Coaster Teams Up With "Military Makeover" to Support the Stu

September 9, 2022

Coaster Teams Up With “Military Makeover” to Support the Stupar Family

Here’s a look at the Stupar Family’s incredible journey from the military to “Military Makeover” and the new furniture that now fills their home.

Here’s a look at the Stupar Family’s incredible journey from the military to “Military Makeover” and the new furniture that now fills their home.

At Coaster, we have always believed that furnishing a home is about so much more than filling a space. It’s about providing comfort, creating order, and adding personal style. It’s also about making space — making space for loved ones, for memories, and for new beginnings. Recently, we saw these principles come to life when we partnered with “Military Makeover” for a third time.

“Military Makeover” is a special series on Lifetime TV that provides home renovations for military families. In the new season, we helped transform the home of the Stupar Family, which is headed by Michael Stupar, a military veteran who served in the U.S. Army for 20 years.

Michael served four deployments during his time in the army. At home, he and his family were stationed at multiple bases and moved frequently. After Michael retired from military service, the Stupar Family was ready to settle down. But their house in Michigan City, Indiana, felt more rundown than relaxing. The family needed help transforming their house into a home.

That’s when “Military Makeover” stepped in to provide complete home renovation, and we stepped up to be the Stupar Family’s furniture provider. Here’s a look at the Stupar Family’s incredible journey from the military to “Military Makeover” and the new furniture that now fills their home.

The Stupar Family Served Us

Michael Stupar with his son

Three years into Michael Stupar’s military service, he was shot in the knee during a recovery mission in Mosul, Iraq. His convoy was providing first aid to wounded Iraqi police officers when bullets began to rain down around them. He ran to recover weapons from inside the truck, but a bullet struck his knee in the process. Michael managed to make it back to the truck and eventually back to his base where shrapnel from an AK-47 was removed from his leg.

After Michael recovered from his bullet wound, he continued to serve for an incredible 17 more years. During his 20 years in the U.S. Army, he acted as a Paratrooper, Military Police Officer, and Staff Sergeant. The process to award him with a purple heart is currently underway.

But Michael wasn’t the only member of the Stupar Family to make sacrifices in order for him to serve. His wife Crystal and his daughters, Paris and London, moved frequently to be stationed with Michael at different bases across the United States.

When the family finally settled down in their forever home, they faced multiple personal tragedies. Crystal’s mother was diagnosed with brain cancer, and Crystal became one of her mother’s main caregivers. Then Crystal found out she needed a knee replacement. Within one week of Crystal’s knee surgery, both her stepfather and mother died.

During the Stupars’ time of loss, home improvement projects were their last priority. This meant that the family didn’t have a place of refuge — a place where they could find comfort and solace after their personal hardships.

The Stupar Family deserved to be surrounded by comfort, and we were proud to help create their family’s haven.

It Was Our Turn to Serve

Coaster personnel carrying a table

We were so fortunate to work with the team at “Military Makeover,” led by talk show legend, veteran, and military advocate Montel Williams. Together with co-host Art Edmonds and designer Jennifer Bertrand, the team has provided home renovations for retired service men and women from every branch of the military, including the U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force.

By transforming military family’s houses into homes, the show makes the transition back to civilian life more comfortable. An important part of creating that comfort is designing a home that’s unique to each family. The Stupar Family wanted their space to feel light, bright, and fresh. They love modern farmhouse style. And because they have two kids, they needed extra space for storage and organization.

We worked closely with designer Jennifer Bertrand to provide furniture that was the perfect fit for the Stupar Family’s house and lifestyle. These are the pieces that will fill each room in the family’s home for years to come.

Family Room

Military Makeover–Stupar Family living room

To add space for family, friends, and neighbors, we filled the Stupars’ family room with plenty of flexible seating — from a plush couch to a power lift recliner.

Dining Room

Military Makeover–Stupar Family dining room

When the Stupar Family gathers for family dinners, they have a sturdy new farmhouse dining table where they can sit, eat, and talk about their day. A few accent pieces help complete the modern farmhouse look.

Primary Bedroom

Military Makeover–Stupar Family bedroom

Michael and Crystal’s primary bedroom originally felt small and cramped. These pieces helped the room grow both in terms of style and storage space.

  • Camille Queen Button Tufted Bed in Grey: The tall headboard on this bed frame draws the eye upward, which makes the space feel bigger while the upholstery and the button tufting add softness to the room.
  • Sandy Beach 3-Drawer Nightstand in White: These two nightstands on either side of the bed give Michael and Crystal extra storage space while the light color keeps the room feeling open and bright.
  • Round Mirror in Gold: Adding a mirror is one of the fastest ways to make a space feel bigger. By placing one above each of the Stupars’ nightstand, we’re able to reflect more light around the room, creating an airy, open feel.
  • Sandy Beach 11-Drawer Rectangular Dresser in White: This 11-drawer dresser allows Michael and Crystal to more easily share a dresser in their small space. There are plenty of drawers so they can both stay organized.

Home Sweet Homecoming

Stupar Family, Coaster personnel and others celebrating

Every one of our service men and women deserves a homecoming that demonstrates how deeply we appreciate their service. At Coaster Furniture, we were proud to create that homecoming for an incredible military family.

The look on Michael, Crystal, London, and Paris Stupar’s faces when they saw their new furniture reminded us that how we fill our home matters. We know the Stupars will fill their newly renovated home with beautiful memories.

To watch the big reveal of the Stupar Family’s home, head to To shop for the furniture you saw in this home makeover, visit your local furniture retailer. And to see more of Coaster Furniture’s work with “Military Makeover,” take a look at the Clarke Family and Ziegler Family home makeovers.

coaster-bedroom-Ginevra-Round-Wooden-Top-Accent-Table-Natural-and-White coaster-bedroom-Ginevra-Round-Wooden-Top-Accent-Table-Natural-and-White-hover

Ginevra Round Wooden Top Accent Table Natural and White

coaster-living-room-Toni-2-door-Tall-Cabinet-Antique-White coaster-living-room-Toni-2-door-Tall-Cabinet-Antique-White-hover

Toni 2-door Tall Cabinet Antique White

coaster-bedroom-Sandy-Beach-3-drawer-Nightstand-Cream-White coaster-bedroom-Sandy-Beach-3-drawer-Nightstand-Cream-White-hover

Sandy Beach 3-drawer Nightstand Cream White

Sandy Beach Collection

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