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November 16, 2020

Your guide to the best furniture for small spaces

Have big plans for a small space? Use the tips and tricks in this guide to find the best furniture for small spaces.

Have big plans for a small space? Use the tips and tricks in this guide to find the best furniture for small spaces.

Finding furniture for small spaces is one of the trickiest home decor dilemmas. You want to maximize floor space and accessibility, but you don’t want to sacrifice style. You need storage space without the bulk, and every item you bring into your home has to be considered carefully.

The good news? You’re not alone. According to Rentcafé, new apartments today are about 10% smaller than those built 10 years ago. As a result, you need to be selective and resourceful when choosing furniture for small spaces. Fortunately, with the tips and tricks in this guide, the process won’t seem so daunting.

How to find furniture for small spaces

Even if you don’t plan on moving into a tiny home or studio apartment any time soon, the cramped areas in your home will still benefit from these small room ideas.

Take measurements of your small space

It’s time to put your tape measure to good use. Getting a clear idea of how much space you have will help you narrow down your search and ensure you don’t overstuff your room. For example, you don’t want to end up with an area rug that covers your whole floor when what you really wanted was an accent piece.

Finding furniture successfully starts with knowing what size you need. Not only will this help you choose appropriately sized furniture for any space, but it will also help you better assess your size needs for wall art and other accessories like throw pillows.

Optimize the layout for floor space

Another small space trick is to make sure your furniture layout maximizes floor space. You don’t want to constantly trip over your coffee table or turn a corner and run into a bookshelf. Keeping the middle of your room clear from furniture and other clutter will help you maintain a clean, livable look in any small space.

Define your values and priorities

One of the most important factors for home decor in a small space is knowing your priorities. You don’t have to be a total minimalist for small space living to work for you, but adopting some more mindful decorating practices will help you navigate the challenges of small-space living.

Assess how important each piece of furniture is to you before bringing it into a room. You’ll also want to have a good idea of your style goals for each small space. Spend some time searching for the kind of decor styles that inspire you, whether that’s modern, classic, vintage, or anything in between. Knowing what you like will help your pieces come together cohesively and not compete for attention in your small rooms.

Another key to successful small space living is creative storage solutions. You might not have room to display all of your favorite items all the time, but you can decide what you want to highlight and what you would rather hide. Everything you bring into your home takes up space, so make sure you love it.

Remember that small spaces don’t have to look the same

Although the clean lines of mid-century furniture are complementary to many small spaces, you don’t have to adopt any style that doesn’t feel true to you. You can make anything from bohemian style to farmhouse decor work for any room — you just have to be patient and dedicated. It’s a myth that all small space furniture needs to be modern and minimalist to be functional.

Must-have furniture for small spaces

Coaster Janet tufted sofa bed
Once you’ve outlined your space measurements and identified your decor style, it’s time to choose some key pieces of furniture for your place. Here’s how to approach the main areas of your living space.

Living room

It’s hard to do much actual living in a small living room, but the right furniture can help maximize floor space.

First of all, you can ditch traditional living room furniture like coffee tables in favor of smaller side tables that can be moved when not in use. These accent tables can always be moved together as a coffee table replacement if that’s the layout you prefer.

You can also opt for a sleek, multifunctional sofa or loveseat instead of a large sleeper sofa. A futon that folds down or a daybed can be used as a sofa bed alternative if your living room doubles as a guest bedroom. If you need a little more seating capacity, storage ottomans and poufs can give you the feeling of a sectional without the bulk.

If your living room is pulling double-duty as a home office, opt for comfy accent chairs at your desk instead of traditional swivel office chairs. This way, the style of the room can stay cohesive and you have extra seating when needed.

Finally, if you have a console table for your television, consider utilizing it as a bookcase or storage space so it can live up to its full multifunctional potential.

Dining room

While a dining room may seem like a fantasy for some small-home dwellers, a dedicated dining space can be made in almost any floor plan. For example, bar stools are a great option for dining furniture that doubles the use of counter space in the kitchen. Another nontraditional approach is adding a small dining table in the living area that could even double as a desk.

If you have a dining room, it can be functional and beautiful even if it’s on the smaller side. A bench or a storage ottoman is a practical option for seating because you can easily push it under the table when not in use. You can also mix and match the bench with dining chairs for an eclectic look that doesn’t sacrifice storage space.


A leatherette bench makes a great entryway piece of furniture for small spaces
The entryway is one of the most underutilized areas of any home. If it’s large enough, you can easily use this space to house bookshelves, storage, and other double-duty furniture. However, because the space sees so much foot traffic, accessibility has to remain a priority.

A slim profile desk or bookshelf can easily turn an entryway into a small home office. A storage ottoman or chaise can make a delightful reading nook or a more functional place to take off shoes when entering your space.

Another unique approach is to forgo a traditional entryway table in favor of a bar cart that you can wheel into the living area when you’re entertaining. You could also utilize a smaller end table as an accent instead of a larger piece.


Coaster bedroom with modern furnishings
A small, cramped bedroom does not make for a good night’s sleep. But the right furniture will help you rest easy. To begin, determine what size bed you need to be comfortable and go from there. When picking a bed frame, choose a simple platform style instead of a bulky headboard. You can add wall art above the bed to get the same effect while maximizing space.

From there, determine the rest of the bedroom furniture. Not enough room for side tables or floor lamps? Opt for sconces instead. You can add shelving for additional storage or as a place to put table lamps for extra lighting. Shelves are also a great replacement for dressers or other bulky pieces.

A bookshelf in the bedroom is a multifunctional and design-friendly option. Not only can you use it to store your favorite pairs of shoes and accessories, but mixing in your favorite books makes a unique, stylish display.

Once your furniture is in place, don’t overlook small space savers like closet dividers and underbed storage. The storage space under your bed is the perfect place for items that don’t get used often, like extra bath towels or table linens.

Next-level small room ideas

Furniture for small spaces: Coaster Apperson cushioned-back arm chair

Now that the basics of small space decorating are covered, you can move on to the really fun part: personalizing and accessorizing your rooms! Taking the time to thoughtfully consider each piece you bring into your home will help you make the most of small spaces.

The first thing to consider is the color and upholstery of the furniture you want to purchase. Finding the right colors and textures will give the room clean, leading lines that create visual harmony even in the smallest of spaces.

If you’re a fan of patterns, you can use upholstery as a focal point. Another way to maximize the space in your living room or bedroom is to opt for a wall-mount television or even a projector that hooks up to your computer. This will get rid of the need for a traditional console table and save considerable floor space.

Want to dig in even deeper? Dividers and shelving that are meant to display your favorite items can help you keep tabletops clear of clutter. Speaking of decluttering, paring down your cookware and dinnerware to what you actually need and use will instantly increase storage space in small kitchens. This is even more important if your kitchen features open shelving.

Closet curtains can hide items and reduce the look of clutter

Lastly, you can create hidden shelving in small corners of your home and utilize inexpensive curtains to put less attractive things out of sight. This handy technique is especially impactful in small bathrooms or laundry rooms.

Embracing small spaces for the long haul

As apartments (and families) get smaller, the demand for small space furniture also continues to grow. With these tips and tricks, no small space has to be intimidating to decorate. Coaster Furniture has plenty of options that prove there’s no need to limit your home decor imagination even if your space is limited. Go ahead and think big for your small spaces and enjoy what you create.

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