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September 20, 2022

11 Kids’ Desk Ideas to Fit Your Space and Your Budget

These kids’ desk ideas will help you create the perfect space for your little one to learn, grow, and get organized without breaking your budget.

These kids’ desk ideas will help you create the perfect space for your little one to learn, grow, and get organized without breaking your budget.

A kids’ work area is a great way to prepare your little one for all their big dreams. When you add a desk to your playroom, family room, kids’ bedroom, or home office, it creates space for art projects, homework, games, and creativity.

Giving your kids their own desk area can also teach responsibility. It’s your kids’ area, so they’ll need to figure out how to organize it and take care of it. When you give your kids their own desk space, you’ll give them the tools they need to organize everything from their school supplies to their Legos.

Desks are also the space where we do the mental work of organizing our days, weeks, and lives. So a child’s desk is the perfect place to introduce your kiddo to calendars, to-do lists, and other simple tools to keep their lives (and school work) on track.

Consider these 11 kids’ desk ideas that will help you create the perfect space for your little one to learn, grow, and get organized.

11 Kids’ Desk Ideas for a Fun and Functional Space

With these 11 kids’ desk ideas, you’ll be able to make over any space into a kids’ workspace. We’ve got ideas to fit large and small rooms, and we’ve got all the inspiration you need to transform your kids’ desk space into a kid’s homework station, study area, or art studio.

1. Choose a Bed With a Built-In Desk

Kids desk ideas: Millie Twin Workstation Loft Bed White

One bedroom idea that every kid loves is a loft bed. As long as your youngster is old enough to climb a ladder, a loft bed with a built-in desk, like the Hyde Full Workstation Loft Bed, can save you a lot of space. Plus, your kid will feel like they get to climb into their own personal fort every night. For smaller kids, try the Millie Twin Workstation Loft Bed, which isn’t as high off the ground and has the desk built into the foot of the bed.

2. Save Space With a Corner Desk

Kids desk ideas: Yvette L-shape Office Desk Grey Driftwood

If you’re looking for a place to put your kid’s desk, consider the corners. Adding a corner desk or an L-shaped desk, like the Yvette L-Shaped Office Desk, can help you optimize a small space. Plus, L-shaped desks offer built-in storage where you can put kids’ books, tabletop games, art supplies, and other essentials.

3. Add a Hutch for Extra Storage

White desk, chair, and drawers

When you have kids, you’re always looking for clever storage ideas. But sometimes, simpler really is better. Make your life simpler by choosing a desk with a storage hutch, like the Selena 3-Drawer Computer Desk and matching hutch. That way, you won’t have to look up every DIY storage solution on the internet. You’ll have storage built-in right where you need it.

4. Create a Wall-to-Wall Workspace

If you have multiple kids in need of a study space, or if you plan to make your kids’ workstation the main feature of your family room, a wall-to-wall setup will have a dramatic interior design impact. You can line up two desks side-by-side, or you can create a DIY kids’ desk by using bookcases or file cabinets as the sides of your desk and placing a large wood tabletop across the top of them. Add a matching chair set to complete your kids’ space.

5. Choose an Adjustable Height Desk

Kids desk ideas: Statham Glass Top Adjustable Writing Desk Clear and Chrome

An adjustable height desk, like the Statham Glass Top Adjustable Writing Desk, allows your child to sit or stand. It’s a great way to encourage movement and start teaching your child healthy habits. And when your adjustable height desk is in its highest position, it also makes a great roof for a blanket fort.

6. Get Creative With a Drafting Desk

Kids desk ideas: Melo Drafting Desk with 3-drawer Champagne

If you’re raising a little artist or a future architect, they’ll love a drafting desk, like the Melo Drafting Desk. The desktop on drafting desks tilts up to create a similar angle to an easel. Your child will love to work on their doodles, drawings, and designs from this creative workspace.

7. Create a Flexible Space With a Foldable Desk

Kids desk ideas: Riley Foldable Wall Desk with Stool Rustic Oak and Sandy Black

If you’re working with a small space, a foldable desk — like the Riley Foldable Wall Desk — allows you to pull it down when you need it and fold it back up out of the way when you don’t. While you won’t be able to store desktop computers on your foldable desk, it makes a great school desk or homework station. And when it’s not in use, your kiddo will have more floor space to play.

8. Paint the Wall With Chalkboard Paint

Workspace with a huge blackboard

A chalkboard gives your little one room to get creative, brainstorm their school project, or jot down their to-do list. A chalkboard wall gives them room for all three. All you need to create this fun piece of room decor is a little chalkboard paint. Use at least two coats to cover the wall behind your kids’ desk and they’ll be able to write down their thoughts again and again.

9. Hang a Pegboard to Get Organized

Little girl hanging a painting onto a peg board

When you put a pegboard above your kids’ desk, they can hang everything from their backpacks to their winter scarves to their pencil bag. For an easy storage idea, use small buckets with handles to organize your child’s art and school supplies. Then hang the buckets from the pegboard. It will be easy for your little one to take the buckets down when they need the supplies and put them back when they don’t.

10. Make Each Drawer a Learning Station

A kids’ desk is all about encouraging good study habits. Turn your child into an independent learner by making each drawer in their desk a treasure trove of educational items. With a three-drawer desk, you can set up a drawer full of geography supplies, math supplies, and language supplies.

11. Add Educational Wall Art

Another way to decorate above your child’s desk is to add artwork. You can hang homemade artwork designed by your little one or you can choose educational art based on your kid’s age and interests. This might be an alphabet poster for pre-school and early elementary-aged children or it might be a human anatomy poster or scientific diagram for older kids.

Big Ideas Come From Little Desks

Little boy happily reading a book

Your kids are creative and completely original — they just need a space where they can express their originality. You can encourage them to explore big ideas, work on art projects, and maybe even do a little homework by adding a simple desk to their space.

When you’re ready to turn your kids’ room into a work and play space, start by getting the most important items first. Head to your local Coaster Furniture store to find the right kids’ desk and desk chair for your little one. Not only can you support a local business but you can also bring your kiddos along to make sure everything is the perfect fit for their size and style.

The right desk can inspire plenty of other decorating ideas, and once you have your kids’ desk in place, you’ll know how much extra storage and wall art you need. For a fun family activity, get your little one involved in the design process. Who knows? They could grow up to be a very talented interior designer.

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Riley Foldable Wall Desk with Stool Rustic Oak and Sandy Black

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