Modern dining tables: The best design elements and styles -

June 6, 2021

Modern dining tables: The best design elements and styles

Modern dining tables embrace simplicity and minimalism. We’ll explore the style’s design elements and share our top picks for your home.

Modern dining tables embrace simplicity and minimalism. We’ll explore the style’s design elements and share our top picks for your home.

Gather ’round and let us tell you our favorite thing about dining room tables. Actually, that is our favorite thing about dining room tables — this piece of furniture gives us a place to gather with our loved ones and enjoy good food and good company. It may sound old fashioned, but in our busy, modern world, it’s more important than ever. And modern style makes that clear. 

A modern dining table with its minimalist design puts the focus where it should be — on your food, friends, and family. Don’t get us wrong, there are many striking elements of modern style, but this style always remembers one thing: There’s beauty in simplicity. 

If you’re ready to invite your guests to gather ’round a modern dining table, take a look at the key elements of modern design so you can decide which are most important for your space. Then, browse our seven favorite tables to start redecorating your dining room

Elements of modern design to bring into your dining room

modern dining table: Breckenridge Rectangle Dining Table Matte White And Natural Oak

Modern style strives to create spaces that feel clean and open. Here are the practical elements that designers use to achieve that look.

Contrasting textures

A modern dining table can bring nature into your home while acknowledging our modern, industrial world. To do this, you’ll often see solid wood, stone, or marble tops paired with steel legs. Or you could see a glass top with wood legs. Both of these designs are creating interest with contrasting textures. 

Clean lines

Modern style typically relies on straight lines and geometric shapes. You won’t see the ornate turned table legs of traditional style dining furniture

Modern table legs are usually straight or tapered, and modern tabletops are geometric shapes — this can include round, oval, square, rectangular, or even hexagonal designs. But, you should expect a rectangular dining table to be a true rectangle without additional flourishes or scroll work. 

Neutral colors

Modern style is heavily influenced by Scandinavian design, and like Scandi style furniture, most modern furniture comes in neutral colors and earth tones. Natural and reclaimed wood is a popular way to achieve these earth tones, but clear materials — like glass dining tables — and tables with white finishes or white marble will also match your modern neutrals. 

Although lighter colors are more typical in modern design, some darker tones, like black, navy blue, and forest green, are having a very modern moment. Benjamin Moore even named Aegean Teal its color of the year, so don’t feel like color needs to be banned from your modern dining space

Reflected light

One of the reasons lighter, neutral colors made their way into modern design is because they make the space feel bigger and brighter. Another way to do this is to play with reflected light using materials like glass, acrylic, reflective metal, or mirrored surfaces. While it may be rare to find a mirrored or acrylic dining table, you can bring these materials in with your other dining room furniture, like a sideboard, accent cabinet, or console table.  

Unlike a solid wood dining table, which absorbs light, these materials will allow the light to filter through or reflect back into the room. If your dining space is low on natural light, opt for a reflective material to make the room feel brighter and make small spaces feel bigger.   

7 modern dining table styles for your modern life

Now that you’re an expert in modern design, you’re ready to shop the styles. Here are our favorite tables that incorporate the design elements we outlined above.

1. Parkersburg Square Counter-Height Table in Paladina and Natural Walnut

modern dining table: Parkersburg Square Counter Height Table Paladina And Natural Walnut

This square dining table is made from Asian hardwood and recycled saw dust — an eco-friendly and extremely durable material that can handle anything your modern life throws its way. The faux-stone surface is stain, UV-light, weather, abrasion, and scratch resistant, making this a good choice for households with small children or rambunctious dinner parties

The legs have an elegant boomerang silhouette that draws the eye, and the wood and stone-look helps bring those natural elements inside. 

This kitchen table is counter height, making it taller than your average dining room table. At 36 inches, you’ll pair it with counter-height chairs or stools to complete your dining set. 

2. Arkell 40-Inch Round Pedestal Dining Table in White

modern dining table: Arkell 40-Inch Round Pedestal Dining Table White

For small spaces, this tulip-shaped table adds iconic style. The white faux-marble top sits on a sturdy metal base. It’s coated in a high-quality polyurethane lacquer that makes after-dinner clean up easy. 

You can fit a family of four or invite a few of your favorite guests to your next dinner party. In the image above, this round dining table is paired with contemporary-style dining chairs. Choose modern dining chairs instead to complete your dining room‘s modern design

3. Bexley Live Edge Trestle Dining Table in Natural Honey and Espresso

modern dining table: Bexley Live Edge Trestle Dining Table Natural Honey And Espresso

This modern farmhouse table brings natural beauty into your dining room with its dramatic live edge. The darker colors are ideal for a dining space with plenty of natural light and for anyone who wants to bring warmer tones into their modern decor. 

The tabletop has a honey-colored mahogany and hickory veneer finish that shows off the natural knots and wood grain of this material. And the wood base provides contrast with its matte espresso finish and sturdy trestle design.

This table offers flexible style. Pair it with minimalist wood chairs for a modern design. Then, when it’s time to redecorate, swap out your dining chairs for a tufted design, like you see above, and you can transform your space with transitional style.  

4. Oval Bar Table in Wire-Brushed Black

Oval Bar Table Wire Brushed Black

Add a hint of industrial design to your modern dining space with this oval dining table. It features the sharp contrast of natural and industrial materials with a wood-finished top and matte black metal base. 

This style will help you create a casual space. The bar-height table is tall enough for you to stand while you enjoy finger food and drinks, or you can pull up a bar stool and settle in for a longer meal. The slimmer width on this tabletop also makes it easier to hear all the conversation at your social gatherings. 

5. Nogales Wood Dining Table in Acacia and Coastal Grey

Nogales Wooden Dining Table Acacia And Coastal Grey

This two-tone table features a solid acacia wood top and contrasting wood legs in a neutral grey. The lines created by the angled table legs are clean, yet striking because of the color contrast.

You can seat six around this kitchen table, with enough room leftover on the spacious tabletop to serve your main course and multiple side dishes. 

6. Asbury Dining Table Base in Natural Teak

Asbury Dining Table Base Natural Teak

For a table that serves as both the center of your meals and the center of conversation, the Asbury Dining Table offers remarkable style. This table base is made from sustainable teak tree roots sourced from Indonesia. Each table is handcrafted, and because no two tree roots are the same, each is one of a kind. 

Pair this wood base with a glass top and understated dining chairs to bring an elegant nature-inspired design to your dining space

7. Alfredo Rectangular Dining Table in Natural Walnut

Alfredo Rectangular Dining Table Natural Walnut

This extendable dining table offers multifunctional design — it’s ideal for everyday dining and large family gatherings. On a regular day, you can seat six, but this butterfly-extension dining table can accommodate even more of your friends and family when you add the extension leaf.  

With its slim tapered legs and a natural walnut veneer, this table has an elegant finish, and you can complete your dining set with chairs, benches, or a combination of the two.

Dine in modern style 

When it comes to redecorating, the dining room and living room are our favorite places to start. These social spaces allow us to share our home with friends and family. 

Adding a modern dining table to your space will give you a comfortable place to share a meal and catch up with the ones you love — no matter how busy modern life gets. 

To find your perfect table, stop scrolling and shop in person. That way, you can make sure the shape, size, and finish of your table are exactly what you’ve been picturing.

coaster-kitchen-dining-Parkersburg-Square-Counter-Height-Table-Paladina-and-Natural-Walnut coaster-kitchen-dining-Parkersburg-Square-Counter-Height-Table-Paladina-and-Natural-Walnut-hover

Parkersburg Square Counter Height Table Paladina and Natural Walnut

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