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October 4, 2023

Maximalism home decor ideas that prove more is more

Never mind minimalism. Use these maximalism home decor ideas to bring more color, style, and fun to your space.

Never mind minimalism. Use these maximalism home decor ideas to bring more color, style, and fun to your space.

For years, minimalism reigned supreme. Scandinavian and mid-century modern spaces dotted the covers of interior design magazines. The world embraced clean lines and neutral color palettes. And everything became less: less elaborate, less colorful, and frankly, less fun.

But finally, the world has an alternative to minimalism — an alternative that is So. Much. More. It’s called maximalism, and we spotted it as one of 2022’s emerging interior design trends.

Literally the opposite of minimalist decor, maximalist decor is all about adding more to your home. You’ll decorate with more color, more patterns, more art, and more interior design styles. This is a mix-and-match aesthetic that allows you to bring more of yourself to your home decor.

So stop holding back and start having the maximum amount of fun with your home design. Here are five ideas to help you incorporate maximalism home decor into your space.

Maximalism home decor: 5 ideas to bring more style to your space

Maximalist interior design is full of personality. The key is to curate items that speak to you and then put them together using these five maximalist home decor ideas.

1. Choose a bold color scheme

Maximalism home decor: living room with plants and 3 couches

No more neutrals. Maximalist design embraces color and most maximalist color palettes include more than one shade.

The key to mixing colors is choosing a similar color value (or relative lightness, darkness, or brightness). You might choose all bright colors like hot pink, sunshine yellow, and turquoise. Or you might choose all moody jewel tones like amethyst, emerald, and sapphire. But keep in mind that dark colors can overwhelm a small space. So for a smaller room design, you could choose all colors with a lighter value, like pastels.

As long as you choose colors with a similar value, you can mix to your heart’s content. Even colors you thought would clash, like red and purple, suddenly look beautiful together.

However, if a rainbow bright color scheme doesn’t appeal to you, you can create a maximalist look with a monochromatic color scheme. For example, you could design a blue room using multiple shades of blue. Monochromatic rooms are difficult to mess up, so this is a great decor style if you want to experiment with maximalism but you don’t trust your design instincts (yet).

Get the look

The ideal way to decorate in full color is to pair painted walls with colorful upholstery. For example, you could make a teal couch — like this button-tufted sofa in teal or this mid-century-inspired sofa in dark teal — the focal point of your living room. Top it with brightly colored throw pillows and paint your walls in a color with a similar value or a lighter or darker shade of teal.

2. Mix patterns

Maximalism home decor: living room with bright colorful fabrics

Not only can you mix patterns in with your bold color scheme but you can also combine wildly different patterns with maximalism home decor. Mixed patterns help create a funky, eclectic interior. For instance, you can add an animal print rug with tropical palm frond curtains or combine a modern abstract print with a Victorian floral pattern.

The key to mixing patterns without them clashing is to choose patterns of different scales — some should be wide and spread out, others should be small and close together, and others should be somewhere in between. Make the larger pattern the star of the show, and make the medium and small patterns accent pieces.

Then give each pattern its space. Instead of placing patterns on patterns, place your patterned textiles against solid colors. Spreading out the patterns with a throw pillow here, an accent chair there, and printed art pieces way back there will draw the eye around your maximalist room.

Get the look

If you’re new to mixing patterns, start small by adding easily replaced textiles like throw pillows, blankets, and duvet covers. If you like the look, start layering in more patterns with a printed ottoman, like the Naomi Pattern boho-print accent stool or the Ofira tribal-print pouf. Once you’re ready for even more, add a printed accent chair, like this cowprint accent chair or this French script accent chair. Add patterns one by one until you’re happy with the look of your room.

3. Fill your walls

Living room with frames hanging on the wall

Walls are the blank canvas of the home. And if there’s one thing maximalist style loathes, it’s a blank anything. Time to transform your walls into a work of art!

We’ve already discussed painting. That’s one maximalist decor idea for your walls, but you can also add a print with wallpaper (or wall decals if you rent or are afraid of commitment). A gallery wall is also a beautiful way to add decor to your space and create an accent wall that draws the eye.

Get the look

To make a gallery wall, start collecting different types of decor that you can hang on the wall.

The most interesting (and most maximalist) gallery walls often combine different types of wall art, like art prints, wall mirrors, personal photography, and sculptural elements. Look for pieces of different shapes and sizes — with some prints in square frames and some in round frames.

Lay all your pieces on the floor until you’re happy with the look. Measure your layout, take a picture, and mark off your wall with painter’s tape before you start hanging to ensure every piece ends up exactly where you want it.

4. Combine interior design styles

Bedroom with colorful pillows

Maximalism home decor is all about letting go of the limitations of other interior design styles. So while you can create a maximalist design with just one style (for example, English cottage decor is a trendy maximalist style that sticks with one type of decor), true maximalist interior design borrows from multiple styles.

You can combine Art Deco decor with French Country style or pair organic modern elements with rustic farmhouse pieces.

The key to combining interior design styles is to look for furniture that has a similar footprint, or scale. You don’t want a chunky dining room table overwhelming your small dining chairs, so instead of choosing furniture in the same style, focus on the same scale.

Get the look

Try combining this modern, rectangular coffee table with these round, boho side tables. Or pair this traditional upholstered bed with these contemporary nightstands. You can mix any design styles you want. The only rule is to love every piece of furniture you invest in.

5. Pair old with new

Living room with vintage furniture

A trip to the flea market and then your favorite home decor store? Yes, please!

Maximalism home decor can’t be confined to one color, one pattern, one interior design style, or one time period. So when you’re shopping for home decor, don’t confine yourself either.

This is the perfect opportunity to combine the vintage home decor you love with the modern pieces you can’t live without. Don’t be afraid to mix Victorian needlework with cubist artwork or combine an abstract modern floral print with a retro rose print.

To ensure your vintage picks play nicely with your modern pieces, look for a similar scale, theme, or color scheme. You only need one shared element to tie the entire look together.

Get the look

There are a lot of ways to get this look. You can place this trendy Juanita square rattan coffee table under a crystal chandelier. Or you can fill these contemporary bookshelves with a combination of antique porcelain figurines and modern sculptures. Choose pieces that fit your color palette and the size of your space to create a cohesive maximalist look.

Maximalist style, maximum fun

Maximalist style brings color and beauty to every corner of your home. If minimalism makes your space more peaceful, then maximalism makes it more inspiring. Maximalist home decor gives you the sense that you’re living in a piece of art made from all of your favorite things.

You can incorporate your favorite colors, patterns, styles, artwork, and accessories — and never once will you have to ask yourself if it’s too much. Maximalism always does the most and abides by the adage that more is truly more.

coaster-accent-chairs-bedroom-Trea-Cowhide-Print-Accent-Chair-Black-and-White coaster-accent-chairs-bedroom-Trea-Cowhide-Print-Accent-Chair-Black-and-White-hover

Trea Cowhide Print Accent Chair Black and White

coaster-living-room-Ofira-Accent-Stool-Black-and-White coaster-living-room-Ofira-Accent-Stool-Black-and-White-hover

Ofira Accent Stool Black and White

coaster-living-room-Naomi-Pattern-Round-Accent-Stool-Multi-color coaster-living-room-Naomi-Pattern-Round-Accent-Stool-Multi-color-hover

Naomi Pattern Round Accent Stool Multi-color

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