7 affordable laundry room ideas to put a fresh spin on your

February 13, 2023

7 affordable laundry room ideas to put a fresh spin on your space

Use these budget-friendly laundry room ideas to update your space and create a laundry room you never want to leave.

Use these budget-friendly laundry room ideas to update your space and create a laundry room you never want to leave.

The washing machine isn’t just a fun dance move — it’s an essential workstation in your house. In fact, we’d say that your washer and dryer are as essential as your home office. These lean, mean, cleaning machines keep life on track and clothes in the closet. And in exchange for their loyal service, they deserve a place of pride in your home.

A beautifully designed laundry room will not only make your washer-dryer look nicer, but it will also make laundry day feel nicer. Interior design can have a very real impact on the way we feel, and an organized and aesthetically pleasing space can make us happier and more productive — meaning a laundry room makeover can make this chore less stressful and more enjoyable.

So get ready to become the zen master of washing and folding. With these laundry room ideas, you can update your space and create a laundry room you never want to leave.

7 laundry room ideas for a fresh space

These laundry room ideas are ideal for any homeowner who wants to create a more organized space and infuse it with a little beauty at the same time. You can easily DIY all of these design ideas in a single weekend. Plus, they’re budget friendly so you won’t have to unfold a giant stack of dollar bills to pay for your new folding station. Add these elements to your laundry room design and get ready to fluff and fold.

1. Open shelves

Laundry room ideas: Elmcrest 40-inch Wall Shelf Black and Rustic Oak

If you have a traditional laundry room with a side-by-side washer-dryer, then hanging open shelves above your machines is one of the best ways to add laundry room storage and organize your cleaning supplies.

While many laundry and utility rooms come with a long shelf above the washer-dryer, you can get a lot more functionality out of a shelving unit, like this Elmcrest Wall Shelf unit with four shelves. More shelves means more storage space. Add baskets to the shelves to organize different laundry supplies and hide those less-attractive cleaning essentials.

2. Wall-to-wall bookcases

Laundry room ideas: wooden themed laundry room

You don’t need custom cabinetry to create a beautiful laundry room. You can place multiple bookcases side-by-side to create the look of built-in cabinetry for less.

Bookcases can be just as flexible and customizable as a storage solution as long as you use a little imagination (and a lot of measuring tape) when you set them up. If you have a side-by-side washer-dryer, place your bookcases on one or both sides to frame them in. If you have a stacked washer-dryer, choose a bookcase that’s about the same height as your stacked unit to create symmetry.

Leave a couple of inches between your bookcase and the wall, and you can slide your ironing board into that space when you’re not using it. (It’s one of our favorite sneaky space-saving ideas.) If you choose a bookcase with cabinet doors, like this Millbrook 2-Door Bookcase, you’ll be able to keep unsightly cleaning supplies out of sight.

3. A closet rod

Laundry room ideas: laundry room with a closet rod

You can install a closet rod in your laundry room by hanging it between two walls, two sets of open shelves, or two tall bookcases. Line it with hangers and you’ll have a place to air dry your delicates or steam the wrinkles out of your work shirts.

A closet rod is one of our favorite laundry room organization ideas because it can serve multiple purposes. In addition to being part of your laundry prep zone, it also gives you a place to hang coats and jackets if your laundry room doubles as a mudroom.

4. An over-the-washer tabletop

Laundry room with a wooden table and a shelf

If you don’t have a built-in countertop in your laundry area, it can be difficult to separate your loads or fold your dried clothes. But you can add a workspace without adding custom cabinetry — and this idea works even if your laundry room is more like a laundry closet.

Find a table that fits over and around your front-loading washer and dryer. The table will take up only a few extra inches on either side of your machines, so you can squeeze your workspace into a very small space.

As you look for the perfect table, keep in mind that your average desk or dining room table is too short to fit over your average washer-dryer. Instead, look for a bar-height table. Your average washer-dryer set is around 40-45 inches high, and so is your average bar-height table.

For successful styling, remember to measure the exact height, depth, and width of your washer-dryer as well as the space below the table you want to purchase. This will ensure there’s enough room below the table to fit your set. To get the measurements right, it helps to shop in person at your local furniture store.

5. A fold-out folding station

Riley Foldable Wall Desk with Stool Rustic Oak and Sandy Black

This is one of our favorite small laundry room ideas. If your laundry room is lacking in both counter space and floor space, you can solve both problems at the same time by adding a wall-mount desk that folds flat against the wall when you’re not using it, like this Riley Foldable Wall Desk.

When you’re folding clothes, you can pull the desk down for a convenient workspace. And when you’re not, you can fold the desk flat against the wall again so it’s not cluttering your laundry room floor. The Riley desk even serves as a dry-erase board when it’s flat against the wall so you can keep track of your to-do list and shopping list.

6. A peel-and-stick backsplash

Laundry room with cabinets

You can create the look of a professional remodel with a peel-and-stick makeover. Your local home improvement store will carry a variety of peel-and-stick tile backsplashes, including the ever-popular white subway tiles.

All you need is a sharp utility knife and a ruler to cut peel-and-stick tiles to fit your space. You can install them in a few hours, and they can last for up to 25 years.

7. A painted tile floor

Mother looking at her child while sorting their clothes

While you may not want to spend big money to retile your laundry room floor, you can easily update a dated space with paint. For a quick weekend renovation, choose a classic paint color, like black or white, and paint all of your floor tiles (grout included) a solid color.

If you want to get more creative with your laundry room decor, choose a tile stencil to create the look of Mediterranean tiles or Art Deco design. A laundry space is the perfect place to get experimental with your room design, and this fun home decor idea will allow you to create a complete custom finish.

Laundry has never looked so fun

Once you finish your makeover, laundry day will start to look a lot more appealing. The first step is choosing the laundry room ideas that work for your space, style, and budget. You don’t need custom cabinetry and a professional remodel to create an inspiring laundry room.

Start by adding home furniture that will help you organize your space. Hanging open shelves above your washer-dryer or placing bookcases on either side will give you the storage solutions you need to streamline your laundry space. Next, you can upgrade the appearance of your laundry room with a little paint or some peel-and-stick upgrades.

For more ways to organize your space, check out these 13 home organization ideas.

coaster-home-office-Riley-Foldable-Wall-Desk-with-Stool-Rustic-Oak-and-Sandy-Black coaster-home-office-Riley-Foldable-Wall-Desk-with-Stool-Rustic-Oak-and-Sandy-Black-hover

Riley Foldable Wall Desk with Stool Rustic Oak and Sandy Black

Riley Collection

coaster-bookcases-display-room-storage-bedroom-Elmcrest-40-inch-Wall-Shelf-Black-and-Rustic-Oak coaster-bookcases-display-room-storage-bedroom-Elmcrest-40-inch-Wall-Shelf-Black-and-Rustic-Oak-hover

Elmcrest 40-inch Wall Shelf Black and Rustic Oak

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