November 28, 2021

Style and storage: Upgrade your space with a lift-top coffee table

Discover how a lift-top coffee table can transform your living space. Hint: It starts with hidden storage and serious versatility.

Discover how a lift-top coffee table can transform your living space. Hint: It starts with hidden storage and serious versatility.

The lift-top coffee table is a multifunctional piece of furniture that offers hidden storage to help keep your living room organized. A lift-top coffee table does more than sit in front of your sofa and catch clutter. It keeps must-have items (like the remote control) readily available while giving you the ability to tuck them out of sight when not in use. 

Lift-top coffee tables have been trending in home decor as they come in a range of styles and materials. Whether you love two-tone mid-century modern styles or traditional solid wood and metal construction, you can find a fit for your home. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons you may want to add a lift-top coffee table to your space and how to make it work.

6 reasons you’ll love a lift-top coffee table 

Close-up shot of a wooden table top

A lift-top coffee table opens smoothly and seamlessly. All you have to do is grasp the tabletop and lift in a gentle upward motion. And when you’re ready to close it, you can simply unlock the hinge and push it down gently. 

Aside from looking cool and offering hidden storage compartments, lift-top coffee tables have a range of benefits that side tables and open-shelf tables don’t offer. For instance, they often have a bottom shelf for extra storage, casters to make it easier to move around, and locking mechanisms to fix the tabletop into place.

1. Storage space 

We’ll start with the most obvious benefit: added storage space in your living room. This extra storage makes a lift-top coffee table ideal for small spaces and even home offices that need extra storage. While a lift-top coffee table won’t make your room instantly larger, it can help you organize your space and clear the clutter. 

Remotes, coasters, magazines, chargers, video game controllers, and books are just some of the many things you can tuck away inside these versatile tables. And the best part is that your coffee table won’t look like a messy catch-all while holding these items.

2. Flexible dining 

A coffee table with lift-top storage can serve as a flexible dining option for those who don’t always eat in the dining room. Of course, there’s no shame in your coffee table doubling as a dining table, but having a lift top option does make it easier. Instead of hunching over the table to eat or setting your plate on the arm of your sofa, you can conveniently pop the dining table to you. 

3. Fun and stylish

Lift-top coffee tables are a stylish variation on basic storage coffee tables. If you like traditional styling, a wood lift-top coffee table might feature faux drawers, but the top will lift away to reveal hidden compartments. 

If you like contemporary styling, you can find modern lift-top coffee tables that look quite different from traditional options. With no drawers and solid sides, it’s a striking difference. Plus, a lift-top table can be a fun surprise for guests and little ones too ooh and ahh over.

4. Home office versatility 

If you live in a small space, finding room for a home office isn’t always easy. While sitting on your mattress with pillows behind your back might work for a bit, you’ll eventually want a place to sit up comfortably. A lift-top coffee table can meet your workstation needs since it raises to a suitable desk height. (Say goodbye to hunching forward!)

5. Multifunctional 

Multifunctional furniture can save space as you’ll need fewer pieces in your living room. It’s hard to beat a piece of living room furniture that can serve as a dining table, home office workstation, and hidden storage compartment all in one! It’s for this reason that a lift top is an excellent option for lofts, small apartments, studio apartments, and small living rooms.

The lift-top coffee table is also a great option for board game storage, since most rectangular coffee tables have enough room for you to play the game right on top. 

6. Better organization 

Since the top lifts off the coffee table, it’s easier to organize your items. You’re not pulling a drawer out, causing everything to roll around. Plus, you can see straight down into the storage compartment for easier access. Some lift-top coffee tables also include convenient cubbies for more effortless organization.

More ways to add hidden storage 

If you can’t get enough hidden storage, you might want to add more multifunctional pieces throughout your living room. Look for end tables, accent tables, sofa tables, ottomans, sectionals, and even full table sets that offer hidden compartments for stowing away remotes, blankets, pillows, board games, and other items. 

As with most pieces of living room furniture, quality counts. Start with a few high-quality pieces and add more as needed. You’ll be surprised at how much storage space they add, and you can continue to update your space as time goes on. 

How to choose a lift-top coffee table 

Lift top coffee table: Rectangular Lift Top Coffee Table

When shopping for a lift-top coffee table, opt for one that fits the style of your space. Pay attention to the materials and colors of your existing furniture for inspiration. This approach should give you a better idea of what will fit visually. 

For example, you might want a metal frame with metal legs for an industrial space. Or an espresso wood finish with a faux marble tabletop for timeless elegance. Whatever your tastes, the chances are good that you’ll find a match. 

Keep in mind that you’re buying furniture that comes with storage features. Choose a well-made lift-top table with sturdy hinges and other components that won’t break in a few months. 

For instance, the Rectangular Lift Top Coffee Table is a chic update on a living room classic. This walnut-toned coffee table is simply stunning with a sleek silhouette of smooth edges and clean lines. In addition, it features one drawer beneath the lift top and an open shelf on the bottom for styling or extra storage. 

This coffee table features a rich and warm walnut finish with divided interior compartments for more accessible organization. It would look beautiful topped with an elegant vase or tray in any modern or traditional space. 

Make your living room more versatile 

Lift-top coffee tables and other pieces of furniture with hidden storage are a fun way to upgrade your home. They’ll maximize your storage space and make it easier to keep your living room organized. And, with a bit of luck, you’ll never need to look for the remote again. 

Are you ready to make your living room more versatile with a lift-top coffee table? If so, head over to Coaster Furniture’s catalog of living room furniture to get inspired. And when you’re ready to buy, use our store locator to find a retail location near you.

Bradford Rectangular Lift Top Coffee Table Walnut Bradford Rectangular Lift Top Coffee Table Walnut - Hover

Bradford Rectangular Lift Top Coffee Table Walnut

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