February 2, 2021

3 epic game room ideas for kids of all ages

It's fun to play games with family and friends, and these game room ideas can make that a reality. Here’s how to transform any space for kids of all ages.

It's fun to play games with family and friends, and these game room ideas can make that a reality. Here’s how to transform any space for kids of all ages.

Everyone likes to play games no matter how old they are, and these three epic game room ideas will make your house a home. Whether you (or your child) prefers video games or board games, dedicating an entire space to having fun is more than worth the interior design effort. Use this guide to discover tips, tricks, and game room ideas for all families and age ranges. Just pick from our design ideas and get ready to have some fun. 

Interior design tips for any game room

game room ideas: Tech Spec Gaming Desk With Cup Holder Gunmetal

Designing a game room requires a bit of planning and interior design, but it’s nothing a beginner can’t handle. Check out these pro tips before getting started. 

  • Keep it Bright: Bright spaces encourage play and an upbeat mood. If you don’t have windows for plenty of natural light, add light fixtures (like a fantastic floor lamp) or fun chandeliers so the entire room feels bright and happy. Just make sure you can dim the lights for video games and movies. 
  • Small Space? Get Creative: You don’t need a gaming room to bring your idea to life. Try setting up a game zone in your living room. If you don’t mind the look, you might adopt a game-themed interior design throughout the living room.
  • Make a Budget. If you know what you can spend on your game room, it’ll make choices easier. Start by picking the essentials, like the bed or couch, and then have fun with any leftover money. 

3 game room ideas for all ages

Toddlers, teens, and adults usually have different ideas of what they’d like in their game rooms. For toddlers and teens, their bedroom often doubles as their game room. Check out our guide on 5 kids’ bedroom ideas for all ages for more inspiration on that front. 

Pick a design idea from the three below and then modify it to suit whoever you’re making the room for. If family members in different age ranges will be sharing the space, experiment with merging corresponding game room ideas for more of a rec room feel. 

1. Little kid fun for toddlers and small children

Most toddlers and small children would be bored in a man cave. They might even be bored in a teen’s Xbox-themed video game zone. Instead, they’re more stimulated by play spaces and stations where they can color and craft, keep their toys, play pretend, or look at picture books. 

Don’t miss our articles on the best kid’s bedroom furniture for every age and 51 fun and funky playroom ideas for even more ways to create the perfect space for your young ones. 

We’ve highlighted some ideas below to help you make your little one’s play area stimulating and personal. As you browse, try to see the world through the eyes of your child. Keep their favorite colors and activities in mind, as well as any dislikes they may have. 

Pick a fun bed

game room ideas: Camouflage Tent Lofted Bed With Lower Playspace Army Green

Chances are your child’s bedroom is also their game zone, so you’ll want to start with a bed that encourages play. The Camouflage Tent Lofted Bed pictured above is an excellent option, especially since it has a play space under the bed. 

If camo is not your kiddo’s thing, check out Coaster’s Princess Castle Twin Tent Loft Bed instead. Don’t worry if your kid already has a bed that isn’t themed or “fun.” Just decorate around it and consider adding something like a themed canopy to make it more engaging.

Designate an activity zone

game room ideas: Rory 5-Piece Dining Set Multi Color

Your little one will want a place to color, read, stage tea parties, and otherwise enjoy their playtime. The Rory 5-Piece Dining Set lets you easily create such a space. This petite, multi-colored table and chair set will serve your kid well for years to come. 

If you’re working with a small area, you might opt for a floating desk that folds up on the wall when it isn’t in use. Whatever you choose, make it colorful and pint-sized so that it suits your wee one.

When creating an activity zone, don’t forget toy storage. Kids aren’t great at organizing, but they can manage to put their toys in a chest or a few drawers with a bit of encouragement. This Wrangle Hill 4-Drawer Stairway Chest would work well if you opt for a loft bed like those touched on in the “Pick a fun bed” section. 

Don’t hesitate to decorate

Consider an engaging playroom rug and some fun wall art for a few finishing touches. These can help you drive the theme home or just add some color. A chalkboard can add both fun and functionality to the room, too. 

2. Video game zone for tweens and teens

Tweens and teens can be tough to decorate for because they’re in the process of establishing their identities and growing up. But thankfully, most kids this age make it easy to understand what kind of gaming they’re into. From PC to console to VR, if your kid is a gamer, pay attention to what they enjoy playing. 

These game room ideas will help you design a game room that puts the fun in function. Teens and tweens need to have fun, but they also need space to do their schoolwork and unwind from long days. 

Note: This section is oriented towards kids who are into video gaming, so if your tween or teen is more into retro and arcade games, check section three for more ideas. 

Think comfort

game room ideas: Montgomery Twin Over Futon Bunk Bed Glossy Black

Most kids’ dream game rooms come with a big screen and a comfy spot to sit. To set the scene, consider one or two bean bags, a small sectional, gaming chairs, or a cozy futon. For small spaces, the Montgomery Twin Over Futon Bunk Bed pictured above can save some serious square footage. 

Remember to make the room comfortable enough for your tween or teen to have friends over for a hangout, movie night, or game night. The gaming spot will double as a TV zone in most homes, so add some places for food and drinks. For example, a stylish accent table pulls double-duty as a snack table and an end table.

Make studying a priority

Jenner Twin Futon Workstation Loft Bed Black

School is a major reason why tweens and teens often turn to games. They have a lot of schoolwork, and that can be stressful. By making studying a priority in their game room design, you can make school a little easier to manage. 

If your kid doesn’t have a separate desk in their bedroom, consider the Jenner Twin Futon Workstation Loft Bed pictured above. This bed checks all the boxes, combining a futon for one, desk, and twin bed all in one sleek workstation. 

Check out Coaster’s selection of desks if a loft bed combo doesn’t fit your vision. This Tech Spec Gaming Desk with cup holder is a great option. And don’t forget a comfortable chair for good ergonomics. This black and red upholstered office chair would look sleek in a gaming room.

Decorate thematically 

A tween or teen video game room wouldn’t be complete without thematic wall art or posters. Additionally, you could line the TV stand or some built-in shelving with color-changing LED lights for a fun gaming experience. 

To complete the look, pick your kid’s favorite video game and grab a cool poster or statue to personalize the room even more. Thankfully, most tween and teens are happy to discuss their favorite games, if nothing else. 

3. Classic and retro game room for adults and teens

Adult game room ideas often require more creativity. Here, you’re more likely to encounter both video games and retro games. Shuffleboard, a Pac-Man arcade cabinet, old-school pinball machines, a ping-pong table, dartboard, air hockey, billiards, and a foosball table are just some of the many unique additions to consider. 

While some gamers like tabletop war games and may want game tables or a display cabinet for armies, others play card games or board games and just need enough seats for their friends. 

Below, we’ve laid the groundwork for a great gaming room for adults and older teens. All you need to do is figure out what games and activities you want to include. Unlike the previous two sections, these game room ideas are based on an entire room for gaming, not a shared bedroom or game room combo. 

Make it a home theater experience

Pavillion Home Theater 4-Seated Recliner Black

The game room can easily double as a home theater. Surround sound, a big-screen TV, and home theater seating can make this your favorite room in the house. For example, the Pavilion Home Theater 4-Seated Recliner is perfect for casual entertainment. 

If you’re a homeowner, you might opt for recessed light fixtures or built-in surround sound for more luxury. Don’t forget end and side tables for snacks and drinks during movie and game nights when friends are over. 

Think big

2-Shelf Bar Unit With Footrest Dark Oak

An adult gaming area should be fun to spend time in, so think big if you have the budget. If you want a pool table, take some measurements to see if it’ll fit. If you love foosball or air hockey, treat yourself to one of these big-ticket items. Larger items will define the gaming zone and serve both as decor and entertainment. 

Thinking big means different things to different people, so consider what you want in your space. If the room is adults-only, for example, you might want to add the 2-Shelf Bar Unit pictured above for game nights with friends.

Ready, set, play! 

It’s fun to play games with family and friends, and these game room ideas can make that a reality. As long as you know what types of gaming is preferred from video games to board games you’ll be able to create a room for it. 

If you’re still looking for inspiration, be sure to browse the living room, office, and kid’s room options from Coaster Furniture. With so many options, there’s something for every game room idea, no matter what your interior design style might be.

Perris Twin Workstation Loft Bed Cappuccino Perris Twin Workstation Loft Bed Cappuccino - Hover

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Rory 5-piece Dining Set Multi Color

Rory 5-piece Dining Set Multi Color

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