Guest room ideas: 9 ways to create an inviting yet functiona

July 29, 2021

Guest room ideas: 9 ways to create an inviting yet functional space

Make your guests feel right at home with these guest room ideas that will work whether you have minimal space or a larger area.

Make your guests feel right at home with these guest room ideas that will work whether you have minimal space or a larger area.

The guest room is a special spot in the home because it’s designed with guests in mind. A guest room should provide your friends and family with an inspiring, uncluttered, and comfortable space that helps them feel cared for and rested. Whether you’re sprucing up an existing guest room or decorating one from scratch, we’re here to help.

This guide includes easy and useful guest room ideas that will work whether you have a small guest bedroom or a more spacious spare bedroom. Choose the guest bedroom decorating ideas that best suit your space and needs, and get ready to create an area that looks and feels like it was decorated by a professional interior designer. 

9 guest room ideas your loved ones will adore

Your guest room should feel inviting and homey while still providing functionality and convenience. Much like your master bedroom, a guest bedroom should also set the mood for a calm and restful night’s sleep. But it’s not just about what the bedroom looks like it’s about what you provide in this guest space. 

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite ideas to give any guest room a welcoming makeover. Whether you’re working with a large or small bedroom, the following guest room ideas should point you in the right direction. 

1. Create a guest basket 

guest room ideas: guest basket on the floor

Put together a basket with all the little things your guests might want or need during their stay. You can keep the basket stowed away until your company arrives, which is especially helpful if you have a small space and the guest room is also your home office or living area.

Here are some items you might want to keep in your guest basket:

  • A card with your home’s Wi-Fi name and password
  • Toiletries (travel-sized toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.)
  • Spare chargers 
  • Towels
  • Tea and instant coffee
  • Coffee mug
  • Snacks
  • Games or toys (crossword puzzles, coloring books, fidget toys, etc.)
  • Books

Some of these items are essential while others are simply fun extras. Include items you’d like to find in your basket, but also think about including items for every age of guest you might host.

2. Provide extra blankets (and pillows)

guest room ideas: modern room interior

Keeping extra blankets and bed linens for your guests is essential. People prefer different temperatures when they sleep, and you never want your guests shivering (or sweating) through the night. For example, you might keep a coverlet between the bedsheets and the duvet cover, as well as a bed scarf at the foot of the bed and a few throw blankets in a basket or chest. 

Along with the extra blankets, don’t forget extra throw pillows. A pile of throw pillows on the bed can make it seem more inviting, but it’s also more accommodating for guests. You never know who will need a knee pillow or who prefers to sleep propped up. Don’t worry about overdoing it pillows can always be stacked off to the side overnight.

3. Don’t forget the bedside table 

guest room ideas: Cambridge 3-drawer Rectangular Nightstand from Coaster

Include at least one bedside table or nightstand, even if you’re working with limited space. Your guests will need somewhere to keep their belongings, from books to contacts to water glasses. Most bedside tables are also easy to move around the room, offering your guests added functionality and versatility. 

Side or end tables offer a great spot to keep your welcome basket, as well as some fresh flowers or greenery for your guests. Also, no guest room should be without a table lamp, and a side table is the perfect spot to display it.

If you need somewhere to store your welcome basket when not in use, an end table with storage is an excellent multipurpose option.

4. Provide good lighting 

guest room ideas: cozy room interior

Lighting options can dramatically change the guest room experience. For example, your guest might want to stay up and read after everyone else has turned in for the night. It’s also nice to have lighting in unfamiliar rooms when guests need to get up for water or a bathroom break. Some great lighting options to choose from include: 

A table lamp or floor lamp is a great place to start, but if you want to get creative, try sconces, chandeliers, and fun nightlights. For a DIY approach, you might hang string lights to make the room feel dreamy, potentially over the headboard or around the bedroom.

5. Pick a comfy bed and bedding

guest room ideas: Rogen Fill/Twin XI/Queen Triple Bunk Bed from Coaster

The perfect guest room has a bed that’s comfy and beckons guests with luxurious bedding. The right bed comes down to the space you’re working with and the guests you host. For example, if your guest room is also your living room or family room, a pullout couch or even a daybed could be a great fit. Or, if you have a small guest room and often host families, a bunk bed with two or three twin beds might be the best choice. 

As for sheets and pillow cases, white bedding is always a safe bet. White is easy to bleach and keep clean, which is why hotels favor white bedding. It’s also calming and makes the room feel less cluttered

6. Choose a theme 

cactus themed room

Selecting a theme for your guest room will make it easier to narrow in on bedroom decor ideas. Choose a theme that suits your home decor style and personality and keep a cohesive color scheme for a soothing effect. Here are some theme and design ideas to get you started: 

The key is to decide what you’re going for with the bedroom design and styling. From there, pick a palette of four to six colors that suit your theme. Color schemes work best when everything from the bed frame to the throw pillows to the wall art stays within the palette. 

7. Create a reading nook

modern reading nook interior

Nothing adds a sense of coziness like a comfy sitting area. If you have the space, be sure to include extra seating to make your guests feel comfortable. One of the best guest room ideas is to create a reading nook. Don’t let the idea intimidate you, though. You just want to find a spot in the room that you can set up as a cozy, inviting reading zone. 

A comfortable armchair or accent chair, side table, and warm lamp grouped together will usually do the trick. Bonus points if you include a spare throw blanket and some good books (even if you already included books in your welcome basket). 

8. Keep it clean

Bowfield Eastern Kind Velvet Upholstered Bed from Coaster

Aside from the essentials, you want your guest room to be clean and uncluttered. Depending on the size of your space, this could mean different things. In a very small bedroom, it might mean swapping the reading nook idea for a folding chair. In a mid-sized bedroom, it might mean having two side tables and a small reading chair. 

Whatever the case, tidying up is a must before your guests arrive. Clean spaces feel more welcoming and relaxing, and no guest wants to stay in a messy or cluttered guest room. 

9. Personalize it 

gift box on a bed

Consider giving your guests a personalized note or gift in addition to a clean and beautiful guest bedroom. This might be a short note to a family member about how much you’ve missed them, or just their favorite candy bar. These small personal touches can make their time away from home feel like a true vacation. 

If you’re less familiar with who you’re hosting (hello, Airbnb hosts!), a welcome note with your guest’s name on it is fine. Just something to let them know that the room was prepared especially for their visit can go a long way in making your guest feel welcome. 

Design a dreamy guest bedroom

Once you finish your guest room design, you might find yourself wanting to host friends and family every weekend! Let yourself have fun picking a theme and creating an escape for your guests. Check out the full Coaster Furniture catalog for some key pieces for your guest room and use our store locator when you’re ready to buy.

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