9 functional foyer ideas to instantly update your entryway -

June 30, 2021

9 functional foyer ideas to instantly update your entryway

Get ready to fall in love with your entryway with these fantastic foyer ideas for spaces both big and small.

Get ready to fall in love with your entryway with these fantastic foyer ideas for spaces both big and small.

Whether you have a cavernous entryway that’s begging for a crystal chandelier or a small space that can barely fit a hall tree, these foyer ideas fit the bill. 

Your foyer is the first thing guests see when they enter your house, so use this space to set the tone for your home decor. You can announce that your home is cozy and casual with a shoe rack for muddy boots and a peg shelf for kids’ backpacks. You can say “welcome to my tropical oasis” with a jungle of houseplants. Or you can (under)state your minimalist style with a pared-down light fixture and Scandi-inspired console table

Whatever you want your entryway to say, you’ll find the right metaphorical words with these 9 decorating ideas. It’s time to expand your style vocabulary.

9 must-try foyer ideas to fill your entryway

If you want to create the right first impression for your home, think about how you use your entryway. Do you spend a lot of time trying to hurry your kids out the door? Do you like to leash up your dogs and take them on adventures? Are you always grabbing last-minute essentials on your way out? Let your lifestyle guide your entryway design

As you browse these grand foyer and small entryway ideas, take note of the ones that speak to you. Your intuition is the best interior designer. Deep down, you know what you want your home to say — adding one of these elements to your entryway can help you articulate it. 

1. A statement door 

foyer ideas: statement door interior idea

Bold paint colors on the walls can overwhelm a small space. But adding a pop of color to your front door can be just the right style statement. With this design idea, you can keep your white walls but still introduce a playful color palette

If your front door opens into your living room or dining room, this can be the perfect opportunity to connect your foyer with the rest of your room decor. And since every entryway has a door (it’s kind of a requirement), you can use this idea in both big and small foyers.

2. A DIY architectural feature

foyer ideas: architectural feature interior inspiration

If your space is lacking in old-world character, add it yourself with creative wall coverings. The easiest DIY option is a wall decal, but for a more convincing look, try installing faux brick panels, shiplap, or reclaimed wood boards. 

These textured wall coverings are so real your visitors won’t know they’re faux. You can easily install them over drywall, and because they’re made from naturally porous materials, you can paint over them with limewash for even more weathered charm. 

3. A hall tree

foyer ideas: Hall Tree with 5 Coat Hooks from Coaster

Every modern farmhouse needs a hall tree. These all-in-one storage solutions give your entrance hall the functionality of a mudroom

Think of the hall tree as an upgraded coat rack. With one piece of furniture, you can store shoes, hang scarves, outerwear, backpacks, leashes, purses, and tote bags, or get comfy on the bench to wait for the slowpoke in your family. 

These pieces are tall and thin, so they make use of your wall space without stealing too much of your floor space. They’ll fit in most foyers, but for a teeny, tiny entryway, you can get the same functionality from a hall tree cabinet with hooks, storage shelves, a mirror, and a bulletin board. 

4. A console table 

foyer ideas: 2-drawer Console Table from Coaster

If you have an entryway closet or live in a warm climate, you won’t need to store outerwear beside your front door. Instead, use the space for a console table. This is another tall thin piece with a small footprint. It tucks neatly against your wall so it won’t block your passageway — even in a narrow hall. 

Choose a console table with drawers or storage shelves so it can serve as a catch-all for all your bits and bobs. Use it to hold your spare keys, pens, paper, stamps, envelopes, lint rollers, sunglasses, mittens, and more. You’ll be able to grab anything you need on your way out the door. 

5. A mirror 

foyer ideas: Square LED Wall Mirror from Coaster

Add a practical element to your foyer design with a wall mirror. A mirror serves two purposes in an entryway: It allows you to double-check your appearance as you head out the door, and it reflects more natural light into your foyer to keep your houseplants happy. (Some mirrors even have built-in light fixtures to really make your space shine.) 

You can hang multiple mirrors in place of wall art to create unique wall decor. Choose mirrors with different but complementary designs (like this round and this square version of a sunburst mirror) and hang them side-by-side. 

6. A gallery wall 

gallery wall interior display idea

Of course, the most important thing about your home is the people who live there. Make them the focus of your foyer with a gallery wall. Display family photos and favorite memories so visitors know exactly what makes your home so special. 

All you need is a few simple styling tips to make your gallery wall look like it was designed by a professional decorator. Add visual interest to your gallery by mixing images of different sizes and styles. Imagine a few family photos mixed in with watercolor paintings or vintage posters. 

Then, incorporate mixed media elements to make your display jump off the walls. Hang a sculpture between your photo frames, add a mirror or tapestry, or put up small wall shelves to display your favorite plants or flower vases. 

7. A wall sconce 

wall sconce interior inspiration

While you’re decorating your walls, you can use them to add light to a dark foyer with wall sconces. Ceiling-mounted light fixtures often get all the attention in a foyer, but wall-mounted lighting is one of our favorite entryway decor ideas for a small space

Even if your foyer has low ceilings, a wall sconce can add a little drama. Incorporate these fixtures into your entryway by hanging them on either side of your door or wall mirror. Or make them part of your gallery wall for an unexpected 3D element. 

If you don’t want to hire an electrician to add wiring into your wall, choose a pin-up wall sconce. These fixtures mount on the wall like a sconce, but plug into a traditional outlet like a table lamp

8. A statement light fixture 

interior with a statement light fixture

If you don’t have high ceilings or the wiring for a chandelier, then a wall sconce can serve as your statement lighting. Fortunately, you don’t need high ceilings to make an impression with your ceiling fixture. 

If you have the space, we say go all out with a crystal chandelier to match your glam decor, basket woven pendant lights for your boho interior, or a starburst candelabra for your modern foyer. To make sure there’s enough headroom for all your guests, allow seven feet of clearance under your chandelier. This means that if you have 10-foot ceilings, you can choose a chandelier or pendant light that has a three foot drop. 

With standard eight-foot ceilings, you’ll only want your light fixture to have a one-foot drop. Another option is to look for flush-mount light fixtures. Many modern flush-mount designs offer all the style of a chandelier or pendant light without any worries about clearance space. 

9. An entryway bench 

3-drawer Storage Bench from Coaster

Entryway benches give you a place to sit and wait for that family member who’s not quite ready to leave. And if your entryway needs more than seating, storage benches are one of those classic entryway storage ideas that we never grow tired of. 

Benches come in a variety of widths, so this idea adapts well to small and large spaces. But for a truly tiny space, you can recreate the look and functionality of an entryway bench (a place to sit or set down your coats and bags) with a dining room chair. 

You can also mimic the look of a hall tree by hanging a floating shelf and wall hooks above your bench. Then, use the space below for shoe storage to turn your foyer into a functional mudroom.

Create a fabulous foyer 

Even if you have a small entryway, you can create big style. So step back, take a good look at your foyer, and think about adding each of the elements above — what speaks to you? If something on the list seems to be calling your name, you can use it to inspire your entire entryway makeover

For more inspiration, learn to style every piece of entryway furniture in your space.

coaster-hall-trees-entryway-mudroom-Alise-5-Hook-Coat-Rack-Hall-Tree-with-Shoe-Bench-Chestnut coaster-hall-trees-entryway-mudroom-Alise-5-Hook-Coat-Rack-Hall-Tree-with-Shoe-Bench-Chestnut-hover

Alise 5 Hook Coat Rack Hall Tree with Shoe Bench Chestnut

coaster-bedroom-Carter-Square-LED-Wall-Mirror-Silver-and-Black coaster-bedroom-Carter-Square-LED-Wall-Mirror-Silver-and-Black-hover

Carter Square LED Wall Mirror Silver and Black

coaster-bedroom-42 coaster-bedroom-42

42" 3-drawer Storage Bench Brown

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