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Meet Kari Clarke and her Husband Adam Clarke, both deserving military veterans

Kari and Adam Clarke both served tours as Army Sergeants. In Kari’s deployment to Iraq, she came face-to-face with some of the most brutal and horrific situations imaginable. Adam also witnessed the horrors of war first-hand during his deployment in Afghanistan. Adam and Kari Clarke found each other recently in life - bonding over the many similar experiences they both encountered and realizing they had remarkably similar stories to one another. Having found each other through the VA, the support and love they provide for one another has helped them create a vibrant and happy family home with two sons and three dogs in Riverview near Tampa, FL. Tune in to Military Makeover to learn more about her incredible service.

Special thanks to designer, Jennifer Bertrand. You selected some beautiful pieces of Coaster Furniture for the Clarke family. We love how well you mixed and matched our collections.

Military Makeover // Clarke

Supporting Our Veterans

We at Coaster are proud to partner with Military Makeover to enhance the home and life of these veteran families.

Thursdays & Fridays at 7:30 AM, starting March 11th 2022

Here’s the Coaster furniture that designer Jennifer Bertrand picked for the Clark family home.

coaster-living-room-Samira-Wooden-Square-Coffee-Table-Natural-Sheesham coaster-living-room-Samira-Wooden-Square-Coffee-Table-Natural-Sheesham-hover

Samira Wooden Square Coffee Table Natural Sheesham

coaster-living-room-Sylvia-4-door-Accent-Cabinet-Black coaster-living-room-Sylvia-4-door-Accent-Cabinet-Black-hover

Sylvia 4-door Accent Cabinet Black

Mapleton Collection

coaster-bedroom-Sidney-2-drawer-Nightstand-Rustic-Pine coaster-bedroom-Sidney-2-drawer-Nightstand-Rustic-Pine-hover

Sidney 2-drawer Nightstand Rustic Pine

Sidney Collection

coaster-bedroom-Dewcrest-6-drawer-Dresser-Caramel-and-Licorice coaster-bedroom-Dewcrest-6-drawer-Dresser-Caramel-and-Licorice-hover

Dewcrest 6-drawer Dresser Caramel and Licorice

coaster-bedroom-Belcroft-4-drawer-Etagere-Natural-Acacia-and-Black coaster-bedroom-Belcroft-4-drawer-Etagere-Natural-Acacia-and-Black-hover

Belcroft 4-drawer Etagere Natural Acacia and Black

Belcroft Collection

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