8 playroom storage ideas to keep kids happy and organized -

November 9, 2023

8 playroom storage ideas to keep kids happy and organized

Discover practical playroom storage ideas to delight your children, keep their spaces organized, and make cleanup a breeze.

Discover practical playroom storage ideas to delight your children, keep their spaces organized, and make cleanup a breeze.

Let’s face it — playrooms have a knack for getting messy in minutes. But fear not. Playroom storage is the key to hassle-free cleanup, so you and your child can enjoy a world of endless fun and creativity.

Here, we’re sharing eight of our favorite organization ideas to help you find the perfect solution. From toy chests that double as secret treasure vaults to shelves that turn your walls into magical galleries, we’ve got playroom storage ideas for every space.

Our top 8 playroom storage ideas

Playroom storage: boy carrying a green box

Playroom storage doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You and your child can enjoy a tidy play space with the right toy storage ideas.

Whether you’re organizing a Montessori-style playroom or a playspace in a fun kid’s bedroom, you have several storage options to choose from. Most of them will also make it easy for your kid to clean up their space, so you don’t have to do all the work. 

Get ready to embark on a journey through kid-friendly organization ideas that’ll leave you and your little ones with stars in your eyes and smiles on your faces.

1. Toy chest

Playroom storage: Nilay Rectangular Storage Trunk White Washed and Black

There’s a reason why toy chests are a classic go-to — these magical treasure troves turn chaos into order without demanding too much from you or your little ones. For many kids, a toy box becomes a gateway to the world of imagination and, later, a keeper of childhood memories.

This cottage-style Nilay Rectangular Storage Trunk is great for small spaces, and with hand-crafted construction, it’s sure to last a lifetime. It boasts metal hinges and braces that allow the lid to open effortlessly so your kiddos can retrieve their toys with safety and ease.

Looking for something with softer, more rounded edges? The solid-wood Laughton Hand Woven Storage Trunk made with hand-woven banana leaf might do the trick.

2. Bunk bed

Playroom storage: Wrangle Hill Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Gun Smoke

Bunk beds aren’t just for siblings and sleepovers. They have the potential to be the ultimate toy storage wonderland, providing a cozy loft for stuffed animals, action figures, and dolls to snuggle up in their own little nest.

With this Wrangle Hill twin bunk bed, your child can sleep in the bottom bunk and use the top one for impromptu puppet shows and imaginative playtime without needing extra floor space. Bonus points if you get a bunk bed like this one, which features underbed drawers for extra playroom organization

Another bonus: You can easily add the storage stairs beside the bed (sold separately and highlighted below). 

3. Storage stairs

Playroom storage: Wrangle Hill 4-drawer Stairway Chest Gun Smoke

If you’re creating a playroom for siblings, using the top bunk for toy storage probably won’t work — unless you get a triple bunk bed, of course! But what about storage stairs? They provide a safe way for your kiddos to climb to the top bunk, complete with a built-in storage solution for small toys, Legos, and even art supplies.

Each of the four steps in this Wrangle Hill stairway chest features a spacious drawer with smooth metal glides. It’s sturdy, stylish, and practical, perfect for tucking away clutter in a kids’ playroom without taking up much space.

4. Storage bench

Playroom storage: Alma 3-drawer Storage Bench Weathered Brown and White

A storage bench with cubbies offers endless possibilities for storing toys, books, and knick-knacks in the playroom. Storage cubes make cleanup in your kid’s room a breeze. Little ones might even surprise you by sorting their toys into different bins as they learn valuable skills for later in life.

This Alma 3-Drawer Storage Bench makes it easy for kids to pick up their toys and tuck them away for a tidy play space. It’s stylish enough for the entryway but versatile enough to serve as a kids’ toy organizer for children of all ages.

Want something you can use with DIY storage bins or storage organizers you already have? The Abrielle 2-Basket Upholstered Bench might be just what you’re looking for.

5. Bookcase

Dylan Rectangular 8-shelf Bookcase

A bookcase in a playroom can be a haven for toys, with rows of open shelving that create the perfect stage for action figures, dolls, stuffed animals, Lego creations, and more. It’s also a safer option than the stackable storage boxes trending on social media since you can anchor the bookcase to the wall.

This is a good option for a children’s reading nook, providing book storage space that’ll help foster a love of learning. They can keep a mix of toys and books, capturing their unique personality in a single storage unit.

This asymmetrical Dylan Rectangular 8-Shelf Bookcase features a minimalist style that’s perfect for kids’ toy storage in a visible area like the living room. It boasts bottom drawers to keep some toys out of sight, and you can place storage baskets or plastic bins on some storage shelves for extra hidden space.

6. Workstation loft

Millie Twin Workstation Loft Bed White

A workstation loft bed can take toy storage to new heights (literally) while adding a touch of adventure to your child’s world. The loft bed is a comfy space for your child’s dreams to come to life, the desk is perfect for drawing and displaying craft supplies, and the drawers provide storage options for toys of all types.

This Millie Twin Workstation Loft has a playful slide and a crisp, white finish that goes with almost any kid’s bedroom. It features side guardrails for safety and open shelving to help declutter your kid’s space, no matter what toys they love.

7. Wall shelf

Elmcrest 24-inch Wall Shelf Black and Grey Driftwood

Wall shelves are the unsung heroes of conquering playroom clutter, turning vertical spaces into the storyteller of your child’s adventures. You don’t need extra floor space to give your kids wall storage to display their favorite action figures, stuffed animals, and puzzles.

This 24-inch wall shelf has four open shelves and a sturdy metal pipe frame, perfect for playroom storage for children of all ages. It’ll transform your child’s room into a haven while celebrating the joy of play and keeping their favorite toys on display.

8. Kid’s bedroom set

Bling Game Storage Bedroom Set Metallic Platinum

If you’re looking for something bigger than a storage cabinet or bookshelf, a complete kid’s bedroom could be what you need. Your little one will have plenty of room for clothes, toys, stuffed animals, puzzles, blankets, and more. Plus, a bedroom set like this can evolve with them as they grow up.

This metallic Bling Game Storage Bedroom Set is fun and stylish, with footboard storage drawers, a nightstand, and a dresser. It even has a convenient USB charger built into the nightstand to keep tablets and other devices charged and ready for playtime. (And we all know how important that is.)

If glam isn’t your kid’s style, the rustic Brenner Storage Bedroom Set might be a better fit.

Turn your kid’s room into a playroom paradise

Beautiful nursery playroom

We hope these toy organization ideas and playroom storage options help you conquer the chaos of your kid’s space and create a more pleasing experience for you and your child(ren). 

For even more ideas to update your home, check out Coaster Furniture’s vast selection of kids’ bedroom furniture. Then, use our store locator to find a nearby Coaster dealer for convenient pickup or delivery options.

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Wrangle Hill 4-drawer Stairway Chest Gun Smoke

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Wrangle Hill Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Gun Smoke

Wrangle Hill Collection

coaster-bedroom-Nilay-Wood-Storage-Trunk-White-Washed-and-Black coaster-bedroom-Nilay-Wood-Storage-Trunk-White-Washed-and-Black-hover

Nilay Wood Storage Trunk White Washed and Black

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