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August 22, 2023

7 loft bedroom ideas for an elevated design

Ready for your loft bedroom to reach new heights? Find the inspiration and pro tips you need to complete your loft bedroom makeover.

Ready for your loft bedroom to reach new heights? Find the inspiration and pro tips you need to complete your loft bedroom makeover.

There’s something lovable about a loft bedroom. They often have low, sloping, or asymmetrical ceilings that require you to stoop and crawl into bed. So. Cozy. Hand us a cup of tea and our favorite book, and we would never leave. Except …

Loft bedrooms usually don’t have walls. They open into the rest of the house and invite all of the natural light it has to offer.

Waking up in an open space is different from waking up enclosed by four walls. Instead of feeling like you should hit snooze and hide away, you awake feeling like the world is full of possibilities — all you have to do is roll out of bed and embrace the day. Loft spaces are simultaneously comforting and invigorating.

Yes, there’s a lot to love about loft-style bedrooms. But the same qualities that make these rooms magical can make them maddening to decorate.

How do you fit a bed in a room with sloped walls? How do you keep the light of every window from waking you at 6 a.m.? And how do you lay out your furniture in a room that’s not a traditional rectangle?

We have a few lofty design ideas to solve all of these decorating dilemmas. Whether you’re designing the master bedroom in a Brooklyn loft apartment, the guest bedroom in a tiny home, or the kids’ room in a country house, you’ll find the inspiration you need to complete your loft bedroom makeover.

7 loft bedroom ideas with lots of style

You can use any interior design style to decorate a loft bedroom, from modern farmhouse to industrial to mid-century modern to glam. Fortunately, the decorating ideas below will work with any style.

But one hot tip before we start: Since loft bedrooms usually open up into the rest of the house, it’ll make your space look more cohesive if you use the same interior design style and color scheme in your loft bedroom design that’s in your living room. Bonus: We’ve included tips to adapt these 7 ideas to different interior design styles.

1. Choose a platform bed frame

Loft bedroom: Hounslow Platform Eastern King Bed White

Platform beds sit lower to the ground than traditional bed frames, which makes it easier to fit them under a sloping ceiling. They’re often simple in their design as well — a wood frame with wood legs, like the Hounslow Platform Bed — which makes them easier to incorporate into any interior design aesthetic.

With a minimalist bed frame, your linens will make a bigger design statement. So add a ruffled duvet to create a romantic shabby-chic bedroom, or include a plain linen comforter in a soothing neutral tone for Scandinavian design.

2. Opt for a bed with a low headboard

Loft bedroom: Mays Upholstered Queen Platform Bed Walnut Brown and Grey

You may not have the overhead space for a towering headboard, but a bed with a low headboard can give you some structure that will make it more comfortable to sit in bed and read or watch TV.

If you have extremely low ceilings and can’t push your bed flush against the wall, a headboard can provide the support that your wall would have otherwise. As a bonus, you can use that couple of feet behind the headboard — between your bed and the wall — to add secret storage in the form of hat boxes or a small chest.

For a mid-century modern bedroom, try the Mays Platform Bed with its upholstered grey headboard. Or check out the Canon Metal Platform Bed to complete your cottage core decor.

3. Choose two twin beds

Loft bedroom: twin beds

If you’re turning your loft space into a kid’s room, a layout with two twin beds can give you a pretty, parallel design. In A-frame lofts, you can nestle each twin bed under one side of the A-frame ceilings. And in a loft with an asymmetrical sloping ceiling, you can arrange the two beds along the same wall.

You can even fit two beds in a small space by placing a shared nightstand between them. This will give everyone a place to set their glass of water at night without taking up a lot of floor space in a small loft.

To add some space-saving storage to your twin loft design, choose the transitional-style Wrangle Hill Twin Storage Bed. Or for a more traditional bedroom, choose the Jones Twin Bed with its delicately turned wood slats on the headboard and footboard.

4. Add a loft bed

Fisher 2-piece Metal Workstation Loft Bed Set Gunmetal

This is one of our favorite bed ideas for a loft space because putting a loft bed in a loft bedroom is just so meta.

If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings in your loft, then a loft bed — like the Fisher Metal Loft Bed — will give you a comfy sleeping space while leaving the floor space below the bed open for another use.

Style the area under your loft bed as a workspace with a desk (the Fisher Loft Bed already has a desk built-in) or as an extra living space with comfy seating. You can also transform your loft bed into a bunk bed by placing an additional mattress underneath.

You can easily fit a queen-size bed under a loft bed — an ideal option for a guest room, especially if your favorite guests come with a kid in tow.

5. Frame your bed with curtains

Interior of a bedroom

One of the biggest challenges in an open space is controlling the amount of light. To get better sleep, it helps to have a dark sleeping area. But sometimes loft bedrooms have skylights or windows along sloping walls, and finding coverings to fit these oddly shaped architectural features is not easy.

As a result, you’re left with a lot of natural light flowing in. Not to mention that if you forget to close the blinds on even one window in your downstairs living area (that opens up into your upstairs loft bedroom), you’ll be cursing yourself the next morning.

Instead of trying to curtain off every oddly shaped window in your house, add curtains around and over your bed instead. Surrounding your bed with thick velvet or lined-blackout curtains will turn it into your personal hideaway. This look also adds a little romance to your bedroom that will pair nicely with traditional, French country, or boho bedrooms.

6. Add a curtain room divider

Gray themed bedroom

If curtains around your bed are too dramatic for your taste, you can also use blackout curtains as a DIY room divider. Hang them along the ceiling across the threshold where your loft space opens up into the rest of your space. Or hang them at the foot of your bed to prevent light from filtering in too early in the morning.

This decorating idea is especially helpful if you want to carve out separate areas in a studio apartment.

7. Create a cozy corner

Modern bedroom

Lofts are open-concept areas, and looking at them in that light will help you find ways to get more use out of your space. All you need is one blank wall or empty corner, and you can add a writing desk or reading nook to your room. (We’re sure the best novels were penned in loft spaces — so it’s a natural fit.)

Line one wall with bookshelves or bookcases. Then add an ottoman or accent chair to create your cozy reading nook. Or style your space with a desk and a comfy office chair under the window, and you’ll be able to work by natural light.

Lofts to love

For every challenge that comes with decorating a loft bedroom, there’s a workaround that will take it from challenging to charming. But if you want your workaround to work, you need to make sure your furniture is the perfect fit for your space.

Loft spaces often have unique proportions — from low ceilings to non-traditional layouts. Once you’ve decided which decorating ideas you want to incorporate into your loft bedroom design, try blocking off the floor space in your loft with painter’s tape, outlining where you want each piece of furniture to go.

This will help you determine how big your furniture should be. (Don’t forget to measure for height too, especially if you have low ceilings.) With your measurements in hand, you’ll be ready to shop for your loft.

Head to your local Coaster Furniture store, so you can see every piece in person. When you shop in person, you can make sure the look, quality, and proportions of every piece meet your lofty expectations — because when you love your loft bedroom furniture, you’ll love your loft.

coaster-bedroom-Fisher-2-piece-Metal-Workstation-Loft-Bed-Set-Gunmetal coaster-bedroom-Fisher-2-piece-Metal-Workstation-Loft-Bed-Set-Gunmetal-hover

Fisher 2-piece Metal Workstation Loft Bed Set Gunmetal

Fisher Workstation Loft Bed Collection

coaster-beds-bedroom-Mays-Upholstered-Queen-Platform-Bed-Walnut-Brown-and-Grey coaster-beds-bedroom-Mays-Upholstered-Queen-Platform-Bed-Walnut-Brown-and-Grey-hover

Mays Upholstered Queen Platform Bed Walnut Brown and Grey

Mays Collection

coaster-beds-bedroom-Hounslow-Platform-Eastern-King-Bed-White coaster-beds-bedroom-Hounslow-Platform-Eastern-King-Bed-White-hover

Hounslow Platform Eastern King Bed White

Hounslow Collection

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