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August 25, 2020

Find your perfect headboard and bed

Your headboard is a centerpiece in your bedroom, and, most likely the first thing the eye will see when entering.

Your headboard is a centerpiece in your bedroom, and, most likely the first thing the eye will see when entering.

What is the ideal look for your bedroom? There are various styles and materials to choose from. Here are a few tips to select the headboard and bed that are perfect for you.

Think About Function

Are you somebody who crashes onto your bed or do you sit up to watch TV or read? If bed is for more than sleep, you may want a sumptuously upholstered headboard with plush cushioning that is perfect for late-night reading or TV watching. Throw a couple of pillows behind you, sit back, be comfortable, and enjoy the show.

Murrieta King Tufted Upholstered Headboard Beige

Think About Your Style

Unless you like a room that some may call eclectic, and others find chaotic, your bed and headboard should fit in with your existing style. If your room is simple, complement it with something minimal as well, but if your current style is bold, think about a fashion statement for a headboard. Check out these examples.


Edmonton California King Panel Bed Rustic Tobacco
Basic can be beautiful with this industrial-inspired look that works with most every palette.


Heidi Queen Upholstered Poster Bed Metallic Platinum
If you want a more glam feel, look into something that offers visual interest and will be a showcase piece for your bedroom.


Think About What Someone Will Notice First

Do you want your bedroom to gain someone’s attention? A headboard is one great way to add interest to your bedroom. Consider a tufted headboard with metal nails and/or fabric covered buttons. You have options. You can go with a bed that has a headboard that is simple yet elegantly styled, or maybe it’s time to opt for more luxurious glamour. Consider color as well. Darker tones stand out, and lighter colors offer more subtlety.


Chloe Tufted Upholstered Queen Bed Charcoal
This low-slung bed combines elegant styling with a simple design that’s a gorgeous addition to the home. The high headboard has crisp lines and is beautifully accented with button tufting.


Deanna Queen Tufted Upholstered Bed Black
Dress up a bedroom with luxurious glamour. Its tall, stately headboard boasts bold, metallic trim. Beautiful button tufting adorns its frame, giving it a chic, sophisticated aesthetic.


Think About Space

How big is your bedroom? You want your bed and headboard to fit comfortably into its appointed space. A smaller room lends itself to the simple. But even in a small room, your headboard can be elegant and inviting. You may want to avoid bigger beds and taller headboards, because they may be overbearing in a smaller space.


Charity Full Upholstered Bed Blue
Add a light modern touch to any bedroom with this modern, clean bed design.


Finding the right bed and headboard for your bedroom can be fun. Begin the process by thinking about how you will use your bed, and what is your style. Then choose a bed and headboard that will complement your existing furnishings, or maybe the time is right to replace everything and begin anew. If it is time to start fresh, make the bed and headboard the first thing you decide upon.



Andenne Queen/Full Tufted Upholstered Headboard White

Andenne Collection

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