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June 19, 2024

8 family room ideas that are fun for everyone

Gather everyone together for game night, movie night, and more with these 8 family room ideas that combine style, comfort, and functionality.

Gather everyone together for game night, movie night, and more with these 8 family room ideas that combine style, comfort, and functionality.

Good design brings people together — and we don’t mean that in a figurative way. Sure, you can bond with someone over your favorite piece of art, but when it comes to home design, it should literally bring people together. Good design should make everyone want to sit down and stay awhile. The best family room ideas do just that.

We know it can be hard to get your whole busy family into one room at the same time. But with these eight family room ideas, you can design a comfortable space with something fun for everyone.

8 family room ideas everyone can agree on

We’ve rounded up eight fun family room ideas, and not one of them is a gallery wall, which is turning out to be one of the most controversial design choices of the season. (But if you want to turn your family photos into wall decor, there are still plenty of creative ways to do it!)

These ideas are designed to help you create a comfortable space that addresses the whole family’s needs and encourages shared activities. Let’s dive in — because we’re sure to land on some plush, pillowy cushions.

1. Add maximum seating with a modular sectional

Family room ideas: Blaine Upholstered Reversible Sectional Sofa Sand

Family rooms are all about bringing the family together. And as much as we’d like to bring them together into a big group hug, they’ll be more likely to hang out if they have space to spread out. So add more than enough seating for you and your crew.

A modular sofa is one of the best ways to make room for everyone because you can customize the sofa’s size and shape to fit your space, so they work for both large and small spaces. Add as much extra seating as you can fit so your family can get extra comfy. This will also give you room to host extended family or welcome all of your kids’ friends.

Here are our favorite modular sectionals for the family room:

2. Keep everyone comfy with theater seating

Family room ideas: Toohey Upholstered Tufted Recliner Living Room Set Black

One of the best ways to differentiate your family room from your living room is to make the TV the focal point in one room and not the other. Creating a home theater experience in your family room — with theater seating and blackout window treatments — gives you the perfect space to watch movies or play video games.

And since your family room and living room will serve different purposes, you can stick to more formal living room decor. It’s the best of both worlds for homeownersyour living room feels upscale and refined for entertaining while your family room feels casual and comfy for everyday living.

Adding movie-theater-style armchairs also gives everyone their own space, so you won’t have to hear, “Mom! Dad! She’s touching me!” ever again.

Here are our favorite theater seating options:

3. Have extra seating on hand

Family room ideas: Ofira Accent Stool Black and White

If your kids are social butterflies and you’re thinking there isn’t enough seating in the world to fit all their friends, we have an easy solution for you: floor pillows and stools.

You can tuck floor pillows and stools away under a coffee or console table. Then pull them out whenever you have extra guests. Some upholstered ottomans even double as stools, so they serve a dual purpose — a foot rest when it’s just the family and extra seating when the friends come over. Oversized throw pillows can also be used as floor cushions for a dual-purpose decor idea.

Here are our favorite casual and convenient options for extra seating:

4. Make the space sleepover-ready

Family room ideas: Sadie Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle Taupe

One of our favorite hacks for small living rooms, family rooms, and kids’ rooms is to add a daybed. This perfect piece of family room furniture doubles as a couch, and because you can remove all of the bedding and wash it, it’s a great solution for homes that need kid- and pet-friendly textiles.

Bedding is much less expensive to replace than a sofa, so a daybed also allows you to get more adventurous with your decor. While you might want to stick to a neutral color palette for a sofa, a daybed allows you to add a bold pop of color or a funky print with the bedding. If you get tired of it, you can easily swap it out and change your color scheme.

Choosing a daybed with a trundle makes it easy for your kids to have a friend over for a slumber party and for your family room to double as a comfy guest bedroom. Add a plush, padded area rug if you see large sleepovers in your future (with lots of sleeping bags strewn across your family room floor).

Here are our favorite daybeds with trundles to do double-duty in your family room.

5. Choose a multipurpose coffee table

Fanning Engineered Wood Lift Top Coffee Table Golden Oak

We know that we should have our family dinners around the dining room table like a civilized family, but every so often, it’s fun to bend the rules.

With a lift-top coffee table, you can … well … lift the top, pulling it closer to you and the sofa. It’s perfect for nights when your family wants to eat takeout from the comfort of the couch. It also makes movie nights more enjoyable, bringing your popcorn and favorite movie snacks within reach and reducing the risk of spills.

The lift-top coffee table is especially appropriate for mid-century modern living rooms and family rooms, but you can find a lift-top table for nearly any interior design style.

Here are our favorite options for dining family style in your family room:

6. Give everyone their own snack table

Daisy Glass Top C-Shaped Sofa Side Table White and Chrome

Sharing is caring, except that occasionally sharing is arguing. If certain members of your family like to elbow each other out of the way when they have to share space (or snacks), giving them their own space is the best way to keep the peace. (We love design ideas that solve problems!)

C-shaped tables can take the place of side tables, or they can slide under the edge of the couch to serve as personal snack tables. And the minimalist design of the C-shaped table works with a variety of home decor styles. Just be sure to pair these side tables with floor lamps (not table lamps) so you can move them around whenever you want.

Here are our favorite options for individual snack tables:

7. Fill bookcases with your family’s favorite things

Angela 3 piece Entertainment Center With 67″ TV Stand Brown and White

If your home didn’t come with built-in shelves, you can get the look for less with wall-to-wall bookshelves. Lining one full wall allows your family room to double as a home library. But this look is also beautiful framing a brick fireplace or even framing your TV with an entertainment center.

If you want your bookcases to look like built-ins, try to match them to the wall color or molding. For example, you can put a white bookcase on white walls or pair it with white molding. If you love a DIY project, you can also paint a bookcase to match your other paint colors.

Once your bookcases are set up, assign each member of your family their own shelves where they can store their favorite books, movies, games, or snacks. Having their favorite things nearby will make everyone want to spend more time in this family-centric living area.

Here are our favorite bookcases to line the walls:

8. Make room for fun and games

Tarnov Rectangular Metal Gaming Desk with USB Ports Black

A family room is a great place to bond and make memories. And there’s no better way to bond than with a family game night. You can make your family living space double as a game room simply by adding a game console to your TV, or you can go all out with old-school games like billiards, air hockey, foosball, or a card table.

If your family loves video games, adding home office furniture like a couple of desks placed side by side, allows you to team up and take on all the other teams in your gaming world.

Here are our favorite pieces of family room furniture to help you get your game faces on:

Room for the whole family

Getting your family to agree that they want a comfy sectional, their own snack tables, and a shelf full of their favorite things is easy. Getting them to agree on which movie to watch … well, we’re not wizards.

But if you’re looking for a fun family activity, we’ve got you covered. Take a field trip to your local Coaster Furniture retailer to find the perfect pieces to bring these family room ideas to life. When you shop in person, the whole family can sit on sofas, see the side table options, and share their opinions on which pieces are best for your family room design.

For more inspiration to create a multi-functional space for your family, check out these open-concept living room ideas.

coaster-bedroom-Sadie-Upholstered-Twin-Daybed-with-Trundle-Taupe coaster-bedroom-Sadie-Upholstered-Twin-Daybed-with-Trundle-Taupe-hover

Sadie Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle Taupe

Sadie Collection

coaster-living-room-Toohey-Upholstered-Tufted-Recliner-Living-Room-Set-Black coaster-living-room-Toohey-Upholstered-Tufted-Recliner-Living-Room-Set-Black-hover

Toohey Upholstered Tufted Recliner Living Room Set Black

coaster-living-room-Ofira-Accent-Stool-Black-and-White coaster-living-room-Ofira-Accent-Stool-Black-and-White-hover

Ofira Accent Stool Black and White

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