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January 17, 2021

5 kids’ bedroom ideas for all ages

Finding kid’s bedroom ideas that you and your child will like can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Whether you’re decorating for a toddler or young adult, our guide has you covered.

Finding kid’s bedroom ideas that you and your child will like can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Whether you’re decorating for a toddler or young adult, our guide has you covered.

Designing your kid’s bedroom is both an exciting and challenging experience. On one hand, you’re creating a space for your little one(s) to grow and play. On the other hand, you’re probably desperately searching for kids’ bedroom ideas because it’s tough to make a fun and functional room that you’ll both love for years to come.

This helpful guide will give you all the tips and design ideas you need to make a space that makes everyone happy. We’ll help you identify your child’s current desires and needs so you can put the fun back in functional at any age.

Quick tips for finding the best kids’ bedroom ideas

Kids bedroom ideas: Chapman twin over full bunk bed white

The best way to get an idea of what your kid wants in their bedroom is to ask them. If you’re met with an “I don’t know,” observe them and talk to them about what they like (and don’t like). You’ll get ideas that will guide your design choices for the better.

Whether you’re giving your child’s room a mini makeover or starting from scratch, a few great ideas will go a long way. Below, we’ve outlined a few tips to get you started before diving into our favorite kids’ room ideas.

Keep it simple

Less is more when you’re decorating a kid’s room. Keep the kids’ bedroom furniture to a minimum and the decor simple. Doing so provides more floor space to play and leaves a canvas to update as your child grows up. Plus, many children’s rooms are in a small space, so a minimalist approach prevents making things too cramped.

If your child asks for something particular, like bookshelves for toys or a bean bag for relaxing, a simple layout leaves enough room to add these pieces.

Make it kid-friendly

If you’re decorating for a younger child, start by imagining what the world would be like if you were three-feet tall and full of wonder. Low bins, pint-sized table sets, and easy-access hooks encourage independent playtime. Meanwhile, bright colors and fun prints make the world feel more magical.

For those decorating for more grown-up teens, you can still start by seeing the world through their eyes. Think about their favorite colors, hobbies, aesthetics, and interests without judgment. Putting yourself in your child’s shoes always helps.

Focus on play

Kids bedroom ideas: Parkview full workstation loft bed black

Focus on what your little one likes most: play! If your child has fun in their room, it’ll be a hit no matter what it looks like. If you’re decorating for a preteen or teen, naturally you don’t need to make a playroom. However, it’s another chance to practice putting yourself in their shoes.

From wooden blocks to console gaming, all kids love to play. You just need to identify what that looks like for them.

Add lots of storage

Toys, games, books, and an ever-changing wardrobe are just some of the things your child will need to store. Kids collect a lot of stuff. Corralling the clutter is tough, and even more so if you’re working with a small space. Look for fun and convenient storage options that multiply the storage while keeping plenty of free floor space.

As your kid grows up, you can repurpose chests and dressers from toy storage to craft storage to clothes storage in minutes. Find chests and dressers that fit your space, and don’t forget clothing storage as sometimes a closet is not enough.

Play with patterns and textures

When browsing children’s bedrooms online, you’ll notice that careful use of patterns and textures takes the look to the next level. Pick designs that your little one will love based on their preferences and interests.

From flowers and animals on the walls to an artistic rug, you’ll find countless ways to add patterns and textures to your child’s room no matter how old they are.

Make room to learn and explore

Providing your child with a place to learn and explore will keep their hands and mind busy. It can also help with physical and mental development. A work area with a desk lets little ones color and do crafts, and it easily transitions into a quiet homework zone as they grow up.

Your kiddo might also enjoy a chalkboard, painting area, creative activity station, or a bookcase to keep their action figures or dolls.

Give them a retreat

Everyone needs to get away from time to time, regardless of age. A reading nook, bed with curtains, or bunk bed that can double as a pillow fort can turn into a retreat for your child. Bunk and loft beds work well for this because your kiddo can hang sheets from the bed frame for privacy. The cozier, the better.

5 DIY kids’ bedroom ideas

A kid’s room should be an DIY project with the right furniture. The main elements are a bed, storage for clothes, extra storage for toys and other items, a work area, and plenty of room to play. The bed will usually be the focal point of the room, so use it as the basis for the rest of the design.

Any of the following ideas can be customized to work in a boy’s room, a girl’s room, or a gender-neutral room. The main difference between a girl’s bedroom and a boy’s bedroom is usually the colors and themes. But if you want your kid to love their room, base your designs on what they enjoy, not what’s “appropriate” for a boy’s or girl’s room.

1. Camping trip: Good for kids ages 2 to 12

Kids bedroom ideas: Camouflage tent lofted bed with lower playspace army green

If your little one loves the outdoors, a camping theme is a fun choice. Start with a bed that’ll make them feel like they’re in a tent or cabin, and then add thematic decor throughout the room. You might add a DIY branch chandelier, a star projector, or a mountain mural accent wall to bring the scene to life.

The bed you choose will largely depend on your kid’s camping style. Pictured above is a Camouflage Tent Lofted Bed with Lower Playspace. If you think the slide is a bit much, opt for the Camouflage Tent Loft Bed with Ladder instead.

To capture a lighter look, this Fultonville Twin Metal Tent Bed cuts a classic shape. And this Belton House-themed Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed can make their bedroom feel like a mountain cabin, especially if you add fake foliage or other thematic elements.

For storage and additional room features, we recommend checking out the following options:

2. Glamorous getaway: Good for kids ages 2 to 12

Kids bedroom ideas: Massi twin canopy bed powder pink

Make your kiddo feel like royalty with a glamorous bedroom. Whether your little girl wants to feel like a princess or your little boy wants to feel like a king, this theme can do it all. It’s also great for kids who like to feel grown-up because an elegant style can feel quite adult to them. Try using wall art to reflect the particular type of glam your kid wants, and focus on pastel colors to seal the look.

The Massi Twin Canopy Bed pictured above can double as a getaway if you drape fabric over the canopy. For something a bit more grown-up, check out this Caroline Full Upholstered Storage Bed or the Belmont Upholstered Bedroom Set.

If your child prefers something a bit more boho, or if you need a pair of twin beds for a two-child bedroom, this Belton Twin/Twin Bunk Bed with Canopy will do the trick. You can also consider a comfy pouf for additional seating.

For storage and additional room features, check out the following options:

3. Study and gaming loft: Good for kids ages 8 to 16

Kids bedroom ideas: Perris twin workstation loft bed cappuccino

Remember when we said to focus on elements of play? Gaming counts too. Even better, most gaming stations double nicely as a study space. A loft bed and desk combo can provide a work and gaming station, shelving, and reading nook all in one. It’s excellent for practicality and making your child feel at home.

The Perris Twin Workstation Loft Bed pictured above pairs nicely with this sleek gaming-ready upholstered office chair. If your kid has a game console in their room, they can roll the chair over for ergonomic gameplay. Or you could opt for the Jenner Twin Futon Workstation Loft Bed, which has a futon that could face towards their console or TV.

Make it cool by adding color-changing LED light strips or black light strips. Posters and wall art are like icing on the cake.

For storage and additional room features, consider the following options:

4. Staycation room: Good for kids ages 8 to 16

Arched back twin daybed with trundle cappuccino

A staycation room creates a retreat for your kid to escape to and relax in. School is stressful, and so is growing up, so give your child a staycation whenever they’re in their bedroom. Doing so will require putting yourself in their shoes or talking to them about what they’d like. Pick a theme that suits their personality and make it relaxing, like a custom hotel room or B&B.

The Arched Back Twin Daybed with Trundle tucks the spare bed underneath instead of placing it overhead for a more mature look. And who doesn’t want to lounge on a daybed after a long day? The Altadena Full Canopy Bed With LED Lighting is another fun and relaxing option your kid might love.

Add finishing touches like artificial plants, posters, wall art, a bookshelf, and fun room features that your kid will like. The more their bedroom feels like a getaway, the better.

For storage and additional room features, we recommend checking out the following options:

5. Mature bedroom: Good for kids ages 12 to 18

Montgomery twin over futon bunk bed glossy black

If you’re decorating for a preteen or adolescent, remember that their bedroom doubles as a living room more than ever. Teenagers need space to be their own people, and whether you like it or not, they’ll probably spend a lot of their time in their bedroom.

The Montgomery Twin Over Futon Bunk Bed pictured above helps make the room more of a chill-out zone with the futon couch. Add a desk like the Tech Spec Gaming Desk With Cup Holder for studying (and gaming) and a chair like this Office Chair with Mesh Backrest to complete the look.

Alternatively, try the Devon Upholstered Bedroom Set or the Dorian Bedroom Set. Both of these full bedroom sets will make the room feel more adult, but you may still want to add a beanbag or futon for that living room look. Anything fun and hobby-oriented can keep the room from becoming too dreary.

For storage and additional room features, you can’t go wrong with the following options:

It’s time to start designing

Princess castle twin tent loft bed pink and perwinkle

With these kids’ bedroom ideas, you can find the right furniture to give your kid’s room an age-appropriate makeover that grows with them.

Keep your kid’s preferences in mind and see the world through their eyes, and you’re sure to come up with something that’s fun and functional. For more inspiration, check out the full selection of kids’ bedroom furniture from Coaster.

coaster-bunk-loft-beds-kids-bedroom-bedroom-Chapman-Twin-Over-Full-Bunk-Bed-White coaster-bunk-loft-beds-kids-bedroom-bedroom-Chapman-Twin-Over-Full-Bunk-Bed-White-hover

Chapman Twin Over Full Bunk Bed White

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Parkview Full Workstation Loft Bed Black

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