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October 27, 2021

Decorating with rattan and natural wood grains

With natural wood grains, soft textiles, and rattan furniture, Coaster Furniture’s Blank Canvas collection has everything you need for modern zen.

With natural wood grains, soft textiles, and rattan furniture, Coaster Furniture’s Blank Canvas collection has everything you need for modern zen.

If you’re like us, the quality of your furniture matters. That’s why our Blank Canvas collection includes an array of stylish and soothing natural wood and rattan furniture. With high-quality natural materials and a minimalistic focus, each piece of furniture can serve as eye-catching home decor for contemporary spaces. 

The Blank Canvas collection is based on minimalistic details, round edges, and soft curves. However, you’ll see much more than rattan furniture — think painted and whitewashed finishes, natural wood tones, exposed wood grains, light woods, handwoven wicker, and cane webbing. The collection also uses white colorways with fabrics like cotton, linen, and boucle to complement the natural aesthetic and exposed wood surfaces.

Natural materials offer more than a calming, grounded aesthetic. They’re durable, long-lasting, and can fit in with almost any interior decor style. From updating your den to upgrading your living room, we’ll help you discover ways to incorporate rattan furniture and accent pieces to create a welcoming and relaxing retreat. 

What is rattan furniture?

When you hear the word “rattan,” you might think of funky furniture pieces from the 70s. But this natural material is used to create chic, peaceful spaces that accommodate today’s modern lifestyle. 

Rattan grows as a creeping vine plant only found in tropical rainforest regions. It grows up from the forest floor, climbing upward using surrounding trees, and is typically harvested after several years of growth. Both rattan and rattan cane are harvested from the rattan plant. 

Rattan grows in tropical regions in Asia, Africa, and Australia. Indonesia is the world’s largest supplier of rattan, with the Philippines close behind. When you peel the top layer off the vine, these thin and flexible strips become “rattan cane” or “cane.” The vine underneath this top later is simply known as “rattan.” 

Almost every part of the plant is used to build various types of furniture, and there are over 600 different rattan species.

  • Rattan: This inner core of the vine is a sturdy material that can be woven in almost any shape, allowing makers to create rattan products from scratch. 
  • Rattan cane: This thinner outer layer is wrapped around solid furniture frames made from aluminum, wood, or steel. Cane is also popular for thinly woven accents or the seat backs on a dining chair set.

Cane, rattan, and wicker are often used interchangeably, but wicker refers to a method of making handwoven furniture. It can be made from rattan, bamboo, willow, reed, and synthetic materials. 

As such, rattan wicker is rattan that has been handwoven using the wicker weaving style. And some outdoor wicker chairs and furniture pieces are made using synthetic materials to ensure it lasts longer. 

Types of natural and rattan furniture 

Rattan and natural wood are endlessly versatile materials that can be used to make all types of furniture, including:

  • Patio furniture sets 
  • Dining chairs
  • Chaise lounges
  • Lounge chairs 
  • Loveseats
  • Sofas and sectionals 
  • Bookcases and cabinets 
  • Bistro wicker furniture sets 
  • Glass top rattan coffee tables 
  • Side tables 
  • Bed frames 

As you can see, rattan can be used to make almost anything. From rattan baskets full of blankets and pillows to rattan wicker chairs and outdoor furniture, the possibilities are endless.

Styling your home with rattan furniture

Chances are, you want your home to be a place to relax and break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You might want a space that allows you to feel centered so you can focus on what matters most. Or maybe you just want your home to offer a proverbial new beginning … a blank canvas, if you will. 

Rattan furniture and natural wood furniture allow you to create a soothing space that still brims with character. Whether you’re a fan of mid-century modern decor and minimalist design or coastal, global, or boho style, we’ve highlighted some ideas below to give you a bit of design inspiration. 

Create a zen den or cozy corner

Sturdy, comfortable, and neutral — these three elements are a recipe for relaxation. To create a soothing den-like area, try adding a rattan arm chair or accent chair

Combining light-toned textiles and natural textures like rattan creates an effortless, grounded appeal. If light-toned wood grain isn’t your thing, consider darker tones instead. With just a few pieces, you can create a relaxing and sophisticated sitting area worthy of any modern home.

Design a more inviting living room 

Rattan: white couch and wooden furniture

With a full modern sectional atop a rattan rug, this living room is truly eye-catching. The boucle sectional and matching accent chair offer soft curves and textures to contrast against the natural wood tables and paneled green accent wall.

When updating your living room, consider a metallic hanging light or brass floor lamp to create textural contrast with any rattan furniture. You might also want to add large artwork as a bold yet anchoring statement piece. 

If you’re considering repainting your living room, try just one accent wall. It’s less work (and money) than painting the entire room yet offers maximum impact. The good news is that rattan furniture is incredibly versatile, so it can enhance just about any hue you choose. 

You might also want to add a textural wood accent cabinet with checkered details for more storage and visual appeal. And if you have more space, a complete living room set with light-toned fabric could be just what you need.

Enhance your kitchen (or bar area)

Wooden bar table and stool

Rattan offers both form and function, so it’s no wonder it’s ideal for just about every room in your home, including the kitchen. For example, instead of picking basic bar stools for your kitchen island or at-home bar, you might opt for upholstered swivel bar stools with faux rattan woven backrests

These chairs offer a comfortable place to unwind after a long day while transporting you to a tropical paradise thanks to that classic rattan aesthetic. To complete the look, consider the matching 3-drawer bar unit that brings a natural look indoors.

Craft a tranquil reading nook 

White chair beside a wooden side table

The great thing about a reading nook is that even if you have a small space, you can still carve out a little area for yourself. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy some “me” time. While reading nooks work well next to windows for natural light, nighttime readers may want a floor lamp as well. 

If a rattan chair isn’t your first choice for your reading nook, you can easily update your space with rattan accents. For instance, try a rattan area rug it’s easy to clean, brightens up any space, and instantly adds an organic feel.

To keep with the organic theme, try adding a houseplant or two. They lend an inviting, natural aesthetic while introducing color and life. If you don’t have a green thumb, an artificial plant can have the same effect (and it might be better if you’re designing a kid’s reading nook).

Ready to redecorate with rattan

We hope you’re excited to integrate rattan furniture, natural wood grains, and modern zen styling into your home. Embracing natural textures and rattan furniture can make your home more relaxing while keeping your style versatile.

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