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November 24, 2020

Best kids bedroom furniture: How to shop for every age

Learn how to design a dream space on a budget with these useful tips and techniques for buying kids’ bedroom furniture.

Learn how to design a dream space on a budget with these useful tips and techniques for buying kids’ bedroom furniture.

Upgrading your child’s room over time is a rite of passage. As they grow older, so does their need for furniture that fits their stage of life. While not all kids’ bedroom furniture is meant to stay with them forever, you can still make changes without breaking the bank.

With a few smart upgrades through the years, combined with kid-approved decor and accent pieces, you can make both your child and your wallet happy. Learn how to design a dream space on a budget with these useful tips and techniques.

You don’t have to upgrade everything at once

When it comes to kids’ bedroom furniture, there are certain inevitable upgrades, like a crib to a toddler bed. But you don’t have to replace every item of furniture in your kid’s room as they grow older.

Instead, focus on interspersing age-appropriate pieces with more longer-lasting items they won’t outgrow. For instance, say you have a younger child who wants a canopy bed. Make sure the complementary pieces like the dresser or nightstands will last through many phases to come by choosing practical designs and classic finishes.

You can always give your child more freedom when it comes to room colors, wall art, and duvet covers so they can express themselves. Each stage of your child’s life may present a new home decor challenge, but there’s no need to overspend.

Kids’ bedroom furniture for infants to toddlers

Coaster nursery furniture chair with ottoman

For nursery furniture, think beyond the crib for accent pieces that can stay in your child’s room for years to come. For example, a glider, recliner, or accent chair is a must for those long, sleepless nights with a newborn. But the right chair can remain a useful piece in the bedroom and transition to the living room later.

If the nursery is a small space, make sure any furniture aside from the crib has the right measurements to keep the room inviting and livable. As the little one starts walking, you’ll want to clear as much floor space as possible, especially if the bedroom doubles as a playroom. If it does, you can also utilize a few drawers in a kids’ dresser for books, toys, and other play items to keep premium space available.

Coaster kids bedroom furniture set

One of the first upgrades you’ll likely have to make is going from a crib to a toddler bed or even a “big kid” twin bed. When your child outgrows their crib, they’ll get an exciting taste of what it’s like to pick out their own furniture. Have a few options in mind that are in your budget and space specifications.

This is also potentially a good time to look at larger kids’ bedroom furniture sets. When selected carefully, a kids’ bedroom set will be a delightful backdrop through many stages of their life. Because this is a larger investment and you’re less likely to swap in pieces over time, make sure you still have plenty of fun colors and wall decor to balance out the more mature look of a matching set.

While the initial investment for all of the nursery furniture you will need could cost around $1,000 with a crib, chair, and dresser, you should be able to get the room ready for a toddler for about $500 if you only need to upgrade the bed and one or two other pieces.

Making the switch from a toddler room to a young kids’ bedroom

Coaster canopy bed

Depending on what room changes you made between infancy and toddlerhood, you may not have to stretch your wallet too much to change things up for your young child. As they enter elementary school, their interests and world will expand. They start to mature in other ways, too, including being old enough for their first bunk bed.

Bunk beds are not only a great space saver in shared bedrooms, but they’re a fun piece of kids’ bedroom furniture that always scores cool points when friends are over. When it’s time to change from a toddler bed, a twin bunk bed or even a full bunk bed are budget-friendly bed frame options for expanding sleeping space.

Kids bedroom furniture: Upholstered daybed

Another unique way to add some more sleeping options is a daybed that includes a trundle. While these are great for kids’ bedroom furniture, they add a creative element even as your child gets older.

Another idea is to focus on a few simple shifts. Kid beds are often just age-appropriate twin beds, so your child may already have one they love sleeping in. Switch out the headboard for one in their favorite color or a versatile palette as they get older and want more say in the design.

This stage is a good time to introduce some affordable children’s furniture like toy boxes, bookcases, and kids’ nightstands for a little more flair. Another option is adding storage cabinets that can be used for toys now and other items as they grow.

Once again, the best way to make your child’s dreams come true is by knowing your budget ahead of time and adjusting expectations. It’s totally possible to embrace your child’s burgeoning interest in self-expression without spending too much. Little details and a lot of patience will help you here.

Depending on the updates you made when it was time to change out nursery furniture, this stage shouldn’t be too expensive. You may expect to spend about $1,000 if you want to get a whole bunk bed and another mattress. However, if you only need to add a few pieces, you should have no problem keeping this upgrade under $500.

Preteens: The perfect time for investments

Coaster preteen room with bunk bed

As your child enters middle school, they may start to spend more time in their room than ever. Whether it’s because of increasing responsibility at school or just growing up, they’ll likely want a room that feels relaxing and reflects their personality.

With more schoolwork and creative hobbies in the mix, getting the right desk now will serve them for years to come. While a kids’ desk may no longer be an option at this point, you can still get one with fun options and deck it out with framed pictures and storage.

More than likely, a bunk bed or trundle bed is still fine for a preteen. However, if a bed upgrade is necessary, consider a loft bed that includes a desk workspace and allows plenty of room for storage.

coaster hutch kids room

Another idea is a simple storage bed or a hutch to put away things that may have sentimental value, but are no longer an active part of your child’s life. While your kid may outgrow a loft bed over time, if the other furniture in their bedroom is fairly neutral and classic, you may only need to replace one item.

This is also the time when accent pieces are seriously fun. Bean bag chairs? Yes, please. Futons for lounging or playing video games? Oh, yes. (If there’s space, this is an investment that could end up going to college with them.) Bookcases and bookshelves are great for displaying their artwork and interests as well as their favorite books from over the years.

A few smart investments are key to turning a kid’s bedroom into a space that doesn’t feel too childlike at this stage. Being able to put away old toys and have more personal elements is key. Investing in things like a desk, bookcase, and storage can happen for a budget of about $1,500.

What teenagers will want in their bedrooms

coaster teenager room

If you’re lucky, you won’t have to change much furniture by the time your child enters their teenage years. The challenge will be making their room the ultimate space for self-expression. When it comes to budget-friendly options, they may enjoy DIY projects or creating their own wall decor. However, some furniture upgrades may be necessary to keep all things running smoothly in your household.

First of all, it may be time to ditch the twin-size bed if you haven’t already. Teens want space to sprawl, plus they’re growing quickly. A full-size bed is a perfect replacement that won’t totally overtake their space (or your wallet).

Another thing they may outgrow is their loft bed or bunk bed from earlier years. If you can move this to a younger child’s room, it’s a perfect way to get the best of both worlds. If your teen still needs plenty of storage space, consider a storage bed as an alternative to the loft bed they might not love so much anymore. While it won’t clear floor space in the same way, it will still offer storage nooks under the bed.

Kids bedroom furniture: A teen's bed with storage

Teens may literally outgrow other things from a kids’ bedroom, like a small desk without room for a computer or a children’s dresser without enough room for their clothing. If you need to replace multiple items at once, consider investing in a full bedroom set that they can use well into young adulthood. They may even be able to take it to their first apartment.

If you don’t need to upgrade any of the basics, adding in a new bookcase or a TV stand for their own television will make you a hero in their eyes. If you have a spare accent chair or futon, offer it to them for their space when their friends come over. If you thought your child’s bedroom was a playroom for them when they were younger, just wait until they hit their teenage years!

Adolescence might be the most expensive upgrade stage, but the goal is to provide your teenager with furniture that they’ll love even into adulthood. If they’re especially invested in getting the pieces they want, they may be able to pitch in depending on how old they are. A whole room redo will cost closer to $2,000, but if your teen only has a few “must-have” upgrades, you can cut that budget in half.

It’s possible to create your kid’s dream space on a budget

The key to having a budget that’s as happy as your child is to invest in pieces at the right time so they’ll last more than a few years.

While having those classic kids’ furniture pieces is important, it’s also crucial to mix in your child’s favorite colors, wall decor, and other fun elements so they never feel like they’re in a “boring” grown-up room.

Lastly, an easy and cost-effective way to get a beautiful backdrop for their more personal choices is by opting for chic kids’ bedroom sets that will stand the test of time.

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