Make the perfect first impression with these entryway storag

February 1, 2021

Make the perfect first impression with these entryway storage ideas

Learn how to create an organized, functional, and stylish space with these impressive entryway storage options.

Learn how to create an organized, functional, and stylish space with these impressive entryway storage options.

Our houses have a lot to say. From the alphabet letters on the fridge that say “We love our kids” to the rustic decor that says “Everyone get comfortable,” everything makes a statement. And the entryway should make the simplest statement of all: “Welcome home.” 

The minute you walk in the door, your entryway should make you feel relaxed — like you’ve entered a beautifully organized space. Entryway storage can help you clear away clutter and create that feeling of calm. It also allows you to drop your things at the door and grab them again as you run out. 

Here’s what to consider when you shop for entryway storage, plus our favorite options for organizing your space. 

How to choose your entryway storage

entryway storage: 42″ 3-drawer storage bench brown

If only choosing entryway storage was as simple as picking out the prettiest console table and calling it a day. But alas, adding storage to your space is as much about functionality as it is about form. Before you shop, figure out what you need, and make a list of must-have requirements. Consider the following to ensure you end up with the entryway furniture that’s right for you. 

The layout of your home 

What does your entryway look like? If your front door opens up into a small space like a corridor or thin hallway, you’ll need storage that doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. Entryway furniture that’s too wide will be in the way when multiple people are coming and going at the same time.

On the other hand, if your front door opens up into your living room, you’ll need furniture you can place on either side of the door rather than furniture meant to line a hall. Your open floor plan will give you lots of real estate for larger cabinets and armoires, so you won’t have to worry about buying furniture with a small footprint. 

What you want to store 

You can store any number of things in your entryway — from outerwear to totes to car keys. Think about the items you grab on your way out the door, and make a list so you can get an idea of how much and what type of storage you need. Here are a few of our favorite things to store by the entryway: 

  • Outerwear, including coats, hats, scarves, and gloves
  • Totes, purses, and reusable shopping bags 
  • Cleaning supplies, especially a broom, glass cleaner, weed killer, and anything you’d use to tidy up your front porch
  • Car keys and spare keys
  • Stamps, envelopes, and packaging tape
  • Wellness equipment, like your yoga mat and running shoes 
  • Dog leashes, harnesses, collars, and poo bags
  • Kiddie supplies, including the stroller and diaper bag
  • An umbrella, raincoat, or galoshes
  • Shoes, especially any pair you throw on for a quick trip to the mailbox

If you don’t have a lot of other storage pieces in your house, entryway furniture can also serve as a catch-all for anything you don’t have a place for. Designate a junk drawer to store pens, paper, rubber bands, and so on. Or, add a cabinet where you can keep spare linens like towels and duvets. 

Planning out what you’ll store in your entryway will help you choose furniture that offers the right amount of storage for your needs. 

Your lifestyle 

If you have a bunch of muddy dogs or rambunctious kids at home, you may want to turn your front or back entryway into a mudroom. 

Include a place to store dog shampoo and towels in case you need to give your pup a quick hose bath before you let them back in the house. Or, add a laundry basket where kids can drop off their dirty soccer uniforms or you can leave your muddy gardening clothes. With the right hamper, even laundry can look beautiful enough to store by the front door. 

The best furniture for entryway storage

entryway storage: Roy sofa table with 2-shelf rustic brown

Now that you’ve established what you need from your entryway furniture, take a look at these fantastic pieces so you can find what you want

Entryway bench

entryway storage: 3-drawer storage bench weathered brown and white

An entryway bench gives you a place to sit down and tie your shoes, or wait for that person who always needs five more minutes to get ready. Add storage by selecting a storage bench with cubbies underneath, like the 3-Drawer Storage Bench in Weathered Brown and White. This bench wipes clean, making it perfect for a mudroom (as long as you don’t add cushions or throw pillows). 

Coat rack

entryway storage: 8-coat hooks clothes with shoe rack tobacco and black

A classic coat rack easily squeezes into the corner of any entryway. The Coaster Everyday Coat Rack With 6 Hooks offers modern design made from durable rubberwood, MDF, and birchwood veneer. It has enough space to hold multiple coats, scarves, and hats. 

If you have more wall space and plan to store a lot of outerwear in your entryway, look for a larger piece — like the 8-Coat Hooks Clothes and Shoe Rack — with space for multiple hangers, a shoe rack, and purses. 

Entryway hall tree

Hall tree with 5 coat hooks chestnut and dark bronze

A hall tree, like this Hall Tree With 5 Coat Hooks, is a one-and-done piece of entryway furniture. Typically, these pieces offer all the storage you need without taking up a lot of floor space. Most feature a bench with hooks up above to hang outerwear and a shelf down below to store shoes. 

You can also create a DIY hall tree by hanging wall-mounted shelving above your storage bench.

Console table

Persia 3-drawer storage console table natural sheesham

Console tables are taller and narrower than coffee tables, so they take up less floor space and fit nicely in a thin hallway. Look for a console table with drawers where you can store stamps, envelopes, pens, and other knick knacks. A table that also has a shelf underneath, like the Persia 3-Drawer Storage Console Table, will allow you to add baskets for additional storage.

Cabinets and chests

2-door accent cabinet black walnut and gold

If your entryway is open instead of narrow, you can choose wider furniture. Cabinets and chests are roomy options that offer more storage space than console tables.

Organize larger items in a cabinet with doors, like the 2-Door Accent Cabinet in Black, Walnut, and Gold, which features stylish acacia wood doors. Or, get more drawer space with a chest like the shaker-style Selena 5-Drawer Chest in White.


3-tier bookcase with cabinet espresso and chestnut

For the largest amount of entryway storage, turn to bookcases. You can line your entire entry hall with a series of bookcases arranged side-by-side. The look will make you feel like you’re walking into a cozy library, and it will give you plenty of shelving and storage space for all your items. 

For a modular storage idea, arrange two matching bookcases with a bench in between. Look for something tall and thin, like the 3-Tier Bookcase With Cabinet in Espresso and Chestnut. Then, choose a bench in a similar style, like the Upholstered Bench in Brown and Black. Add a shelf with coat hooks above the bench for a complete entryway storage unit. 

Say “hello” to your new entryway 

Once you decide how you want to organize your entryway, you’re ready for the fun part — shopping for your new entryway furniture

From benches to hall trees to console tables and cabinets, there are a lot of ways to get organized. Find a style that speaks to you, and you’ll feel at home the minute you walk in the door.

coaster-coffee-tables-living-room-Shepherd-Sofa-Table-with-2-shelf-Rustic-Brown coaster-coffee-tables-living-room-Shepherd-Sofa-Table-with-2-shelf-Rustic-Brown-hover

Shepherd Sofa Table with 2-shelf Rustic Brown

coaster-bedroom-Alma-3-drawer-Storage-Bench-Weathered-Brown-and-White coaster-bedroom-Alma-3-drawer-Storage-Bench-Weathered-Brown-and-White-hover

Alma 3-drawer Storage Bench Weathered Brown and White

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