Get your glam on: How to make a statement with a mirrored dr

February 24, 2021

Get your glam on: How to make a statement with a mirrored dresser

A mirrored dresser can instantly glam up any space. Learn how to style this chic statement piece, plus discover some fabulous options that will elevate your home decor.

A mirrored dresser can instantly glam up any space. Learn how to style this chic statement piece, plus discover some fabulous options that will elevate your home decor.

If there’s one piece of furniture that’s dripping with glamor, it’s the mirrored dresser. This elegant item lets everyone know that, as far as you’re concerned, the accessibility of rustic farmhouse decor can stand aside — you’re going for grandeur. 

And it doesn’t get grander than the mirrored dresser. This piece would look just as at home in Marie Antoinette’s boudoir as it would in the background of a Gatsby-era party. When you’re going for glam, a mirrored dresser definitely fits the plan. 

For some styling inspo, take a look at our favorite mirrored dressers, then check out our styling tips to make your mirrored furniture stand out — all while fitting in with your home decor.

10 mirrored dressers and accent cabinets that shine

Here’s a look at our favorite mirrored dressers and accent cabinets. These pieces will look right at home in your living room, dining room, or bedroom. 

1. 3-Drawer Accent Cabinet in Silver 

mirrored dresser: 3-Drawer Accent Cabinet Silver

This accent cabinet features beveled mirrors on the doors and drawers while the tapered legs and beaded details add elegance. Plus, with three drawers, two doors, and two shelves, this classic piece provides lots of storage space

2. Ramon 6-Drawer Dresser in Metallic Sterling 

mirrored dresser: Ramon 6-Drawer Dresser Metallic Sterling

If you prefer clean lines to beveling and beading, this 6-drawer double dresser features an updated, mid-century modern silhouette. This piece is made from Asian hardwood and MDF, and features mirrored acrylic accents around each of the drawers. The top drawers are felt lined to keep your jewelry and other prized possessions safe. 

3. 2-Door Rectangular Server in Black and Gold 

mirrored dresser: 2-Door Rectangular Server in Black and Gold

This black and gold piece is a style chameleon. Its contemporary silhouette makes it perfect for modern homes, but its black and gold geometric pattern also makes it a fit for Art Deco spaces. It would look just as good in your entryway as it would in your dining room or living room

4. Leighton 5-Drawer Chest in Metallic Mercury

mirrored dresser: Leighton 5-Drawer Chest Metallic Mercury

This 5-drawer mirrored chest bridges traditional and contemporary design. It features sparkling acrylic crystal hardware and etched mirrored panels surrounding drawers for a timeless touch. 

5. Bling Game 7-Drawer Dresser in Metallic Platinum 

mirrored dresser: Bling Game 7-Drawer Dresser Metallic Platinum

This metallic dresser features a single row of individually mounted mirror tiles. It has protective drawers for privacy, and the top drawers are felt lined to keep your most treasured items safe. This dresser’s classic silhouette, silver pull rings, and platinum finish will add a little Old Hollywood glamour to your bedroom. 

6. 4-Drawer Accent Cabinet in Antique Blue

mirrored dresser: 4-Drawer Accent Cabinet Antique Blue

This beautiful blue accent cabinet would fit perfectly with any global- or coastal-inspired home decor. Each of the cabinet doors features mirrored panels overlaid with an intricate, curved wooden pattern. And with four center drawers, two cabinet doors, and two shelves, you’ll have plenty of room to organize your belongings.

7. Heidi Tufted Upholstered Bedroom Set in Metallic Platinum 

mirrored dresser: Heidi Tufted Upholstered Bedroom Set Metallic Platinum

Check all your bedroom decor off your list in one fell swoop with this complete mirrored bedroom set. This ultra glam 4-piece set comes with a bed frame, featuring a tufted black velvet headboard and mirrored accents. Plus, it includes a mirrored nightstand, a mirrored dresser, and — drumroll, please — a mirror.

8. 2-Piece Vanity Set in White and Beige 

2-Piece Vanity Set White And Beige

If you want to feel like an Old Hollywood movie star, this dressing table is just the ticket. It features silver mirrored drawer fronts and crystal hardware to amp up any space. And with a designated place to store your skincare and makeup products, your furniture won’t be the only thing looking glam.

9. Gunnison 4-Piece Bedroom Set With LED Lighting in Silver Metallic 

Gunnison 4-Piece California King Bedroom Set With LED Lighting Silver Metallic

This elaborate contemporary furniture set includes a bed frame, nightstand, dresser, and mirror. The nightstand and dresser’s dovetail drawers are surrounded by an antique mirror frame and feature crystal hardware and fretwork details on the drawer fronts. The luxurious LED headboard also includes antique mirror accents, which frame tufted metallic-leather upholstery with crystal buttons. 

10. 4-Door Accent Cabinet in Antique White

4-Door Accent Cabinet Antique White

The mirror doors on this wood frame cabinet feature a wood lattice overlay. With four doors, this cabinet provides plenty of storage space, and the rectangular top leaves room for lamps, vases, and all your other decor. This mirrored cabinet is finished in antique white and features bronze hardware for a look that would fit with rustic, French country, or global home decor

How to style a mirrored dresser in your bedroom 

A mirrored dresser is a natural fit with many timeless home decor styles. Pick your favorite, and incorporate some of the signatures of the style alongside your mirrored furniture.

Art Deco style

Formosa Platform Bedroom Set With Oval Nightstand Dark Moss

Mirrored dressers hit their heyday with the Art Deco style of the 1920s. This look features symmetry, bold colors, geometric patterns, and anything with a metallic finish. Picture the Chrysler Building, and you’ll have a good idea of the shapes and patterns that make up Art Deco design.

To add this style to your home, top your mirrored dresser with a fan-shaped vase, and pair it with upholstered, velvet furniture in deep jewel tones, like the Channel-Tufted Swivel Chair in Dark Teal

Hollywood Regency style 

2-Door Rectangular Server Black And Gold

If you consider yourself over the top in the best way possible, then the Hollywood Regency style is for you. This style captures all the glitz and glam of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Gold, bronze, and other metallics are a big part of the aesthetic, as are bold patterns, deep jewel tones, and high-contrast colors like black and white. 

Practically speaking, this style is the halfway point between Art Deco and mid-century modern, combining the opulence of the Art Deco style with the clean lines of mid-century modern decor. This eclectic look leaves room for anything that feels opulent — in an old Hollywood sort of way. 

Get the style in your living space by topping your mirrored dresser with a gold sunburst lamp, and adding damask fabrics like the 4-Panel Damask Pattern Folding Screen.

Global style

4-Door Accent Cabinet Antique White

Global home decor is inspired by the world’s diverse artistic and cultural traditions. This style often incorporates patterns that are specific to one region, like Morocco, Peru, or India. Artisan craftsmanship features heavily in global decor — you’ll often see traditional woven textiles and carved sculptures. 

One signature of this style is a combination of solid wood and glamorous metallic pieces like silver-leaf lanterns. You can incorporate the look into your living space by selecting a mirrored dresser with a wood frame. Then, add an accessory with an intricate woven pattern like this upholstered storage bench

Traditional style

Reventlow Tufted Loveseat Black

The traditional style is based on elegant European homes from the 17th and 18th centuries, which coincidentally is when mirrored dressers first appeared. Decorating in this style involves chandeliers, curved furniture, and draping fabric. You can also incorporate elaborate prints like toile or floral patterns. 

To add traditional style to your home, place your mirrored furniture beside a curved headboard like the one on the Caroline Upholstered Storage Bed. Then, add floral throw pillows and porcelain lamps. 

Can you see yourself with mirrored furniture? 

Yes, mirrored dressers are a good starting point for your glam decor, but these pieces are no one-trick ponies. You can make your mirrored dresser a focal point in your Art Deco, Hollywood Regency, global, or traditional home decor. And when you’re ready to redecorate, you can reimagine this surprisingly flexible furniture to fit a whole new style. 

Mirrored dressers are available in a variety of silhouettes and finishes, so you can find clean lines or classic shapes. Keep searching until you find one that looks like you.

coaster-makeup-vanity-bedroom-Reinhart-Makeup-Vanity-Table-Set-White-and-Beige coaster-makeup-vanity-bedroom-Reinhart-Makeup-Vanity-Table-Set-White-and-Beige-hover

Reinhart Makeup Vanity Table Set White and Beige

coaster-living-room-Rue-4-drawer-Wood-Trellis-Accent-Storage-Cabinet-Blue coaster-living-room-Rue-4-drawer-Wood-Trellis-Accent-Storage-Cabinet-Blue-hover

Rue 4-drawer Wood Trellis Accent Storage Cabinet Blue

coaster-bedroom-Bling-Game-7-drawer-Dresser-Metallic-Platinum coaster-bedroom-Bling-Game-7-drawer-Dresser-Metallic-Platinum-hover

Bling Game 7-drawer Dresser Metallic Platinum

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