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January 23, 2023

Happy hour upgrades: 6 home bar ideas for every budget

Whether you have plenty of square footage or a tiny space, these home bar ideas will suit your style and your budget.

Whether you have plenty of square footage or a tiny space, these home bar ideas will suit your style and your budget.

Ready to make your dreams of having a bar in your own home a reality? These home bar ideas will get you there. You’ll never have to worry about missing happy hour again, and you can kiss those $15 drinks goodbye. Whether you’re a homeowner with plenty of square footage or a renter in a tiny New York apartment, having these home bar ideas will help you find the perfect fit for your space — and your budget.

Top 6 home bar ideas to inspire your inner bartender

You can bring your dreams of having a home bar to life no matter how much space you’re working with. We’ve collected home bar ideas that work for everything from bachelor pads to French Country cottages. As a bonus, you’ll also find budget ranges, product recommendations to make each idea easier to execute, and helpful tips and tricks. Bottoms up!

1. Breakfast bar

Kitchen with an island bar

Budget: Low

Who said a breakfast bar is just for eating eggs and toast? It’s also an excellent spot for morning mimosas, comforting coffee with a dash of Irish cream, or a fun night with friends.

This might be the perfect home bar idea if your home design already includes a countertop island. All you need is some counter-height stools or chairs — which you might already have — and you’re good to go. And since you’ll be close to the kitchen, you’ll have everything you need for a wet bar, which makes cleanup much more straightforward.

Many kitchen islands feature storage cabinets underneath, which you can use to store glassware, decanters, wine bottles, and anything else you need for your mini bar. Or you can opt for a stylish bar cart to bring the drinks tableside.

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2. Basement bar

Bar are with bar stools

Budget: Low to high

If your basement is underused or it’s already a game room, man cave, or hangout spot, a basement bar could be an excellent option. Building a basement bar can range from adding a bar cart beside your sofa to full-scale renovation.

For homeowners who are up for a makeover, you might install a full wet bar that looks just like a real bar. For example, you could pick some thematic interior design and bar decor to recreate a retro speakeasy or pub-style lounge. 

Whatever you choose, here are a few ideas to make it complete:

  • Plumbing with a sink for washing shakers and barware and to keep the bar top sanitary
  • Stainless steel or mirror backsplash behind floating shelves
  • Built-in bar counter and bar stools
  • Beer tap
  • Wine refrigerator
  • Dining table and chairs for entertaining

If you had something smaller-scale in mind, a bar cart or dry bar unit can transform your basement too. Instead of a refrigerator, you can keep your drinks cold with an ice bucket and a wine cooler.

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3. Living room lounge

Home bar ideas: 2-shelf Bar Unit with Footrest Dark Oak

Budget: Low to mid-level

Adding a bar cabinet to your daily living space can make it feel more fun to relax with a drink. This home bar idea works well in small areas. And if you’d like more storage than a bar cart can offer, you can always store your bottles, wine glasses, or decanters on a bookshelf. (How’s that for multifunctional furniture?)

If you have extra space, add a bar unit and a pair of bar stools to complete the lounge-style look.

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4. Dining room table

Home bar ideas: 5-piece Bar Set Weathered Chestnut and Black

Budget: Low to mid-level

The dining room is the heart of the home in some households, but it’s woefully underused in others. If your dining area needs a fresh makeover, this home bar idea might turn it into a hotspot in your home.

Add a stylish counter-height table and chair set, a bit of bar-themed home decor, and a bar cart, and you’re in business. Bonus points if you install pendant lights or opt for a full-scale bar unit.

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5. Outdoor bar

Outdoor kitchen and dining area at a patio

Budget: Low to high

Adding an outdoor bar is an excellent way to enhance your backyard entertaining space. Of course, it’ll be easier if you already have a functional outdoor kitchen. But if not, you have a few options.

For homeowners who are up for adding a permanent fixture, you only need some cabinetry to use as storage space, a bartop for mixing and serving, and maybe a sink to keep the barware clean. For those who just want to enjoy some drinks on the patio, you can get away with bringing an indoor bar cart outside — and back indoors when you’re done.

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6. Secret bedroom bar

Home bar ideas: Serving Cart with Glass Shelves Clear and Black

Budget: Low to mid-level

This last idea is for the parents in the audience or anyone who’d like to add a touch of lounge style to their bedroom (or home office). The good news is that it can be as extravagant or minimalist as you’d like.

Bar carts and units make it easier than ever to tuck a small home bar setup in your bedroom. This setup gives you a bar area to store bottles and wine glasses out of sight. And if you’re feeling fancy, add a wine fridge or a bookshelf for extra storage and a pair of bar stools for date night.

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Home bar design tips and tricks

You don’t need an extensive home bar to make it stylish, so bring your design idea to life with these quick tips and tricks.

  • Make it unique: Look for stand-out choices that suit your home’s style and layout. For example, if your living room has an unused fireplace, you might repurpose it as a wine rack.
  • Try DIY: Home bar ideas are flexible and excellent for DIY-ers. For instance, you could make bar stools using old tractor seats or reclaimed wood pallets.
  • Have fun: Pick design ideas you find exciting — after all, that’s what a home bar is for! Always loved those neon signs? Hang one above your bar.
  • Make it a group project: If you’re building your home bar for gatherings with friends, ask them to contribute. They might even be willing to pool funds so you can invest in a more extensive bar setup.
  • Keep recipes on hand: Adding a few cocktail books to your home bar will help you find new drinks you can make with what you have on hand. Plus, they’ll look super swanky alongside the rest of your barware.

Bottoms up!

Various cocktail drinks on a bar

Once you’ve found a home bar idea that fits your vision, it’s time to start putting it together. And if you haven’t found the perfect furniture for the look you want, Coaster Furniture is here to help. Here are some quick links to help you find the perfect pieces:

When you’re ready to buy, our store locator will help you find a local retailer for convenient purchasing and pickup options.

coaster-bar-stools-chairs-kitchen-dining-Santana-5-piece-Pub-Height-Bar-Table-Set-Weathered-Chestnut coaster-bar-stools-chairs-kitchen-dining-Santana-5-piece-Pub-Height-Bar-Table-Set-Weathered-Chestnut-hover

Santana 5-piece Pub Height Bar Table Set Weathered Chestnut

coaster-bars-bar-sets-kitchen-dining-Ridgebrook-2-shelf-Bar-Unit-with-Footrest-Dark-Oak coaster-bars-bar-sets-kitchen-dining-Ridgebrook-2-shelf-Bar-Unit-with-Footrest-Dark-Oak-hover

Ridgebrook 2-shelf Bar Unit with Footrest Dark Oak

coaster-bars-bar-sets-kitchen-dining-Renaldi-3-shelf-Home-Bar-Wine-Cabinet-Rustic-Nutmeg coaster-bars-bar-sets-kitchen-dining-Renaldi-3-shelf-Home-Bar-Wine-Cabinet-Rustic-Nutmeg-hover

Renaldi 3-shelf Home Bar Wine Cabinet Rustic Nutmeg

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