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April 5, 2022

19 gaming desk setup ideas to help you level up

From desks with built-in LED lights to cupholders that keep your drink from spilling on your keyboard, these gaming desk setup ideas will help you level up.

From desks with built-in LED lights to cupholders that keep your drink from spilling on your keyboard, these gaming desk setup ideas will help you level up.

Alright, players! Get ready to choose your weapons. While we don’t have a master sword or hidden blade in this article, we have rounded up everything you need to get your battle station ready.

From roomy desks with built-in LED lights to cupholders that will keep your drink from spilling on your keyboard, no gaming desk detail was too big or too small to escape our list. Forget rescuing the princess from another castle, these gaming desk setup ideas will turn your game room into your own personal castle.

19 gaming desk setup ideas for a flawless victory 

With these gaming desk setup ideas, even the NPCs will have something to say about your game room. Get ready to find your dream desk, deck it out with all the essential accessories, and level up your gaming station.

1. Choose a gaming desk with LED lights

Ardsley Z-framed Gaming Desk with LED Lighting Black

An RGB light strip allows you to personalize your computer with a colorful futuristic design. You can add an LED strip to any computer desk or choose a desk like this Ardsley Z-Frame Gaming Desk, which has LED lights with seven built-in color options.

2. Store more with an L-shaped desk

Gaming desk setup ideas: Hertford L-shape Office Desk with Storage Grey Driftwood

If you have to squeeze your entire home office and gaming room setup into a single corner of your living room, a corner desk will allow you to fit it all in. Choose a design like the Hertford L-Shaped Office Desk, which offers desk space plus storage space for all your gaming gadgets.

3. Make room with a compact desk gaming setup

3-tier Computer Desk Honey and Black

If even a corner desk is too big for your small space, you can create a minimalist gaming setup with a compact desk. This 3-Tier Computer Desk has a tabletop width of under three feet and makes use of vertical space to provide storage.

4. Use a height-adjustable standing desk

Gaming desk setup ideas: Myers Adjustable Height Standing Desk Weathered Pine and Antique Ivory

Working at a desk all day and then playing video games all night is not what the doctor ordered. A height-adjustable gaming desk setup, like this Meyers Adjustable Height Standing Desk, will allow you to change postures regularly, be less sedentary, and feel better at every level … including the next level.

5. Stay active with an under-desk treadmill

One of our favorite standing desk ideas for any workspace or game space is to add an under-desk treadmill so you can be less sedentary. After all, there’s no reason you have to be sitting throughout game time.

6. Set up a loft bed gaming station

Avoca Tempered Glass Top Gaming Desk Black

Whether you have a teen game room or simply live in a very small studio apartment, a loft bed helps you fit a game room in the bedroom. This Avalon Full Workstation Loft Bed offers 80 inches of desk space and a built-in shelf — just add an office chair!

7. Convert a closet

If you don’t have any spare floorspace for a gaming desk but you have a spare closet, convert it by adding a desk and chair that tucks into the closet. Close the closet doors when company comes over, then open them up when it’s time to play.

8. Add a cup holder

Gaming desk setup ideas: Brocton Metal Z-shaped Gaming Desk Black

Some of the best gaming setups, like the Brocton Metal Z-Shaped Gaming Desk, come with a built-in cup holder and headset hook. If you already have a desk, you can add your own cup holder attachment so you don’t have to worry about spilling your drinks on your gaming computer setup.

9. Install a hook for your headset

Gaming desk setup ideas: Tech Spec Gaming Desk with Cup Holder Gunmetal

Your headset is one of your most essential gaming accessories. Keep it nearby by adding a headphone stand or hook that hangs off the side of your desk. Or get a desk like the Tech Spec Gaming Desk that already has built-in accessory holders.

10. Get organized with floating shelves

Add floating shelves above your desk or around your TV to create more space to store your gaming accessories or display on-theme figurines and wall art.

11. Surround yourself with sound

Add wall mount speakers above your desk or install them all around your room to make your gaming sessions feel immersive. The good news is that you don’t need any extra space to make a surround-sound experience happen.

12. Include a PC case

A PC case goes on the outside of the body of your gaming PC. It protects your hardware while adding a stylish, futuristic design to your game room. Some will even allow you to mount your system unit under your desk.

13. Use a CPU stand

Gaming desk setup ideas: Russell 2-drawer CPU Stand Medium Oak

PC gamers need a place to store their system unit. If there isn’t enough room under your desk, place a CPU stand, like the Russell 2-Drawer CPU Stand, beside your desk for added storage.

14. Double up with dual monitors

Your monitor setup will improve your gaming experience and your skills. With a dual monitor setup, you’ll have twice the screen space and can take in more of the scene in your peripherals.

15. Make room for a monitor stand

Not only does a monitor stand or monitor mount allow you to set your gaming monitor to an ergonomic height, but the right stand will also create a small cubby beneath your monitor to give you more storage and organization.

16. Use every kind of gaming mouse

Speaking of ergonomics, your wrists take on a lot of stress from gaming too. Make your gaming sessions more comfortable by incorporating multiple mouses and controllers, including a joystick and racing wheel. Use a mouse pad with a built-in wrist guard to keep your wrist and hand in an ergonomic position.

17. Incorporate some cable management

Avoca Tempered Glass Top Gaming Desk Black

Attach cable management strips to the side of your desk to keep yourself from getting tangled in all the wires. Consider adding additional USB charging ports as well. You can find these as a separate desk attachment or choose a desk that has additional built-in charging ports, like the Avoca Tempered Glass Top Gaming Desk.

18. Choose an ultra-comfortable gaming chair

Bismark Power^2 Recliner with Storage Armrest Black

You could spend hours in your gaming chair at each session, so make sure it’s comfortable. Use an adjustable-height office chair for better ergonomics or forgo the office chair entirely and choose a massaging recliner like the Bismark Power^2 Recliner instead. Just remember to measure the space under your desk to make sure it will fit.

19. Ditch the desk in favor of a TV

If you have a gaming room, turn it into a comfortable hangout space by adding a reclining sofa and connecting your gaming console to a TV instead of a monitor. This is an obvious choice for consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, but it also works as a PC gaming setup. You’ll just need a WiFi-enabled TV or an auxiliary cable to attach your laptop to your TV screen.

Get your game on

We get it — you hit start on that video game and the next thing you know five hours have passed, and you’re still screaming at your teammates about the zombie that’s right behind them. Time flies, and if you don’t have a comfortable gaming desk setup, you’re going to feel all those hours you logged.

Sure, you can pick out the coolest gaming desk with all the built-in features — from a cup holder to an RGB light display to a headset hook. You can read the online reviews for every desk chair in the area. But to get the most comfortable setup, you have to try it on for size.

The only way to ensure your gaming desk will be a winner is to visit a local furniture store, sit at the desks, try every office chair, and take home the setup that feels the most comfortable to you. Think of it as a game — the goal is to get to your highest level of comfort. Ready, player one? Shop now.

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Hertford L-shape Office Desk with Storage Grey Driftwood

Hertford Collection

coaster-home-office-Avoca-Tempered-Glass-Top-Gaming-Desk-Black coaster-home-office-Avoca-Tempered-Glass-Top-Gaming-Desk-Black-hover

Avoca Tempered Glass Top Gaming Desk Black

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