Rustic revival: 8 farmhouse chic decor ideas for your space

August 30, 2023

Rustic revival: 8 farmhouse chic decor ideas for your space

Whether you have plenty of square footage or just a small area, discover how to create the farmhouse chic space of your dreams.

Whether you have plenty of square footage or just a small area, discover how to create the farmhouse chic space of your dreams.

Step inside a cozy farmhouse chic home, and you’ll be greeted by warm tones, distressed finishes, and comfortable details. Think shiplap walls, vintage accents, and earthy textures.

The farmhouse chic trend has taken the world by storm, cementing itself as a timeless element of American interior decor. And it’s easy to see why — this style invites you to create a welcoming space that feels like home.

This guide explores the basics of farmhouse chic decor along with ideas you can use to update your space. Whether you have plenty of square footage or just a small area, discover how to make this charming aesthetic work for you.

Farmhouse chic basics

Farmhouse chic bedroom

Farmhouse chic is a blend of chic and modern farmhouse-style interior design. Some homes prefer more farmhouse decor while others have just a few farmhouse elements sprinkled throughout a sleek, chic New York-style space.

Regardless of your chosen balance, the farmhouse chic style is a juxtaposition. You’ll find things like crisp, clean lines paired with natural wood. This combination of practicality and modern simplicity creates spaces that are both elegant and relaxed, trendy and practical. 

Here are some of the basics: 

  • Lots of white and neutral surfaces
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Vintage accessories
  • Bright lighting 
  • Woven textiles 
  • Metal accents 
  • Oversized, comfortable furniture 
  • Statement pieces 

The exact elements you include are up to you, but these basics have everything you need to create a lovely farmhouse chic home.

Chic farmhouse home decor ideas

Every home is one of a kind, but even professional interior decorators need inspiration. Use these chic farmhouse design ideas to spark your imagination and create your dream space.

1. Embrace nature

Farmhouse chic: Eileen Rectangular 2-door Accent Cabinet Natural

The origins of the farmhouse style date back to the 1700s when the first farmhouses came to the United States. These simple, practical homes were full of natural textures, and their inhabitants lived close to nature by necessity.

Even if you don’t live in a rural area, that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace nature to evoke the practical, grounded aesthetics of a farmhouse.

Here are some decor elements to consider for your space:

  • Distressed leather furniture
  • Natural wood flooring
  • Exposed wood ceiling beams
  • Natural wood cabinetry and open shelving
  • Dried olive branches and other houseplants
  • Stone or butcherblock countertops
  • Vintage-style quilts

You can easily bring these textures into your room decor with the right pieces. For instance, the Eileen Rectangular 2-Door Accent Cabinet would work perfectly in a living room. 

For a dining room, the Topeka live-edge dining room set is striking with a solid mango wood tabletop. Meanwhile, the Arini woven cane panel bedroom set with light wood finishes and earthy textures would be right at home in a farmhouse chic bedroom.

2. Let in the light

Farmhouse chic: Leaton 2-piece Recessed Arms Living Room Set Brown Sugar

Farmhouse chic spaces shine in bright, natural light. If you have large windows, you might keep them clear to let the sunlight flood in, opting for sheer white curtains for privacy.

We’re not all lucky enough to have a home with lots of windows, so you might need to get creative. Fortunately, farmhouse chic works wonderfully with practical improvisation.

Here are some ways to add multiple layers of light to every room:

  • Pendant lights over tables and countertops
  • Table lamps and freestanding floor lamps in the living room, bedrooms, and entryway
  • Chandeliers and other decorative lighting elements
  • Mirrors to reflect light from windows, lamps, and light fixtures
  • LED or real candles for evening mood lighting
  • Functional lighting in reading nooks and study areas

Still trying to figure out where to start? Try buying a lamp set for your bedroom and living room. Or add a couple of table lamps to each of your room ideas.

3. Enjoy vintage and weathered elements

Farmhouse chic: Avenue 5-piece Dining Set with Extension Leaf Vintage Dark Pine

Farmhouse chic home design thrives with repurposed and vintage finds. You might hit the local flea market for a vintage-style trunk for your bedroom, some tractor-seat dining chairs, or a traditional wood dining table like the Avenue 5-Piece Dining Set in vintage dark pine.

If you’re a fan of DIY projects, you could repurpose old palette wood into fun wall art. Or if you’re remodeling a room, you might find some reclaimed barn wood and install a mixed-wood accent wall in your entryway.

Finding new items that look vintage is an option, too. For example, a weathered oak accent cabinet or a weathered grey home office desk could add a similar appeal.

4. Don’t be afraid to add shiny accents

Kerwin Rectangle Faux Marble Top Dining Table White and Chrome

Farmhouse chic works for shiny new things, too. Maybe you want a chic farmhouse kitchen with stainless steel appliances, an ultra-stylish dining set featuring the Kerwin rectangle table, or a sleek black leather living room set with clean lines, tapered legs, and apartment-scale sizing.

You could also add modern or glam interior decor elements to mix things up — think an LED-lit mirror or a luxe dining table set with velvet chairs. Don’t be afraid to add your personality and preferences to find the right balance for your space.

5. Play with prints and color

Ashlyn 2-piece Upholstered Sloped Arms Living Room Set White

Farmhouse chic style works well with prints and colors, so play with them. Add a buffalo check throw blanket to your living room set (like this upholstered Ashlyn sofa and loveseat) or a cowhide print accent chair to your bedroom.

You don’t have to go so bold, though. Simply pairing a striped area rug with a boho-style ink-block ottoman can have a similar effect.

And remember to add splashes of color to each room with accents or statement pieces. For instance, a vintage-style blue accent cabinet in the living room or French country-style roosters in your kitchen decor. Alternately, add your splashes of color with houseplants to keep things natural.

6. Mix and match textures

Macon 2-door Accent Cabinet Sheesham Grey

Texture is everything in a farmhouse chic space. From natural woods and houseplants to cozy pillows and jute rugs, make each room a textural adventure. For example, this Macon 2-Drawer Accent Cabinet in Sheesham Grey is a mix of rustic wood finishes, round metal knobs, and gunmetal-finished iron legs.

Here are some more ideas:

Adding texture to your rooms gives them visual interest, creating inviting spaces that command attention. If a room seems like it’s missing something, try adding a couple of new textures to balance the existing decor.

7. Accentuate with different interior design styles

Zalika Hexagonal Coffee Table Natural

Choosing a farmhouse chic aesthetic doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with elements from other interior design styles. For instance, you could look to chic boho spaces for natural-textured wall decor or boho-inspired furniture pieces the Zalika Hexagonal Coffee Table

If you enjoy minimalist interior design, consider adding elegant accents and artwork to your rustic space. Industrial elements like dark, worn furniture and metal piping are also popular in farmhouse chic spaces.

Here are some ideas:

If you considered other decor styles before settling on farmhouse chic, this is your chance to pull some of your favorite elements from them. Related design styles can offer great ideas, too. Consider checking out rustic farmhouse, coastal farmhouse, or shabby chic decor for more fun additions.

8. Go with neutral walls

Kirby 5-piece Dining Set Natural and Rustic Off White

Light, neutral colors on the walls help set the foundation for farmhouse chic spaces. Avoid dark colors and opt for white, off-white, eggshell, soft beige, and cream. Most of these colors will also add an underlying warmth to your space.

Not a fan of warm neutrals? Try a cool white with blue undertones or even a light grey to capture the same look with more of a modern appeal.

Bring your rustic style to life

Your home reflects your style, taste, and personality, so create something that inspires you to live your best life. Whether you prefer rustic textures with a touch of modernity or chic vibes with farmhouse appeal, creating a space that makes you feel happy and comfortable is what’s most important.

Whether you incorporate more vintage details in your living room or want to play with prints and texture for your bedroom, embrace your favorite ideas from this list and have fun decorating your space.

If you’re still looking for the perfect pieces, check out Coaster Furniture’s full catalog for thousands of options in every style you could want. And when you’re ready to buy, use Coaster’s convenient store locator to make pick-up or delivery a snap.

coaster-living-room-Renton-Shelf-Storage-Coffee-Table-Rustic-Oak-and-Black coaster-living-room-Renton-Shelf-Storage-Coffee-Table-Rustic-Oak-and-Black-hover

Renton Shelf Storage Coffee Table Rustic Oak and Black

coaster-bedroom-Juanita-Square-Rattan-End-Table-Natural coaster-bedroom-Juanita-Square-Rattan-End-Table-Natural-hover

Juanita Square Rattan End Table Natural

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Jerome Upholstered Bar Stools with Footrest (Set of 2) Charcoal and Gunmetal

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