Play All Day: 51 Fun and Funky Playroom Ideas for Your Kiddo

January 21, 2021

Play All Day: 51 Fun and Funky Playroom Ideas for Your Kiddo

You don’t need a lot of time, space, or money to create a play area your kids will love. Try these playroom ideas that are fun and functional.

You don’t need a lot of time, space, or money to create a play area your kids will love. Try these playroom ideas that are fun and functional.

One of the best things about kids: They’re little! So you only need a little extra space and imagination to create a playroom your little one will love. With a few fun playroom ideas, you can turn a spare bedroom, an attic, a basement, or a nook into a childhood haven.

Here’s a look at our favorite ideas for transforming your child’s space. From walls to decor to furniture and activity stations, each of these kids’ playroom ideas are designed with fun (and the family budget) in mind. 

11 playroom ideas for fun (and functional) furniture

playroom ideas: Princess Castle Twin Tent Loft Bed Pink And Perwinkle

If you’re buying new kids bedroom furniture as part of your playroom makeover, it will likely be your biggest expense. But don’t worry, you can find options for budget-friendly furniture that puts the fun in functional. 

Along with buying affordable furniture, look for timeless styles that can grow with your child. This way, your investment will last for years to come. Here are a few playroom ideas for furnishing your kid’s space. 

1. Turn a loft bed into a treehouse 

playroom ideas: Timber House-Designed Twin Loft Bed White And Gunmetal

A loft bed works great in a small space because it offers an open area below the bed while adding more space up above. The Timber House-Designed Twin Loft Bed makes the perfect indoor treehouse for your young one. 

2. Buy a teepee

​Adding a teepee to your kids’ room gives them a permanent fort. It’s a great place for kids to curl up with a book or a favorite furry friend. 

3. Get a daybed for sleepovers

playroom ideas: Julie Twin Daybed With Trundle Warm Grey

The playroom may be separate from your kids’ bedroom, but adding a daybed (especially one with a trundle or storage underneath, like the Julie twin daybed) will still make the space more functional. The bed can serve as extra seating during the day and extra space during sleepovers.

4. Have a central table

playroom ideas: Rory 5-Piece Dining Set Multi Color

Putting a table, like the colorful Rory 5-Piece Dining Set, at the center of the room allows kids to use it for games, artwork, and any other tabletop activities. 

5. Turn your table into a fort

A table is great for coloring, drawing, and writing, but it also has some imaginative uses. Hang a curtain or extra long tablecloth over the edge of your table so smaller children can use it as a fort.

6. Use a coffee table 

Save money on chairs by having children sit on the floor or on floor pillows strewn around a low-slung coffee table

7. Transform a closet into a reading nook

Closets aren’t just for hanging clothes. Maximize your space by creating a DIY reading nook. Simply add bookshelves or a bookcase along with a comfy bench to the inside of a closet. You could also place toys on the bookshelf for added fun.

8. Add storage with baskets, shelving, and cubbies

Every kids’ playroom needs lots of storage solutions. After all, one of the benefits of having a playroom is that you can keep all those toys off the living room floor. Create an organized playroom and make cleanup easier by adding lots of toy storage. Ottomans are a great option for this, plus they provide extra seating.

9. Buy an easel

To add a playful element to your kid’s bedroom, you can’t go wrong with an easel. It’s an inexpensive piece of furniture that can encourage your kids’ creativity.

10. Create a workspace with a desk

playroom ideas: 3-Drawer Writing Desk White

A small desk will give kids a place to draw, paint, play games, and work on homework assignments. Choose one in a timeless style like the 3-drawer writing desk that can grow with your kids over the years. 

11. Add extra seating with a storage bench

A playroom can never have enough storage or enough seating. Combine the two with a multifunctional storage bench

9 playroom ideas for delightful decor 

playroom ideas: pillows and teddy bear under a white canopy

Another inexpensive way to change your kid’s playroom decor is with fabric and accessories. Fabric creates a cozy play space and adds cohesive design. But young children can outgrow their playroom design many times before they’re all grown up. When your baby is suddenly too mature for their princess-themed room, simply swap out some curtains and throw pillows to create something entirely new. 

1. Choose a theme 

Think about your kid’s interests and choose something that will appeal to them. From airplanes to mermaids to dinosaurs, there are a lot of themes you can pull off with a bit of wall decor and fun fabrics. 

2. Match your house

Many people think the kids’ room needs to be dramatically different from the rest of the house, but you can bring your overall decorating style (modern, rustic, bohemian) into your kids’ playroom as well.

3. Keep things neutral 

Don’t feel like you need to go bright and bold with the playroom if that’s not your family’s style. Neutral decor will easily transition from one age to the next. 

4. Add texture 

Kids, and especially young children, love texture — it provides a tactile learning experience. Mix textures together with a combination of fur, velvet, burlap, and satin. 

5. Hang a canopy 

playroom ideas: Belton Twin/Twin Bunk Bed With Canopy Champagne

A canopy can create the feeling of a fort and makes a perfect cozy reading nook. If you don’t want to go the DIY route, try the Belton twin or twin bunk bed that features a canopy in a stunning champagne color. (Bonus: It also features touch-activated LED lights to add a soothing glow to the canopy from beneath.) 

6. Use floor cushions

If your children are still young, save money on tiny chairs that they’ll outgrow in no time, and opt for floor cushions or bean bags instead. 

7. Add a throw rug

A throw rug can add color, texture, or just a soft place to play. 

8. Hang tassels 

Tassels, pompoms, or bunting make for cute and inexpensive wall art that can bring together the colors or textures you’re using throughout the room. 

9. Wrap craft-store letters

For this DIY wall art, choose whatever fabric you like. Then glue it on letters that spell out “Play,” “Imagine,” “Create,” or your child’s name. Display your letters on the wall for a fun and funky look.

15 playroom ideas for wonderful walls

boy bedroom with a turquoise and grey mountain wall mural

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most budget-friendly ways to refresh a room, but we think walls — and ceilings, for that matter — have potential beyond adding a pop of color. Walls and ceilings offer vertical space that often goes unused. Make your kid’s room extra special with walls that go above and beyond their wildest imagination. 

1. Use a paint stencil 

Wallpaper is trendy right now, but it’s hard to change out when you get tired of it. Instead, paint a whimsical pattern on your kid’s bedroom walls using a stencil. 

2. Add wall decals

Another whimsical and removable option for wall art, wall decals include immersive art — like a giant octopus for a submarine theme.

3. Create a chalkboard wall

Buy chalkboard paint, and use it to cover all or part of a wall. Your kids will instantly have a reusable art station in their playroom. 

4. Hang a basketball hoop 

For athletic kids, hang a hoop on the wall, then give them soft foam balls to play with so they don’t damage any of your other playroom decor. 

5. Get a world map 

Instead of a tabletop globe, how about a wall map? Help your kids learn geography while having fun with a world map that doubles as wall art. 

6. Add a bulletin board

A bulletin board is a simple way to amp up the playroom. This is a great way for kids to display their artwork or hang pictures of their friends and family.

7. Build a climbing wall

small brown wall with rock climbing holds

A creative option for athletic kiddos is to build a wall with rock climbing holds. Place a thick mat on the floor underneath to make falling fun. 

8. Hang a clothesline

Who says you can only display artwork and photos on a wall? Grab a clothesline covered in clothespins and let your kids have a blast showcasing their latest masterpiece or favorite photos. 

9. Display an abacus

If you have a little one, chances are you have an abacus. For an unexpected playroom idea, try displaying this classic counting tool in an unusual way. Many abacuses can hang on the wall and serve as equal parts wall art, toy, and learning tool. 

10. Add storage containers 

One of our favorite storage ideas is to hang baskets or metal pails from the wall. They look chic and give your kiddos a place to store their pens, crayons, paint brushes, and small toys. 

11. Play some games 

Many classic childhood games, including Connect Four and Tic-tac-toe, come in models that you can hang on the wall for a truly playful display. 

12. Gaze at the constellations

Your child’s bedroom ceiling is begging for some attention. Use it to help your little one learn about astronomy by painting a realistic night sky or hanging glow-in-the-dark, press-on stars. 

13. Swing from the ceiling

room with illustration of mountains and a swing hanging from the ceiling

Bring the jungle gym inside by hanging a swing from a beam in your ceiling. 

14. String fairy lights 

String lights are one of the easiest playroom ideas that can add a little whimsy to your kid’s playroom space. 

15. Play under a forest canopy

Hang tree branches, vines, plush toy birds, and paper butterflies from the ceiling to create the illusion that you’re in a magic forest. 

16 playroom ideas for amazing activity stations

playroom for kids with bed and toys

The best playroom ideas will encourage your kids’ interests, help them learn new things, and allow their imaginations to run wild. If you have a small space, choosing tabletop activities that can be stowed away when not in use will help give your kiddos lots of options.

1. Create a dress-up station

Add hooks to the wall and hang your little ones’ favorite costumes. Put up a full-length mirror so they can see their styling skills in action.

2. Add a reading nook

Every parent wants their kids to read more. Encourage this activity with a cozy corner featuring books beautifully displayed on shelves. 

3. Set up an arts & crafts corner 

With just an easel, some crayons, markers, and paper, you can inspire your future Picasso.

4. Get a puppet playhouse

Puppet playhouses allow your child to follow their imagination and develop their storytelling skills.

5. Make a ball pit

With an inflatable kiddie pool and some plastic balls, you can create a ball pit in your own playroom. 

6. Add a race track 

woman assembling a toy race track

Get a mat with a race track design or build a plastic track for your child to race their toy cars.

7. Set up a tumbling station

Create your own kiddie gym by lining your floor with gymnastics mats, and adding a few tunnels to crawl through and foam blocks to climb. 

8. Add a hopscotch rug

Create an indoor hopscotch space with a mat that has hopscotch squares printed right on it.

9. Create a photo studio

Let your future photographer practice their photo skills with an inexpensive digital camera and a mini light box.

10. Add a ping pong table

If you have a large space, a ping pong, pool, foosball, or air hockey table will keep the kids entertained for hours.

11. Get some table-top games

There are tabletop versions of most of the games listed above, including ping pong, pool, and foosball. The tabletop options are portable and much less expensive than their full-size counterparts. 

12. Set up indoor shuffleboard

Buy an indoor shuffleboard kit to play indoors. It comes with a long, thin, floor mat, small cue sticks, and pucks. 

13. Make a science lab

two kids wearing safety goggles while conducting an experiment

Depending on your child’s age, set up a science station with a kid-friendly chemistry set and a microscope. 

14. Add a band stand

Encourage your child’s musical side by setting up some instruments. You don’t have to invest in a keyboard and guitar if your child isn’t ready. Instead, start with maracas and a tambourine or some DIY instruments

15. Get a telescope 

If your playroom has a window, set up a telescope in front of it for some nighttime star gazing. 

16. Create an indoor garden 

Teach your child about plants with a window-side herb garden or a few easy-to-grow houseplants. (Bonus: Live plants will help purify the air in your kid’s playroom!)

Put the play in playroom 

Camouflage Tent Lofted Bed With Lower Playspace Army Green

The key to creating an extra special playroom is to channel your inner child and reimagine your space from top to bottom — even the walls and ceilings have the potential to inspire childlike wonder (or actual child wonder).

Choose functional furniture that makes cleanup easier, add a few special touches with decor you can easily change as your child grows, and most importantly, create lots of opportunity for play with fun activity stations. Pick the playroom ideas that sound the most like your little ones, and you’ll end up with a fun space they’ll love. 

coaster-bedroom-Belton-House-designed-Twin-Loft-Bed-White-and-Gunmetal coaster-bedroom-Belton-House-designed-Twin-Loft-Bed-White-and-Gunmetal-hover

Belton House-designed Twin Loft Bed White and Gunmetal

coaster-desks-home-office-Mugga-3-drawer-Writing-Desk-White coaster-desks-home-office-Mugga-3-drawer-Writing-Desk-White-hover

Mugga 3-drawer Writing Desk White

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