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April 18, 2024

17 freshly picked modern farmhouse dining room ideas

Start dreaming up your modern farmhouse dining room with these 17 decorating ideas that embrace simple silhouettes, rustic finishes, and classic style.

Start dreaming up your modern farmhouse dining room with these 17 decorating ideas that embrace simple silhouettes, rustic finishes, and classic style.

They say the kitchen is the heart of a home, and if that’s true, then the dining room must be the soul. This is the place where you sit with your friends and family to share meals, stories, and laughter.

All the good things you make in the kitchen (or order from your favorite takeout spot) are savored around the dining room table. With the right dining room design, you can make this space extra comfortable so everyone wants to linger a little longer.

There’s no interior design style that understands the dining room better than modern farmhouse style. This style embraces simple silhouettes and rustic finishes to create an unpretentious, lived-in aesthetic that will make everyone who enters your house feel at home.

A modern farmhouse dining room brings that cozy, comfortable feeling to every meal you serve. Start dreaming up your own modern farmhouse design with these 17 dining room decorating ideas.

Modern farmhouse dining room ideas: 17 ideas to update your space

From furniture to lighting to wall decor, these modern farmhouse dining room ideas will ensure you don’t miss a single decorating detail. Choose your favorites, and don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles. Combining modern silhouettes with more traditional pieces is one of the signature elements of modern farmhouse style.

1. A trestle dining table

Bexley Live Edge Trestle Dining Table Natural Honey and Espresso

A trestle base — like the one you see on the Bexley Live Edge Trestle Dining Table — is exactly the kind of sturdy-chic design that features heavily in farmhouse design. It adds a lived-in feel to your dining room that will be right at home with boisterous family dinners.

2. A wood table with metal legs

Modern farmhouse dining room: Neve Live-edge Dining Table with Hairpin Legs Sheesham Grey and Gunmetal

The quickest way to add a rustic touch to your dining space (or any space) is to pair wood with metal. The hairpin metal legs on this Neve Live-Edge Dining Table bring a midcentury silhouette into your dining room. Incorporating mid-century modern elements is one of the factors that distinguishes modern farmhouse styles from similar interior design styles like French Country style and classic farmhouse style.

3. A dining room table with turned legs

Modern farmhouse dining room: Bridget Rectangular Dining Table Brown Brushed and Charcoal Sandthrough

For a more elegant dining room design, choose a farmhouse dining table with turned table legs — like the Bridget Rectangular Dining Table — and make it the centerpiece of your room. This traditional silhouette will contrast beautifully with the clean lines of the modern pieces in your room, creating the signature mix-and-match look of modern farmhouse style.

4. Leather dining chairs

Modern farmhouse dining room: Abbott Upholstered Side Chairs Antique Brown and Matte Black

The modern farmhouse look embraces natural materials. Combining materials like leather, metal, and wood adds texture to your space — making your design more visually interesting, even with a neutral color palette. Leather and metal, like on the Abbott Upholstered Side Chairs, are also essential elements of industrial farmhouse decor and can add an edge to your rustic farmhouse design.

5. Cross-back dining room chairs

Modern farmhouse dining room: Hollis 7-piece Rectangular Dining Table Set Brown and White

Much like a trestle table base, this X-shaped design has “modern farmhouse” written all over it. It’s a simple, minimalist silhouette, yet the X-shape is functional (it reinforces the back of the chair) and stylish (it mirrors the shape of farm fencing and adds a homey design to your dining area). The cross-back wood dining chairs in the Hollis Dining Set keep things light and bright with their picket-fence white finish.

6. Upholstered dining room chairs

Modern farmhouse dining room: Douglas Tufted Back Dining Chairs Vineyard Oak

Upholstered dining chairs add extra comfort to your room design, inviting your friends and family to stay and chat long past dessert. For an upholstered chair that matches your farmhouse modern home decor, look for pieces that combine natural wood and textiles, like the oak wood tone and linen on the Douglas Tufted Back Dining Chairs. Natural materials also match well with a neutral farmhouse color scheme.

7. A dining bench

Modern farmhouse dining room: Dalila Padded Cushion Bench Grey and Dark Grey

Placing a bench on one side of your dining table will add asymmetry to your dining room design. Asymmetrical designs are more interesting and modern-feeling than symmetrical designs. The Dalila Padded Cushion Bench makes that asymmetry feel extra cozy with its boxy frame and rustic gray wood tone.

8. A rattan dining room sideboard

Modern farmhouse dining room: Kirby 3-drawer Rectangular Server with Adjustable Shelves Natural and Rustic Off White

Rattan is another natural material that can spice up a farmhouse dining room, adding texture to an earthy color palette. You can see this design element at work in the Kirby 3-Drawer Rectangular Server, where the contrast of rattan against a natural wood grain emphasizes the arched door panels. A piece like this can tie your modern and classic farmhouse furniture together because it combines clean lines with curves and a rustic finish.

9. A wooden wine hutch

Parkins Server with Lower Shelf Rustic Espresso

A more traditional hutch can complete your dining room design, and it’s a great opportunity to add more natural wood tones to your room. The dark wood tones you see in the Parkins Server will pop against classic white walls. A lattice wine rack adds country-style charm and matches the modern farmhouse ethos of blending function and form.

10. A free-standing kitchen island

Slater 2-drawer Kitchen Island with Drop-Leaves Brown and Buttermilk

If you have an open-concept farmhouse kitchen, dining room, and living room, then a free-standing kitchen island can divide the space into clear sections. It also gives you more room to prepare food, do homework, and eat casual meals. The Slater 2-Drawer Kitchen Island combines functional design with a rustic two-tone cream and wood color scheme that suits modern and classic farmhouses.

11. Counter-height stools

Durant Wooden Counter Height Stools Chestnut

A simple saddle stool, like the Durant Wooden Counter Height Stool, is a must for combined farmhouse kitchen and dining areas. It will add extra seating to your kitchen island. Plus, a backless stool tucks out of the way to save space when you’re not using it. The minimalist design of backless stools also pairs well with both midcentury and more traditional silhouettes to create a seamless design.

12. A tall display cabinet

Toni 2-door Tall Cabinet Antique White

Dining rooms are functional spaces, and this is especially true in farmhouse design, which is focused on creating comfortable rooms that are welcoming to both friends and family. But if you need your dining room to function as more than a place to dine, a tall accent storage cabinet — like the Toni 2-Door Tall Cabinet — can add storage to a home with a small kitchen and dining area. The antique white finish, combined with the metal door bolts, creates that contrast of dark metal with neutral colors.

13. A crystal chandelier

Dining room with trees and plants

A crystal chandelier sparkles more brightly in contrast with a rustic farmhouse dining room table. It adds a classic touch that emphasizes the more modern silhouettes and blends with the more traditional ones in the room. It’s a perfect example of modern farmhouse style’s ability to blend the old with the new.

14. Carriage lights

Modern interior of a farmhouse

For more subtle dining room lighting, carriage lights create a rustic country feel. Like chandeliers, they bring traditional design to the dining room, but carriage lights have a more minimalist aesthetic. They also typically feature a dark metal finish to match the other dark metal accents you’ve incorporated throughout the room.

15. Metal pendant lights

Interior of a dining room

One of the simplest light fixtures, a metal pendant light looks effortlessly chic in a modern farmhouse dining room. They have the look of a found object that’s been upcycled and given new life, which works perfectly with the farmhouse aesthetic. Hang them over the kitchen island to create more separation in an open-concept kitchen and dining area, or hang a row or pendant lights over a long table to distribute the light evenly for all your diners.

16. A jute area rug

Interior of a farmhouse

Jute is another natural material that can add visual depth and a neutral earth tone to your space. Its rich texture will complement the rustic feel of your room, and its durability is ideal for high-traffic areas like the dining room. Area rugs can serve a variety of purposes in the dining room. They’re another way to visually separate your dining area from your living room or kitchen. Plus, they can protect wood floors from the wear and tear of dining room chairs sliding in and out from under your table.

17. A shiplap accent wall

Modern farmhouse dining room

If you want your modern farmhouse design to look like it’s ripped from the pages of a home decor magazine, then shiplap walls are a must. Shiplap makes for a beautiful accent wall on its own and a sturdy backdrop for hanging wall art or other wall decor. You can hang shiplap horizontally or vertically. It’s an easy DIY dining room makeover that you can complete in a weekend.

Ring the dinner bell

Once you’ve designed your modern farmhouse dining room, you’ll want to get everyone together to break it in. So make sure you choose a dining room table big enough to fit all your loved ones — plus dinner and dessert.

If you need more design ideas before you’re ready to host your next dinner party, we’ve got you covered. Coaster Furniture’s guides to coastal farmhouse decor and farmhouse furniture offer plenty of ideas to inspire your farmhouse living room, dining room, bedroom, and more. So come and get it, y’all!

coaster-living-room-Toni-2-door-Tall-Cabinet-Antique-White coaster-living-room-Toni-2-door-Tall-Cabinet-Antique-White-hover

Toni 2-door Tall Cabinet Antique White


Durant Wooden Counter Height Stools Chestnut (Set of 2)

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Phelps Rectangular Trestle Dining Set Antique Noir and Beige

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