Multipurpose guest room: 5 fun ideas to make the most of you

August 18, 2022

Multipurpose guest room: 5 fun ideas to make the most of your space

From a home office to a media room, there are plenty of options for creating a stylish and functional multipurpose guest room.

From a home office to a media room, there are plenty of options for creating a stylish and functional multipurpose guest room.

A multipurpose guest room is a versatile luxury that offers neary endless options. You can use your spare bedroom daily for whatever purpose you need and also accommodate overnight guests on short notice — without sacrificing square footage. And if you have a dedicated guest bedroom that’s usually empty, converting it into a dual-purpose room is basically like getting a whole extra space in your home.

To help you make the most of your extra space, we’re sharing some of our favorite multipurpose guest room design ideas. Get ready to fall in love with your spare room and add more functionality to your home.

The beauty of a multipurpose guest room

A guest room is ideal for visiting friends and family, but so is a spare room that you can use for anything you want or need in your home. So what if you could combine the two into one functional and stylish space?

That’s the thinking behind a multipurpose guest room. With so many modern options for adding hidden mattresses and storage, you can do almost anything you want with this extra space. By making the room a multipurpose and functional space, you’re also creating a more engaging and memorable atmosphere for your guests.

Take time to plan your guest room so that it’s easy to keep neat, tidy, and inviting. And remember to look for quality furniture that will make a good impression on your company while giving you years of lasting enjoyment.

5 multipurpose guest room ideas for every home

Sure, everyone wants to have the perfect spot for guests to sleep, but not everyone wants to sacrifice an entire room of their home for the occasional visitor. That’s where multipurpose spaces come in — you can have the room you want on a daily basis without getting rid of the spare mattress for when you’re hosting guests. It all starts with deciding how you want to use the bedroom design when it’s not being used for company.

1. Home office

Multipurpose guest room: Colella 2-shelf Writing Ladder Desk Cappuccino

If you have a spare bedroom, there’s no reason to work in the dining room or on your couch with poor ergonomics. Instead, you can create a home office for your daily use without getting in the way of hosting overnight guests. If you don’t have company often, it can be as easy as using a daybed, futon, or sofa bed as the seating in your office. If you want to keep a full-size bed in the room, look for a way to divide the room into half office space and half bedroom.

You might keep the bed and nightstands but change the layout so that there’s an entire wall and open area for your desk, computer chair, and a filing cabinet or storage. This idea would work well with a bookshelf desk to add extra storage, but it could also accommodate a much larger desk. If you don’t work from home often, you might make do with a small writing desk that adds rustic charm to the room.

This idea can also work well if you need a workspace for kids to focus on homework. Like an office design, a small desk and chair are all you need, with maybe a bookcase to store books and school supplies.

2. Craft room

If you love DIY projects, a craft room could be perfect for your multipurpose guest room. You’ll likely want some bookcases or somewhere to store crafting supplies and a workspace for your projects. A simple writing desk with drawers makes for excellent storage space to keep your supplies.

Depending on how much space you want to use, you might keep a traditional bed in the room and set up your crafting station to the side. Or you can opt for something like a trundle daybed and a storage ottoman to store spare linens for guests. This leaves the whole room open for crafting when you don’t have anyone staying over.

3. Playroom

Ashton Twin over Full 2-drawer Bunk Bed Cappuccino

A multipurpose guest room could solve your issues if you need a kids playroom and the living room isn’t cutting it. A bunk bed is an excellent choice to keep the room kid-friendly while keeping a comfortable bed in the room for guests. This makes it fun for your kids to build pillow forts and camp out in the room when you don’t have company, and you’ll have two or more beds to offer when you have guests.

A Montessori-style playroom is a good option for young children, especially since these spaces are kept neat and clean. But whatever you choose, don’t hesitate to go all-out with the playroom design and color palette so that your kids feel comfortable and engaged in the space. Your guests may even enjoy the lighthearted atmosphere during their stays.

4. Storage room

If you’re less interested in decorating ideas and more interested in practicality, turning your multipurpose guest room into a storage space could be your best bet. Even if it’s a small space, you can find tidy places to store your stuff without ruining the interior design or making the room look cluttered.

Built-in closets are excellent for storage, as guests can usually make do with a pair of bedside tables and a chair. But there are several excellent options for adding storage space to your spare room:

Remember to leave some room for spare linens and extra space for guests to store their belongings. For example, you might leave a pair of bedside tables and a storage bench at the foot of the bed while using the closet and a dresser to store your belongings.

5. Media room

Multipurpose guest room: Garnet Upholstered Power Reclining Seat and Power Headrest Home Theater Light Grey

If you’ve ever wanted a room dedicated to movies, games, and music, a media room may be a perfect choice to pair with your guest room. You (and your guests) will have all the entertainment imaginable. Regardless of your interests, additions like surround-sound speakers, black-out curtains, and comfy seating will bring your media room to life. 

A sleeper sofa with comfy cushions can work well as a dual-purpose seating option. But a twin bunk bed over a futon can also work well. As a media room, you’ll have multi-level seating on the futon and the bunk bed, and as a guest room, you’ll have two mattresses. And if you combine the sleeper sofa and the futon bunk bed, you’ll have three spare beds for guests.

Make yourself at home

No matter how you use your extra space, the key is to design it for your enjoyment and happiness. While hosting company is one of the joys of having your own place, so is using all of your square footage. So what will you do with your multipurpose guest room?

Think about your options, talk to members of your household, and choose something that genuinely expands your home. When you’re ready to furnish your room, browse through Coaster Furniture to find the perfect pieces. And don’t forget to use our store locator to find a nearby retailer for convenient pickup.

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