choosing the right entryway furniture for every type of space

Now that you have the basic questions answered about your entryway, it’s time to style your space. Here are some common entryway scenarios to consider.

Makeshift entryways

grey Flared Arm Bench as an entryway furniture

If you have an open concept floor plan or you don’t have a foyer, your entryway furniture will need to be specially suited for a makeshift entryway. Consider adding an entryway bench like the flared arm bench or an entryway table to distinguish the space from the rest of the room.

Your living room may also be a point of entry for your home, but consider it an opportunity to personalize your layout to include entryway furniture. For instance, if you have a sectional sofa, think about whether you want it to face parallel or perpendicular to your door.

You may even be able to use traditional living room furniture like your console table as part of your makeshift entryway if you have a place for your keys and other daily carry items on the tabletop.

In a small space, you may not have room for specific entryway furniture, but you can still create a modest drop zone with wall shelves, wall hooks, or an accent table.

Small entryways

Two-Drawer Shoe Storage Bench

For a small entryway, accessibility must be top of mind. A simple arrangement of a coat rack and shoe storage cabinet or bench is functional, but opting for a storage bench along with a few throw pillows will make the space feel cozier.

A traditional mudroom may also be used as a small entryway. Mudrooms are typically defined as a front or side entrance reserved for the family. They might be slightly smaller than your main entrance, but shelving and storage baskets will keep your things organized.

If your mudroom really lives up to its name with muddy boots and paws, you may want to keep a bath towel handy on a coat rack. Otherwise, you’ll definitely want a good outdoor rug by the door.

If a whole storage bench won’t fit in your small entryway, a pouf or even a small side table will tie it together. Single dining chairs with an accent table will also create a distinctive design without taking up too much room.

Bedroom entryway

Channel Tufted Cusion Bedroom Bench

Although the entry to your home is important, you can also set up a functional space by your bedroom door. A shoe rack to keep your most-worn pairs handy will help you put outfits together easier.

Other storage furniture like a hall tree or a small bookshelf can create a miniature drop zone for phones or books. If your bedroom is large enough, a bedroom bench like the Channel tufted bench creates a stylish separate space for the entryway of your room.

A wall mirror will give you another place to put together an outfit and distinguish your bedroom entryway if it’s used as a focal point between two accent chairs or above a pouf.

Large entryway

Arcadia Twisted Round Dining Table

Depending on how large your entryway is, you may be able to treat it almost like its own room. A small dining table like the Arcadia with dining chairs or a dining bench creates a lovely breakfast nook. You may even be able to fit a small loveseat like the Cairns tuxedo arm tufted loveseat in the space.

If you prefer a functional drop zone, you can load up the room with storage furniture like the 2-drawer storage cabinet in black walnut and gold. Depending on your needs, you can also use TV stands as a functional way to store items.

A large entryway is also a great space for office furniture. You can create a workspace with bookcases and a writing desk like this 2-piece option.

A large entryway may be big enough for a wide area rug to tie the space together rather than a runner. Lastly, you can opt for more dramatic lighting like chandeliers or a statement floor lamp in large entryway spaces.

Entryway furniture helps create harmony at home

Whether you enter your home through a mudroom or your living room, entryway furniture can make your space more functional and fashionable. You don’t have to have a large entryway, but you do need to assess how often the space is used and by whom, whether or not it needs to serve more than one purpose, and how much room your entryway furniture can take up. Find the perfect fit for everything from makeshift entryways to bedroom entrances by browsing Coaster Furniture anytime.

coaster-bedroom-Aylin-2-drawer-Storage-Bench-Medium-Brown-and-Black coaster-bedroom-Aylin-2-drawer-Storage-Bench-Medium-Brown-and-Black-hover

Aylin 2-drawer Storage Bench Medium Brown and Black

coaster-bedroom-Benjamin-Flared-Arm-Bench-Grey-and-Brown coaster-bedroom-Benjamin-Flared-Arm-Bench-Grey-and-Brown-hover

Benjamin Flared Arm Bench Grey and Brown

coaster-living-room-Brinnon-Semicircle-Sofa-Table-Dark-Brown-and-Black coaster-living-room-Brinnon-Semicircle-Sofa-Table-Dark-Brown-and-Black-hover

Brinnon Semicircle Sofa Table Dark Brown and Black

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