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December 13, 2022

9 glam bedroom ideas for a beautiful boudoir

From subtle sparkle to majestic metallics, posh furniture to plush fabrics, these nine glam bedroom ideas will add just the right amount of glitz to your space.

From subtle sparkle to majestic metallics, posh furniture to plush fabrics, these nine glam bedroom ideas will add just the right amount of glitz to your space.

If you’re ready to make your bedroom the crowning achievement of your home design, then you need glam bedroom ideas worthy of royalty. So pull up your favorite throne because we’ve collected the best interior design ideas to add glamor to any space.

From subtle sparkle to majestic metallics, posh furniture to plush fabrics, these nine glam bedroom ideas will make your space more beautiful, more comfortable, and definitely more glamorous.

We’ll also share our favorite ways to incorporate these ideas into any bedroom. Once you’re done, you’ll be ready to shop for new bedroom decor with the confidence of a queen.

9 glam bedroom ideas that are so posh and so perfect

Get your glam on with these nine design ideas that can be incorporated into different elements of your decor. We’ll walk you through the design principles at play in each glam idea, and we’ll share a few different ways to incorporate them into your bedroom design.

1. Let your lighting shine through

Square Shade Table Lamp with Crystal Base White and Silver

Here’s a lightbulb moment for you: Light is the original source of sparkle, which makes it the original form of glamor. So when you’re ready to glam up your bedroom decor, you should start with your lighting.

A crystal chandelier is dripping with old world glamor, and it makes a beautiful focal point for any glam bedroom. But if you’re not ready to change out light fixtures or the price of a crystal chandelier makes you cringe, you can get similar glamor from smaller lighting.

Add a table lamp with a touch of crystal, like this lamp with a crystal base. Or incorporate a luxe floor lamp that looks like a chandelier with this chrome and crystal floor lamp. Any time you add crystal to your lighting, it helps diffuse the light and reflect it around the room to create a soft, glimmery, and oh-so glam look.

2. Reflect in style with a dressing mirror

Antonella Mirror with Nailhead Trim Camel

A mirror in the master bedroom serves multiple purposes. Not only does it help with your personal glam sessions — like choosing the perfect shoes for your outfit or getting your eyeliner just right — it also adds extra glamor to your bedroom. So whether you’re doing a personal makeover or a bedroom makeover, a mirror is a must.

An arched mirror looks like it’s straight out of Marie Antoinette’s bedroom, and it makes a posh piece of wall decor. (We love the elaborate arched designs on the Antonella Mirror with Nailhead Trim.) But there are multiple ways to use mirrors to transform your bedroom into an elaborate dressing room.

If you want to feel like a Hollywood starlet, make room for a makeup vanity with a built-in mirror and vanity lights. For larger bedrooms, incorporate a free-standing cheval mirror, and for small bedrooms, add a dresser mirror or wall mirror to get this glam look without taking up any floor space.

3. Surround yourself with satin

Glamor is all about luxury. And if you’re going to live a life of luxury, you need to surround yourself with comfort and softness.

The silky feel of satin will have you sleeping like royalty and waking up like a beauty queen. In fact, according to dermatologists, silk and satin pillowcases can help keep your skin hydrated and prevent breakage to your hair. (We love it when our glamorous bedroom design also makes us look and feel more glamorous!)

To make this posh fabric part of your glam decor, choose a satin or silk duvet with matching shams, incorporate satin curtains, or add a button-tufted satin throw pillow.

4. Go for grandeur with curves

Glam bedroom ideas: Manchester Bed with Upholstered Arched Headboard Beige and Wheat

For a truly regal design, incorporate furniture with curved silhouettes alongside your other glam bedroom ideas. Elaborate curves and scroll work are essential elements of some of the most timeless interior design styles, including French Country style and Hollywood Regency style (not to mention traditional Regency style — à la Jane Austen).

We’ve already mentioned the Marie Antoinette-level glamor of a curved wall mirror. Incorporate additional ornate curves by choosing a bed frame that features an arched silhouette on the headboard and footboard — like the Evangeline Upholstered Bed or the Manchester Bed.

For a more modern bedroom, think circles instead of arches. The simple curves of a round headboard — like the June Upholstered Headboard — provide a soft, glamorous look without taking any cues from traditional design.

5. Enjoy voluptuous velvet

Glam bedroom ideas: Deanna Eastern King Tufted Upholstered Bed Grey

Another luxurious fabric to add to your room decor is velvet, which always feels indulgent. But while a velvet duvet is cozy in cold climates, it can be too warm for the summertime. If you want your home decor to stand up to any season, incorporate velvet in other areas of your bedroom instead.

This thick fabric is ideal for curtains because it blocks out a lot of light. It also looks beautiful on an upholstered bed frame, like the Deanna Upholstered Bed. Velvet also makes a dramatic statement as a furniture finish — you can find velvet dressers and nightstands that add glamor in unexpected ways.

6. Have fun with mirrored furniture

Glam bedroom ideas: 4-door Accent Cabinet Antique White

Much like how a wall mirror can help reflect light around your bedroom, mirrored furniture can do the same. Add more glitz to your glam bedroom ideas with mirrored nightstands, dressers, or accent cabinets.

You can find mirrored furniture in modern and traditional silhouettes — just look at the difference between this mirrored nightstand with its mid-mod silhouette and this two-drawer nightstand with its more traditional design.

One of our favorite decor ideas is to use an accent cabinet in the bedroom. While they’re traditionally used in the dining room, accent cabinets make beautiful alternatives to dressers and the cabinet doors allow for uninterrupted mirrored designs, like you see on this mirrored cabinet with glamorous lattice work.

7. Go for gold

Glam bedroom ideas: Kendall 2-Drawer Nightstand Black and Gold

The most glamorous of all the metallic colors, gold adds a luxe touch to any space. This color is essential to traditional, Art Deco, and Hollywood Regency design — some of the most glamorous interior design movements of the last millennium. Use it as an accent by incorporating small touches of gold throughout your bedroom decor.

Frame your wall art with gold photo frames — even minimalist square frames look more glam in gold. You can also choose a gold-framed wall mirror, or look for furniture that features gold hardware, like this black and gold nightstand.

8. Feel cozy with faux fur

If your posh design isn’t feeling plush enough, faux fur will add instant softness. Incorporate this luxurious material by adding a faux fur area rug, throw pillow, or blanket. And if you’re thinking, “Satin, velvet, or faux fur — which do I choose?,” the answer is simple. Choose all three.

While each of these fabrics adds a little glamor on its own, the three combined will give you a truly decadent design. Plus, the contrasting textures add visual interest, even if they’re all in the same color palette. In fact, mixing textures is the ideal way to mix things up in a minimalist white bedroom.

9. Go très chic with a chaise

Tufted Cushion Chaise with Nailhead Trim Grey

If your bedroom is big enough, there’s just one final touch you need to live as glamorously as an old Hollywood movie star — a chaise lounge. A chaise lounge, which is sometimes called a fainting couch because it’s the same sofa that would catch starlets as they dramatically fainted in old movies, looks even more dramatic in the bedroom than it does in the living room.

This Tufted Cushion Chaise with its velvet upholstery and curved silhouette will match the rest of your glam bedroom design. But if you have a small bedroom, a chaise may take up too much space. You can get a similar look by adding an upholstered accent bench at the foot of your bed.

Gitz and glam your bedroom decor

Glitter isn’t all you need for glamor, but it certainly helps. As you begin your bedroom makeover, start with elements that will add a little sparkle to your room. Crystal light fixtures, mirrored furniture, and gold accents will make your space shine.

Add a little luxury with soft fabrics like satin, velvet, and faux fur. Then, keep the softness coming with curved silhouettes and posh pieces of furniture, like a chaise lounge.

To discover more glam bedroom ideas, go browse in person. Your local Coaster Furniture store is full of beautiful pieces that can make your style shine brighter than a crystal chandelier.

coaster-living-room-Lydia-Tufted-Cushion-Chaise-with-Nailhead-Trim-Grey coaster-living-room-Lydia-Tufted-Cushion-Chaise-with-Nailhead-Trim-Grey-hover

Lydia Tufted Cushion Chaise with Nailhead Trim Grey

coaster-bedroom-Kendall-2-drawer-Nightstand-Black-and-Gold coaster-bedroom-Kendall-2-drawer-Nightstand-Black-and-Gold-hover

Kendall 2-drawer Nightstand Black and Gold

coaster-bedroom-Manchester-Bed-with-Upholstered-Arched-Headboard-Beige-and-Wheat coaster-bedroom-Manchester-Bed-with-Upholstered-Arched-Headboard-Beige-and-Wheat-hover

Manchester Bed with Upholstered Arched Headboard Beige and Wheat

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